With Ayo Busari there is certainly more than meets the eye. While he’s very popular for his thriving photography, and his experiments with filmography, this I tell you is just the tip of the iceberg of what he can do.

Like did you know, he designs graphics, writes poems, songs and articles from time to time! Me I’m one person that’s all about transcending society’s bounds and living above already established status quo (Check out Nnamdi,and  Meka also ), because of that, it shouldn’t be hard to see why I am in awe of this young man Busari. Doing well in a society that has made us to believe if you do more than one thing you can never do any well.

Fueled by his love for art and nature, and his dream to see people of color earn major recognition in the global art industry, he has chosen to study journalism and media. 
Ayo drives himself to do more, to be more by teaching himself most of what he knows. “It’s just practice and practice.”, He said. But not without adding  “and few sleepless nights.” His motto being if I try, I can it is not hard to see why he can do well in a bunch of things.

When asked what he’ll like the world to know, this is what he has to say, “I’m just a camera boy who loves art and nature, I am always trying to capture moments in words and images.” 

Well Ayo has captured my admiration, love and respect this night. If you asked me this feature was long overdue. But I’m glad I waited. So now anyone reading this would know Ayo Busari is more than just about photography. Ayo is trying to make an impact! One project at a time. 

In the mean time, his short film, Zanto the strange man drops anytime soon. You can be sure I’ll keep you posted. Do look forward to it.




If you’ve ever wondered how best you could balance all spheres of your life and still be at the top of your game in each, this post is for you. As the person I’ll be introducing in a bit has tasted lots of success in that area. 

About a week ago..(there’s that line that made us all go nuts, just wondering does it still affect you?), I saw this on Twitter. 

 And I just had to thank him you know. Because I feel that the way the world is, anyone who contributes positive content has to be appreciated and supported.

“Who’s Meka Nwoke!?”, I wondered and I decided to lurk by his Twitter images. What i discovered was that He is a smart, active, intelligent young man who’s interested in making a difference in the society. I found out that he writes just like myself to and this was not just some wolfish cry. 

I decided to hit him up and I started speaking with him. You know there are some people you across and it’s like you’ve found gold, but when you start speaking with them you realize its more than just gold. I’ve struck platinum!! That was how I felt all the while I discussed with Meka! And meeting him is already part of the highlights of 2015 for me.

I realized we do have a lot in common. He is someone that wants to be heard. And not just by making noise, but by challenging youth to live and “think beyond the conventional way that our society has molded us to.”

He told me that he started speaking at gatherings while still in secondary school, and only started writing this year. Like you probably already know, such wasn’t an easy task but he kept at it because he knows what he’s doing can better the life of all who listen. From that experience and many others, he’s been able to develop the discipline one needs to do hard things. The discipline one needs to make and follow through one’s goals. Which is why he’s a trusted person to listen to as regard such.

He’s a very social person, and When asked how he’s able to balance, work, school and activities, he told me that’s one of the reason he’s itching to be heard. He wants people know that you can be hardworking, cool, have fun and still be academically successful. (something i can relate to as in my last year at high school I was deeply involved in sports, kept lots of friends and was still able to pull through.) “it’s all about discipline, proper time planning and goal setting, hard work, impeccable focus and of course some blood sweat and tears”, he says 

One of his tips to succeeding in your goals is that you have to want it badly, but not just that, you have to be prepared to put in the effort as wanting it is not just enough. And with his YouTube Channel, he’d be sharing more practical ways on how he does it and how you can as well. 
I asked him on his opinions on what of my favorite topics of all time, Nigeria and its current generation of youth. His alacrity shocked me! And his response was one of the most genuine, refreshing and coherently formed I’ve heard in a while. 

According to him, many look at advances in technology and immediately deduce the future is bright, but if the youth of today don’t wake up to their responsibilities, and think beyond the norm how then can we be sure of a brighter future? 

He says, ” we see youth talk about how corrupt our government is, but we still see corruption amongst the youths when put in positions of authority at their educational institutions and other places.” Our actions are a reflection of what we think and this just shows that there’s a lot of negativity in the minds of people. 

Then again, he believes that he can’t just sit idly and wait for change! He has to do something because he understands the principle, “all change begins with me.” 

And so that’s another major reason he’s doing this. 

I told him that I know and pray that with the actions of other people like himself and I, the positive we so direly need is not so farfetched.

Meka Nwoke, is someone to watch out for! His Twitter and Instagram handles are both @MekaYMG and be sure to follow him. Also, feel free to speak with him about what he does incase you’d like to know more. He’s very friendly and easy to talk to. 

His first video, on the impact of self discovery on academic success is right here 

Thank you for reading and do subscribe to his channel! 


In my opinion, Director X, Clarence Peters and Demola Falomo have one major thing in common!

If you didn’t already know, it’s the fact that they’re all directors and have a deep love for what they do. 

For this post however, I would be focussing on my favorite of the three. Demola Falomo, or as we love to call him, demolathedirector.

Demola Falomo, is a young college student, an alumni of dansol high school and a budding director/cinematographer. 

According to him, it started close to 2 years ago, as a result of his love for audio and pictures. And even learnt and practiced both at a time. 

His urge to provide meaningful content and to pass helpful messages through his work pushed him even further. And that’s how he ended up in cinematography. Where he is blending his expertise in audio and pictures for our viewing pleasure.

His motivation include his knowledge of him being special and having something unique to offer, and his desire to be a positive influence to all around him. 

