It has come to my notice that we girls tend to dress indecently. 

Honestly, I have been culprit of indecent dressing once or twice, or maybe a couple of 100 times. lol. Seriously though, I want to know when the dressing can undoubtedly be termed “indecent”

We girls tend to dress according to trend. These days though, the trend is to show more skin, and wear bold attires that tend to captivate the attention of people when we step in a room, or walk on the road, you know what I mean. 

But I want to know, is it really worth it? As much as we like to be the centre of attention and attraction, what kind of attention are we attracting. 

Most times when my friends tell me some guy on the road harassed them or someone was following them with his car I first of all ask “What were you wearing? ” because it’s a known fact that men are attracted/turned on by what they see. 

So sister if you’ve ever been follwed by a car chances are the brother was attracted to you very sexy looking stomach in that crop top, or your thighs in the skirt or maybe the figure hugging dress you wore “just to go get something” ,or “just to go see him or her ”

In my opinion, it is very okay to be attractive and show off what you’ve got, but you should really take into consideration the type of attention you’d be attracting and maybe it will shape your choice of clothes . Unless you enjoy the attention, the lustful looks , and perversive comments . But be sure to know that rape is real

Also, the type of pictures we take and put up in social media can attract perverse attention. I for one hate nasty comments on my pictures. So I try to keep them decent even though some times I can’t help myself. I’d talk more on this in my next article. 

Let me know if you love it or not so, I’d know for sure if this is my calling or not . Do have a Blessed day💜💜

Oshime Gbafe.

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Elderlies can be so annoying😕

I support your view

Children aren’t allowed to express what they feel or their opinions..they grow up with bottled up feelings which they now pour out to beating their wives and children too ‘i didn’t talk back to my parents’ justifies their actions

Respect should be a two way stuff..not necessarily greeting but allowing others to contradict or disagree with you..especially elders and parents to children


“I love you” he said . Rolling my eyes in return , knowing that the feeling was temporary . 

Love to me still exists, though it is most times mistaken for lust or infatuation .

 I don’t believe in love except for the love of God . Appart from that , nothing else . 

Loves is generous 

Love is selfless

Love doesn’t hurt

Love doesn’t lie

Love is real 

Love is forever
It isn’t just a feeling

Its an action

Its a passion

It is beautiful 

It forgives

It never changes

It never decreases

It is everlasting 
    L. O. V. E.


I have no man

I have no help from without 

I am indeed an island

But I’ve got a plan

And I can see beyond 

I will never be wrong at the right place

A little bit of my blood

A little bit of my sweat

A lot more of my God

Then I become an island of faith

I become a man

To the man with no man

I become the help from without

As I begin to influence the within.

Through my faith

I always make the right decisions

Even in the wrong places.

Editors note: when asked about this poem, Ovie(@slow_zeus on Twitter.) said, “You’ve got work and work, even when nobody gives you an opportunity, to the point people start asking you for an opportunity.” 

I couldn’t agree more.

Published with permission from the author.



You think that no one loves you, that no one cares

You think you’ll live alone in your world of tears and fears. 

Hey there, let me tell you something.

You are beautiful and mean everything.

To people around you and out there

Who like you lives in a world of tears and fears.

But is willing to put everything aside just to be with you, ported to and who no matter what would always be there for you. 

I want to ask and also to know, if you would say no to people who would give the world

Just to make sure you feel loved

By taking your life

Leaving them in agony, heartbreak and strife.

Hey you, yes you reading this

I just want you to know 

That no matter what happens 

Everything will be alrigh 

Focus on the light ahead 

All of this drama is just to sharpen you almost to perfection 

and to strengthen you

For the trials of life that lie before you. 
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I’ve lost all respect 
Saying all that shit don’t make you feel like you’re the best 

So don’t come at another hidda that’s just trynna get the best 

Because you’ve looked at all the corners but you still don’t know your quest

Because they all laugh with you 

Doesn’t mean they’ll be with you 

So don’t take the revelation anger on someone who didn’t diss you 

You was saying it was a joke 

But that joke will stay with you 

Till you remember the dog days when it was still an issue.

And I don’t mean it like you’ll never be the same again

But just see it as you’ll never see that me you know again 

Because if I had to take all the restraints off with chainsaws with more spikes 100 sharper than real thorns,

You’ll see the difference between a man and a man so they can point out the spots and show us the inevitable plan.



Very very important question. If I give birth to my child on Mars, does that make my child Martian? A lot of Asian and American kids are given birth to in my country Nigeria. I don’t hear them calling themselves Nigerian or Nigerian-American even. 

The next question. Why are people so petty? Immediately some people attain a first world country passport, “I’m an American”, “I’m British.” They seem to all of a sudden forget that their Nigerian. You are hardcore black! Permit my use of color but the gravity allows my diction. And African Americans hate to break it to you but you’re either one of two things, 1. In denial. 2. You’re lost and can’t remember your heritage.

They have given you a name to classify so much beautiful culture because of their lack thereof even after they ripped it from you and you accept it? Shame on you. Shame on you.. “Black American”? Pftt. My black a#%. 

Debbie Onyibe 

A word from Kelechi; yes we’re all one people. These divisions are man made. However, in the excitement of attaining a first world country passport, don’t forget your roots.


I’ve noticed something. Just because “in the new world” they have no culture or distinctions( no offense) [note from Kelechi- though they do! it’s not so pronounced as ours.] they liking the same thing to “Africa”. So an Egyptian and a Nigerian to them are no different because they’re from “Africa” which is very narrow-minded. 

