Just recently, I found out about this new online market called effrytin. It’s kind of like OLX you see but it’s different because OLX is OLX and this is effrytin. 

So in the car, I was listening to a radio commercial about it and I heard how the buyers would come to your doorstep to pay and claim what’s theirs. 

I began to think, isn’t it possible that bad people can utilize this means? Is it not possible that criminals might pose as ordinary buyers and come to the sellers residence with their hidden agenda? 

I was bothered about this. Obviously, the effrytin team weren’t. Or if they were, it certainly didn’t show in the tone of the commercial. 

This got me thinking. 
I’ve had and heard great ideas for small business start ups. Because of the possibility of a negative use, I was discouraged a bit. And began to wonder if it was such a great Idea after all. 

Incase you’re experiencing something similar, listen! 

Anything and everything, can be used negatively. It takes a negative person to do all of that. Don’t because of that give up on a great idea with boundless possibilities as to where it would be and can take you to in the future. 

I’ve realized that, successful businesses, companies and corporations, have had their share of what ifs”. 

Most likely, they might have considered the negative use someone out there might put their product to. Did they let that stop them ? No. Neither should you!




Lately, I’ve been watching the flash a lot. Yes I know, it ended a while ago, but there’s really not much to do in a day besides read and write and clean the house. And my collection of movies was wiped so, I just rewatch episodes of the flash stores on my personal devices to keep from being bored. Trust me, bad things happen when one is bored. I don’t want to go into that here though. Not today. 
So anyway, as I go further in the season, I can understand why a few months ago, it seemed like so,e of my friends were going crazy as the waited for episodes to be released. Me self, i experience the going crazy thing as I wait for when next I’ll be in the office to download as many episodes I can. I hate using my personal data for such. Anyways curiosity got the better of me, as always, and I ended up going online to read about what happens in all the episodes I’m yet to download. 
So technically, I finished the flash season 1 yesterday. Am I in a hurry to go Into season 2? Uhn I don’t know. I’m not sure I want to do that, I’ve got a lot on my plate as it is, what with empire showing and all. Depends on the things I read online. 
But all this has got me thinking. months ago, my friends were doing all sorts of stuff to be able to watch it and I was just looking at them like… 

Other times like…

Now I’m watching it. And I can do nothing else all day but watch it if I please. But I will never please. 
Anyways my point is, somethings we feel we’ve got to get it now, I have to get in a relationship now!, I want to know how this feels, Now!, I want to get into school NOW, whatever it might be, NOW, NOW, NOW, NOW. 
But we seem to forget that unless it’s acting on our dreams or set goals, NOW might not really be the best time. Look at me now,  


I focused on school work then, ignored the flash, finished my school work, and the flash didn’t go anywhere. And now as far as I’m concerned, is the better time for me to watch what I want. 
There might be things happening around you now, maybe lots of people are doing it, maybe you’re thinking of doing it to. But you know deep down, that NOW isn’t the right time for such. I don’t know what it might be, but you know. I want to encourage you to wait. Please know that it’s worth the wait. 
When the right time comes, you’ll be glad you waited. And then, you can do whatever it is with a free mind, totally enjoying it because you know you waited for the right time. And that right time has come.


Sometime just after noon today, I was in the kitchen preparing lunch and listening to music. One of my favorite joints “where ya at”- Future x Drake came on the shuffle. I let it play. 
I barely paid attention to the music and before I knew it, another song started playing. What happened? I asked myself. How was that over so fast? Like, I used to turn up to this song almost everyday before and now I didn’t even feel it like that. 
The problem wasn’t the track, but in the fact that I’d been playing it everyday. I had gotten so used to it and was probably bored of it without even knowing. Same thing that happened with “Lagos boys”- Olamide. I love both songs but after playing them non-stop for some time, I began to lose interest. 


It’s the same thing with people.
You ever started a new friendship with someone, everything is great at first until it seems like the person is always there and you begin to be irritated by the person’s presence?


