Believe In The Power Of Your Dream!

Read my friend Sharon’s thoughts on dreams and achievement. Be sure to view the rest of her blog as well.

P. Boye Motivations


What prevents you from being who you are ?
What stops you from attaining that dream ?
Whose got the right to stop you ? Nobody! , It’s your dream , live it !

Stop being insecure and find your purpose …
If you don’t know what it is , go find it .
You might not know it consciously  but subconsciously you do, you were born with it! It’s inside of you !.
How do birds know how to fly when they were not thought ? It’s because they had it within them .
Go , Search for it and you’d find it .

Fear is not real , the only place that fear can exist is in our thoughts of the future . It’s a product of our imagination……Don’t be afraid to fail , think outside the box!.
Fear is a choice.
It doesn’t matter what happens to…

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