1. You think that’s what every other person is doing. 

You see most of the time not everyone is doing it. And even if everyone is doing it, does everyone else have the same destination as you? 

2. You’ve been threatened. 

If maybe you’ve been threatened that they’ll tell so so and so about this or that. Or maybe you’re no longer friends. Don’t all of a sudden do something you weren’t going to do because you’ve been threatened. 

3. You were promised something.

No. If you weren’t going to do something, but are now going to do it because you’ve been promised something, it makes you look cheap I’m the eyes of the promiser.

4. it goes against your personal values and philosophy

Remember the lesson, that you need to have values and a personal philosophy. If the choice you’re thinking of making goes against these. Your values and philosophy I.e, then don’t do it.

5. It’s not something you want to do over and over. 

If it’s something you know you don’t want to do over and over again then don’t do it the first time. Once you do, you’re making it possible to repeat it. Once, is usually not where it ends. 

6. You’d be embarrassed if your parents/people who respect you found out.

If you know that it’s something you’d be embarrassed if the people who respect you find out then don’t do it. These things usually have a way of getting out in the end. Trust me, I know.

7. It goes against the rules of the institution where you find yourself. 

No you shouldn’t be breaking any rules. This is a good reason not to go ahead with a decision.

8. It’ll cause you to regret later. 

I know what it’s like having flashes of what’s been done in the past. It’s nor pretty. I get irritated every time. If you have an opportunity to avoid it, the wise thing would be to do so. 
Thank you. 

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