It’s because of the universal principle; “value increases with scarcity”. Maybe you’re more familiar with the saying, “familiarity brings contempt” an indirect way of stating the afore mentioned principle. 
That’s why things that are always in your face bore you. “Absence makes the heart grow fonder”. Ever been irritated by a person’s presence, then when he/she ignores you for a while it begins to itch you really bad deep down? I’m sure you get my point! 
To be an influential person, you shouldn’t always be available. Don’t make yourself too easy to get to. Don’t be “always there” Naturally, people lose interest fast in most things that are at their beck and call. You don’t want that to happen to you. 
Create scarcity! Be scarce. This is not to say, you would avoid helping people, no! But you don’t have to be at every function, party, meet up etc do you really? Make use of representatives! Protect your value. 
That you are difficult to get to, coupled with the fact that whenever one is in your presence, they do not leave empty handed as something spiritual, educational, emotional, financial or otherwise would be imparted to them, your value in their eyes would sky rocket. This my friend, is important to being influential! 


Just this morning, I was thinking about my goals. I realized, I haven’t really set new short term goals. Majority of them are long term and so I decided to do something about that. 

One of the goals I set, to be accomplished by the time I’m leaving for school, is to be able to speak fluent French. 

Now incase you didn’t already know, I love the French language and I’ve been excited about learning  it since I was in primary school. 

In my ss2 and ss3 French classes, I was the only boy but that didn’t discourage me from enjoying my classes and doing well. It’s been in my mind, to continue studying French at some post-secondary school level.

It’s my desire to know the language well enough to be able to pass it on to my children. As such, I’ve been praying to God for the opportunity to be in a French speaking country for a while. 

Seeing that I’ve lived in Lagos, for three years and can’t speak Yoruba, has made me wonder if living in a French speaking environment would be enough to enable me gain proficiency in the language. 

This thought drove me to take action. I can’t remain praying and wishing anymore. If do, I might still be reciting this prayer by the time I’m old. 

I’ve decided to learn the language the same way I learnt to speak good English. By studying all my scriptures in French! That’s right. 

Now the lesson here is this. A lot of people have good ideas, plans and goals. People with such are not scarce. The people that are scarce are those who take action. 

I encourage you to take action today on any important wish, dream or task that you might have been putting off. 

It’s either that or you’ll remain wishing you could for the rest of your life! 

It’s your choice. 

I trust you’ll choose the wiser of the two.

Take action today my friends and do have a great day! 


As I write this, I’m in a bus going home, I’m looking to recognize my characters to further prove my thesis right and I have just finished eating my favorite chin chin in the world. 

My favorite chin chin is the mini-mie chin chin. It was my friend Somto Maha that introduced me to it. Tbh, there are only a few great things in my life that have no connection to Somto. 

So back to my chin chin story. Eating my most preffered chin chin in the www is supposed to make me feel good yeh? Wrong. At least not today. I feel terrible. 

You see, this mini mie chin chin which used to be shaken together, pressed down and still running over was filled with air. I could count the cubes of delight that were inside they were just 17! 17 as opposed to what used to be 60 ish, can you imagine ? Is this supposed to be some dry joke about my years? 

And so you can imagine my displeasure. I feel as one would feel if they find out their best friend was a thot or maybe that their close friend was a fvckboy. I just never hesperrred it of them. 

I turned to my dad who’s commuting with me this evening. I told him about it and ask if pure mills flour or whatever their name is  would have gotten away with it in the states. Ofcourse I know it’s a big no no, but I wanted to know what he’d say about the matter. His inputs are always packed with knowledge and wisdom. 

This was what he had to say; “Ofcourse not son they know the owner/CEO/md could go to prison for that. If not, they’d have to pay a fine which could end up in the company closing” 

Look at that. For reducing the quality and quantity of their products/services without a proportionate reduction in price or a suitable explanation in the least, they could face dire consequences. 