In Africa there are like 55 distinct countries and in those countries there ware very different tribes ! Which are every diverse in beliefs and cultures. In Nigeria par exemple (which is just one out of the 55) there are over 14 tribes. I’m from Delta, were not the same as the igbos another tribe or the Yorubas and that’s just in one country, not to talk of Being even more diverse in description. We don’t speak the same languages, we don’t speak the same. Nothing is exactly the same and so to me it’s very insulting for someone  to say “African”. Unless you’re reffering to all of us collectively shut the ( note from Kelechi. This part was lost in transmission). And don’t comment because you don’t know what you’re talking about. 

And to those who’ve lost their heritage and now believe they’re “African-American”, you too shut up !! You can either find out where you’re from and identify yourself properly or just be American because (sorry to break it to you) you can’t be AFRICAN unless you’re Zulu, Igbo, Yoruba, Hamar, Mursi and everyother zillion billion million tribe there are in the whole of Africa joined together. Please don’t ever see a Yoruba attire and call it “African” or hear Zulu people talking and say they’re speaking African. Don’t be ignorant. Know or shut up. 

Thank you. I am done. 

Debbie Onyibe. 
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The stripped me of my name ,From there I was never the same.

They destroyed my culture;

Devoured all I had, o living vulture.

Yet, I grew, grew to become great.

They sold my children off as slaves, 

To toil work and die off in caves.

My tears washed away mediocrity, 

It’s time for All that was left, no sorry and pity.

Yet, I grew, grew to become great.

Now looking back at the path I tread

Mistakes made in the past 55 years

I hope on the present generation to 

fix them and make things right.

With the energy, strength and 

passion that fills them I believe that

they will only make me better for 

Future generations. Just as their 

Ancestors had done.

The terrorism, corruptions, child molestations

Malpractice and other social ills that 

script my systems like a disease with 

no known cure. I hope unto this 

generation to heal me and make me

whole once more.

My name is Nigeria, and I’m a great 

nation filled with beauty, diversity and love.

It’s time for my liberation to be 

celebrated this 1st day of October as my flag 

is flown high and my people rejoice. 

Happy Independence Day my people💚⚪️💚.

Even as you celebrate and showcase 

our wonderful culture, bear in mind that you 

are a part of a great nation that will only 

be greater when you decide to make things 

better. You are the leader today, tommorow 

And forever.
Lead yourself, lead your community, lead Nigeria 🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬

Nafisa Haliru.


“I’ll rather kill myself than to commit suicide”,a very popular somebody once said. 

Not to make jabs at her. No on the contrary, tbh, I respect that woman. It’s just there to lighten the mood because this issue of depression and suicide, heh, if one doesn’t take care while talking about it, one can get moody. 

And we want only good vibes around here don’t we? Yes we do! In fact, it is essential that you surround yourself with positive people if you want to achieve. That’s a topic for another day. 

So back to the matter! 

The issue of depression among young people is not a new one. It’s very very common meeting depressed teens. Why not? We live in a world of different troubles, we’re constantly comparing ourselves to others and we don’t get what we want all the time. 

A few days ago, Monday to be precise, I found out that just anyone can get suicidal, when my dad told me that he messed with thoughts of suicide at one point in his early adulthood. I shiver to think what could have happened had he carried out that action. So you see, if my dad, whom in my eyes is the epitome of peace and harmony of the soul could think about suicide, anyone can. That’s why I’m writing this.

Now I doubt if I can solve depression related issues but I have an idea how depressions comes about. Problems and overthinking lead to depression and depression then leads to suicide. 

However, I feel if someone has at least one thing they love so much about this life they won’t quickly give in to committing suicide. Thing is not a lot of people have thought what they love the most about this life. Randomly ask your friends that questions and you’ll see their response. It almost always starts with “uhm, idk maybe ….”. 

I think every one should find out what it is they love the most about this life! That way, should you ever be tempted to tak your life you’ll remember that. 

Another helpful thing is finding out what you live for. Remebering your purpose in life and all those who will be affected by your demise is a good thing to do when suicidal thoughts begin to come to your mind. Picture your siblings, or your friends, or pet anything or anyone! Just don’t kill yourself. 

Oh and let me add this, if you think you’ve hit rock bottom the good news is life can’t get any worse, it can only get better. 

Now prevention has always been my best bet. Here are some ways you can deal with frustrating circumstances and prevent yourself from getting depressed. They work for me, they might work for you. I’m sure . 

One of the things I do is to write out all the problems I’m facing at the time. Then, I analyze them looking at the two possible ways they could turn out. When I’m done I come to terms with the and throwaway the piece of paper.

Also, praying helps. That’s the good thing about GOD. He doesn’t mind when you pour out your problems to him. In fact, He loves that you can trust Him enough to hand over all your problems to him. If you sincerely pour out your problems to GOD and ask him to take charge, you will feel freer and more at peace. 

I have a friend I can call at any time of the day and as long as she’s up she’ll hear me out. Sharing your woes with someone who genuinely cares is very helpful. Most times, by the time you’re done ranting you’ll find out that toy worked yourself up for nothing! 

If all else fails, which I highly doubt, listen to the Weeknd! His voice is heavenly. I think the Angels in heaven probably sound like him. I tried this today and by the time I was done with like 3 songs I was smiling. You should try it .

I encourage you to pass this around, you’ll never know who’s life your saving! As you do, add your own methods and let’s make this list longer.

Remember, depression isn’t cool. Stop saying I’m depressed. Also, suicide should never be an option.

Take care and God bless you.