Finding Balance As An Entrepreneur + Top Secret Life Update!

**I wrote this over the weekend on Saturday 12/1/18  but only getting around to posting now because I had something more pressing to post on Monday.**

Right off the bat, I want to apologize for not posting since Wednesday. I’m trying to get to posting every other day. The thing is work has been kind of crazy. Not even work work but internship work. It’s good though because I am learning things I never thought I’d have business learning. One of the craziest things I learned this week was photoshop but wait…I digress.

What sparked the idea for this post was a conversation with Lorenzo my gym buddy and one of my closest friends. We were working out Saturday and he said, “so you mean to tell me, that you haven’t been to the gym since Tuesday the last time you went with me.”

“Damn, has it really been that long.” It had.

I felt instant remorse. If I’m going to get my weight up,  a major desire of mine, ( I’m usually 155 lbs but I checked and I just lost 5pounds smh) it is not going to be done by skipping gym days.

I looked back at how I spent my week to figure out what went wrong.

Wednesday, right after classes – worked in the lab till 5 and then we had to leave to go to a networking meetup with other marketing that ended at 9pm. We got home at 10pm that night.

Thursday, right after classses – worked till late. Got home around 10pm

Friday, worked till 6pm when there was nothing else left, then I got home, hung out with my sister for little bit and then went to play soccer at the training center I usually go to on the weekends. So I guess Friday was a little bit of exercise.

As I was feeling remorseful, the words of my favorite professor came to mind. And what I want you take away from this posts.

“Balance is not achieved in one day.” It is achieved over a span of time.

This is so true because in entrepreneurship there would be days where you would have to work for hours unending Sometimes as is the case with me, I get ingrained in the work and forget where the time flies. The key is that when you look back on a month or a couple months you can say, okay I see some balance here.

Don’t try to achieve balance in a day because it can be difficult. it might leave you doing only a half-assed job in each aspect of your life.

But maybe today you say I’m going to get all this work done and tomorrow I’ll take a break and relax or if I get this done in the next couple days I am not touching work this weekend and I’ll focus on my relationships. That is more feasible. That is more balanced.

Life Update:

As of Wednesday 12/5/18 I am almost done making my sales funnel. The idea was using a 14 day free trial of click funnels, set up a drop-shipping sales site and make just enough profit to cover the cost of click funnels for the first month.

Sounds pretty simple but here I am with 4 days left and I’m scared as shit. I am kind of a perfectionist so these last couple days I’ve been tweaking and worrying and tweaking trying to make the pages look professional and coming up with a sales message.

This is the first time I am ever doing anything like this. Needless to say, I have cold feet. But tonight I am going to push really hard and try to make sure that the funnel is ready for launch Friday at noon.

In hindsight, what I would do differently is make sure that I have all the pictures ready, and all the copy ready before I start the 14 week free trial period. (hint for any of you looking to drop ship using a shopify , click funnels or any other Ecommerce free trial period. )

I will let you all know how it goes on Friday!

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