Why is it that consumers are treated like trash in this side of the globe? Have they never heard of consumer sovereignty? 

How won’t they treat us like that when our consumer protection agencies are only interested in free samples and sitting around in the office. For goodness sakes, it’s to prevent things like this that we have the standard organization of Nigeria! 

Assuming it were just mini mie chin chin that were doing this I’ll probably just suck it up. But no! From catering companies to service providers, almost every service providing company is giving us substandard. They use us as a dumping ground for goods which would never have seen the rack of a local mall abroad and it’s just not right! 

We have to respond to this coup that had successfully disposed us of our sovereignirty as consumers! We have to take back what’s ours. They can’t treat us anyhow! We put the bread on their table damn it! 

I’ll let you figure out how you on your own can deal with this till our consumer protection agencies are back from vacation. As for me, I’m about to send the pure flour mills or pure mills flour company an email. Sure they might trash it, sure they might mark it as spam, but I’d have given them a piece of my mind! 


Question. Why do people feel the need to live large when their businesses or careers are booming? Why do they feel the need to spend recklessly to show they’ve arrived? Does one ever really arrive? Is all this really necessary?

Is it necessary to spend money that can be used to pay someone’s tuition fees on bottles of wine? Is it necessary to spend rent money on a shopping trip? Or to spend money that can be used to restock half of someone’s wardrobe on a few dresses?

I’m writing this, because I know everyone reading this has a bright future. If not, you wouldn’t be here. When you’ve made it as you surely would, please don’t feel you’ve arrived. The things that take years to build, can be brought down in a day. That’s just how it goes. Pulling down is easier than building up.

If you’re the type that’s been planning on living ostentatiously in the future, I urge you to reconsider. I’m not to tell you how to spend your hard earned money, but I suggest you plan on investing. Investing in businesses, worthwhile causes, the society and peoples’ lives. The latter to me, is the best form of investment.

Our country is in need of financial deliverance. We are doing great GDP wise, but some of our people still find it hard to get their basic needs. We live in an ocean of wealth and opportunities and yet people still thirst.

Start thinking now, of ways you’ll help! Start thinking of ways youd give back to the society. Begin to plan how you’d spend your money in such a way that it’ll not only bless you but your community and fellow citizens.

One thing I know is this, when you seek wealth with the intent to do good. God sees and HE gives.


One of the many reasons most people don’t start early to do what they love, live their dreams or practice their passion, is that they are so fixated on getting it right the first time.

Wanting something to be perfect is not bad in its self. That’s the spirit of excellence. What’s bad is when this doesn’t allow you to start. 

Thing is, if you want the situation to be perfect before you start, if you want to wait to have certain things before you start, rather than starting with what you have, you’ll be waiting for a long time. 

This whole thing is like an evolution. It’s like a child’s growth. You don’t give birth to your kids fully grown and matured. It’s not done. The process of growing up equips the child with teachings and experiences that are tantamount to its development and success later. 

So it is for your vision/dream/business/project/or whatever you choose to call it. Waiting till the situation is right or desired tools or things are present would make you miss out on learning experiences.

Take my blogging for example( This is not to say I’ve gone anywhere yet though, because as far as I’m concerned I’ve got a long way to go). It started as Facebook status updates from my phone. Then I started this blog with a different device and here I am. 

I’ve been posting using my mobile data, home wifi and office network. Initially, I thought it was “cool” if I waited till I had my personal laptop and wifi before starting. I don’t know what I was thinking. To be honest I just thought it was fresher that way. 

I decided to do the wise thing and start with what I had at the moment. Assuming I was waiting for what I considered the fresh circumstances, I’d still be waiting now and the lessons I’ve learnt and people I’ve met so far I wouldn’t have learnt or met.

My point is, do you have goals that need fulfilling? Dreams that need living? Projects that need doing? Don’t wait for the perfect circumstances. Start with what you have and where you are and watch your idea, dream, project evolve to more than what you intended for it to be! 