A major challenge he’s faced though, is shooting and editing in a short time frame because he loves perfection. In his words, “I like my things perfect. And trying to achieve perfection + time tight space = challenge” 

His advice to other young directors and cinematographers is to be patient. Both with yourself and your actors. Your actors especially. Because they won’t always get that scene or story exactly how you want it! But with patience and tolerance. 
Below, are the link to some of my favorite works of his. 

This one right here, is the first one I watched.

Here’s the latest, Afope a story of lost opportunity.

This here, is the link to his first short story. A scary morning.

At the moment, he’s working on a new one, And I know it’ll be nothing short of good. 

Demola, I hope you never lose your zeal. I hope you pursue your dreams but not just for yourself this time, but also for those who’ll be expecting you to do great and those who your work you’ll influence. 

We believe in you. 

I want to end with the words of a popular young photographer, “get to know him now, or famz later”. 

It’s your choice. 

*yells cut! 


For Sandra, what started out as a regular hobby has now metamorphosed into a clothesline. According to her, during her junior secondary school certificate examinations, she’d draw at the end of every paper. Not your regular doodles though. No. But clothing materials of various forms and styles.

She didn’t want her talent to go to waste and so she decided to put it to work, by designing for the next talent hunt event at Dansol High School. she shared it with her parents and the support she received is one of the things that keeps her going. 

She realized then that fashion was something she loved and wouldn’t mind giving her all into. When asked about her style, she comments that it is simple, unique and different. She also wants to go into catering, but fashion is her mains. 

Sandra is so serious about this that she’s doing something that most people don’t dare to do. She’s studying business in fashion in the university. Her dream would be to own her own fashion house and industry and then run the catering business by the side. 

When asked about what advice she had to give other young people who are considering doing something serious with their talents, she had this to say;

Don’t let your passion go to waste. Deep down you know what you love, why keep it wen the world needs it ? Even if you think it’s not worth it, you have not tried it that’s why you think that way. You are worth trying, changing and making a difference. Even if you think things are hard, God is always there to help. Everything big starts with something little. So believe in your self and do what you love. The world await to see what you have to offer. 

And with those words from Sandra, it’s a wrap. 


So this week’s feature isn’t on a model, it’s not on an artiste either, it’s on a writer like myself! It’s on Data Pepple. (I won’t lie, I’m having problem with the right preposition, should it be feature is … Or feature is on… Let me know in the comments section thanks.)

Data has big dreams and she has started working on them, hence this feature.

Some of her many dreams include becoming a New York Times bestselling author by the time she is 27. She also wants to have written the scripts for close to 10 movies and directed close to 5 of them.

This girl isn’t playing.

Already, she has a blog/website where she writes regularly with the intent to educate and entertain. I’m a regular visitor and I’ll like to say it’s working.

Remember I mentioned that she wanted to have written 10 books by the time she’s 27 right, already she has 2. Well it’s just one that has been published: “Love and War vol. 1” which can be bought on Amazon for $10.33 and on kindle for half the price. The other one, she probably doesn’t remember, is her year 9 diary that she used to post on the blog a year or two ago. If she could gather the excerpts together, it would make an interesting read.

So she has 2.

In the remaining 10 years she has till she’s 27, if she worked on one book a year, she’ll have the 10 or even more by the time she’s 27. And because good things come to those who work, by that time, I have no doubt she’d have met people who could help actualize her dream of turning some of her work into movies.

That’s it for this Friday.

Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @datapepple.

Visit her website You have my word that you’ll love what you see.

Here’s to you and your bright future data 🍸🍸. Cheers!


I’m going away from the norm in my feature this Friday, but I have my reasons. Remember, the whole point of the feature Friday post is to celebrate a teenager/young adult who’s actively working towards their feature plan so this still fits the bill. 
Victory’s story is quite unique. At the moment, he’s in his final year of high school. His twin brother graduated a while ago and his junior brother graduated last two years. Something illness or something of the sort happened a while ago that kind of set him back. Since then his academic career hasn’t been the same.
But he’s not moved! He always optimistic and he’s not a bit lazy. Most of the time he can be seen working on school assignments, walking back from a class or raising awareness for his tracks. Yes, he’s also a performing artist. He doesn’t have a lot of fans yet, a lot of people love his songs in his face and mock him behind his back but I know that one day he’ll be able to say, “I said yes when they told me no, now dem dey pay a lot of money just to see me show.”  ( recognize the flow? That was scales btw ) 
I spoke with Victory recently about his future plans. He has a clear idea of what he wants to study and why. He wants to study creative arts. He’s not in it for the money but because it’s his passion. I agree and think that’s a course that fits him. 
What I admire most about him is his bravery! I mean if you’ve seen him on stage, you’ll know his one brave chap. Remember when she shouted out to “semi baby” on the stage ? But that’s not even his bravest feat yet. I think his bravest feat is staying in school (the same school for that matter) despite all that has happened. I think it’s really brave that he is not giving up on his education neither is he giving up on his life. He remains dedicated to finishing school because he understands what he wants for his future. Because he understands how important an education is. He doesn’t mind the snickering and the yabs. He just stays on his lane and does his thing. 
My friend Victory, God sees your effort and I see it too. I know you’ll make it, hence this feature ! 

His number is +2737056236782 incase you’ll like to get at him to host an event or work with him on a track! 
God bless your hustle Victory ! #Respect.