100th post. 

Wow! My own hundredth blog post. I’m excited and I have reason to be. You see behind the scenes of the serious,consistent blogger, are two blogs that I’ve created and dumped. Which is why when my friend Amina, decided to take a break I totally understood. I’ve been away without leave more than once. 

Getting to hundred posts took a lot more than my own effort. It took the encouragement of a lot of people. Some of whom I knew already and some I met on the way. Boy am I glad I know all of them.

I want to acknowledge my dad, Mr. Francis O. Nmeribe, and the rest of my family for pushing me to utilize my talents. For editing my posts, and for their ever available feedback, input and support. I’m grateful to dad especially, for without him, I would have been estranged to this world of blogging. 

I’m grateful to Eboda Anjola. For those first few weeks, when it started as Facebook status updates. For her likes, comments and shares encouraged me. It made me feel like what I was doing was appreciated, that it made sense, and it kept me going. 

To Ebun Adeyemo, who continues to share, like and comment on my Facebook posts, I’m grateful. Thanks for helping me spread the word and for appreciating what I do. 

I thank Tomisin, who’s in hostel now. My blog’s biggest fan. For whenever she was around, she’d always give me ideas and criticize constructively. 

To badejo Adedire, my go to guy as regards all things media, I’m thankful. Your answers to my questions, explanations of the things that confuse me, constant encouragement have really helped me in pushing this work forward and forming a clearer picture of what I want it to be. I look forward to more collaborations like this in the future. 

To my very own blog buddy and personal cheerleader Amina, to be honest, I can’t imagine what it’d be like without your comments and likes. They’ve always encouraged me and made me feel like I was doing something worthwhile after all. Thank you so much. I hope your break doesn’t mean a break from reading. Come back once in a while and like my posts would you ? 

To Oyinda, who’s comment came at a time when I was wondering if my posts are really helping anyone. That one comment was the answer. Your coming to my life was very timely. You see at that time, I had decided to start read poetry. I was still thinking about how I’d search for poetry and you brought poetry to me. With every post you put up, I’m delving further and further into the world of poetry. I’m loving it all the way. 

To my coach Debbie Onyibe. Wait a minute, Isn’t it funny how people you might not have met in person can contribute a lot to you and your career. For 2 years now, we’ve known ourselves, I’ve come to you with my questions, your write ups have challenged me to up my game. I’m thankful for all your advice and contributions both to my person and the blog. 

To my day one, somto maha. What can I say that you don’t already know? Man, you’re awesome.

To all who’ve liked my posts and left their comments. You have know idea what those comments do to me. 

To Dumebi Nwonah, for your interest and support I’m thankful! 

To Ugonma, thank you so so much for being there. 

To God from whom all good things come from, I’m eternally indebted. 

Now I understand, that some might read this and think, “100 blog posts, so what? Big deal.” To such it might mean nothing, but to me, it’s a big deal. You see, In the past(because I’m hoping that phase is over) I haven’t been a great finisher. And not just in football. I’ve started things and left them halfway. This is proving not to be like those abandoned projects. 

So to all who I’ve mentioned, I dedicate my hundredth post. Thanks for all you do.

I promise to keep on working and to keep thinking bigger. This is just the beginning of many great things to come. I’m working on some new structural features. Time would tell. 

If you didn’t already know? Know it today that Kelechi Ochulo is here to stay.