Remember, you do not have to be perfect to start, but you have to start to be perfect. 

Thank you and have a great day.


I heard a story about some young men who were trying to move a grand piano to another room in church for an activity. Now like the name implies, the grand piano is quite big. I think it’s the biggest in the piano/keyboard family. I stand to be corrected.

As is expected, they had a very difficult time moving it. Their pushing, pulling, lifting and groaning was all in vain. The leader of the church branch walked by and saw these young men struggling. He then suggested that they all lifted where they stood. That is they should take their mind off moving the grand piano and just focus on lifting up the part of the grand piano that was where they stood.

I’m sure they might have reacted like the apostles then fishermen who were fishing all night without any success. Anyhow, they tried it and it worked for them! And so gradually and gently, very steadily, they were able to carry the grand piano to the activity hall.

The most populous black nation on earth is a lot like this grand piano. If all the African nations are to be compared to the various keyboards/pianos there are, Nigeria would surely be in the grand piano tier.

Some of you might be thinking, “grand piano ke?” Yes! A grand piano. Maybe faulty, but a grand piano still. A grand piano that’s in need of moving to the hall of greatness. A grand piano that needs able bodied youth, to move it forward.

Just as it is insane and nearly diabolical to ask one person to move a grand piano, so it is to think moving Nigeria forward is the work of government alone. In fact, with the way our government is, a government where we have a lot of people with selfish interest, who have no desire to help the people, we might pend. For a very long time. (I recognize the fact that there are still a few who have vision for the country. But please let’s be honest, those without this vision, greatly outnumber those with it.)

The same way it does not make sense, to ask the aged ones, the oldies, to move a grand piano is the same way it doesn’t make sense for we youth, able bodied ones(people in their 30s are still classified as youth) to abandon the work of moving Nigeria forward for the older ones. See Ehn, most of them are filled with sentiments and unpatriotism and as such leaving it for the old ones is as disastrous as leaving a plane in the hands of a toddler.

Seeing most youth are not eligible to go into politics, how then do we move Nigeria forward? Simple! Lift where you stand! The little you can do in your neighborhood, school,church or workplace do it. When you hear people talking negatively about the country, you put in a good word. Help restore people’s faith in Nigeria. Be a good citizen. Avoid tribal and religious sentiments like you would an Ebola patient. And so on and so forth.

If you just take a little time to think about this, you would see that in your little corner of Nigeria, you can make a difference. You can! We can! Yes we can. Wherever you find yourself do your best. Do it well.
One of my favorite quotes is this “whatever thou art, do well thy part.”

We all have a part to play. We all have a part we can lift. Do this, don’t mind discouragement and those who’d want to bring us down as a country. Do this and I know that as surely as those young men were able to that grand piano, as surely as the sun would rise each day, we would move forward, we would attain our greatest height and we would be well pleased with ourselves.

Thank you for reading.

God bless you and may HE always bless the federal republic of Nigeria.


Very very important question. If I give birth to my child on Mars, does that make my child Martian? A lot of Asian and American kids are given birth to in my country Nigeria. I don’t hear them calling themselves Nigerian or Nigerian-American even. 

The next question. Why are people so petty? Immediately some people attain a first world country passport, “I’m an American”, “I’m British.” They seem to all of a sudden forget that their Nigerian. You are hardcore black! Permit my use of color but the gravity allows my diction. And African Americans hate to break it to you but you’re either one of two things, 1. In denial. 2. You’re lost and can’t remember your heritage.

They have given you a name to classify so much beautiful culture because of their lack thereof even after they ripped it from you and you accept it? Shame on you. Shame on you.. “Black American”? Pftt. My black a#%. 

Debbie Onyibe 

A word from Kelechi; yes we’re all one people. These divisions are man made. However, in the excitement of attaining a first world country passport, don’t forget your roots.