4 Ways You Can Start Rapidly Implementing TODAY!! To Avoid being the 90% Who Do Not Take Action!

Hey all, Kelechi here and in my last blog post, which you can check out here, I revealed the ONE THING all successful students of online courses have in common. Because of how valuable that info is I figured, why not write a whole blog post about it.

And so, here we are. Today, I am giving out 4 hacks that I am currently using to rapidly implement the the things I am learning.

I first got curious about this when I found out that Rob Kiyosaki’s book is a bestseller which has sold over 32 million copies. 32 million! But then I thought, well, how come that since its publication, there haven’t been that many people who are quitting the rate race and becoming business/owners and investors like he preaches.

It was then, that I realized this truth. For every self help message, or book or course out there; Only a small percentage of people anywhere from (1-10), actually take action. Majority of people reading, go through the whole thing and then do nothing about it.

I promised myself there and then, that I would always take action. That simple decision, has changed the way I read these books, listen to presentations and even watch video tutorials. And I’m certain that as I keep taking action and rapidly implementing the things I learn, it would be the reason I am successful.

What about You??

Well, I already know that you are smarter than most people. Otherwise, why would you be reading this blog. That is also why I am willing to share these hacks. Because I’m sure you’ll make the best use of it!

So my 4 Hacks!

  • when reading books, only highlight the actionable points. Things that you can go out and start doing right away.
  • same thing about taking notes on presentations. don’t take notes about how you feel or how profound that statement was. take notes on how you can implement it in your life. and then do it!
  • When watching a video tutorial, pause the video and go do what was said then come back to the video. The same goes for If something was said that you don’t understand. Pause, go look it up, and then push play again. 
  • Have an accountability partner. whose job is simply to keep you accountable, and make sure you are doing those things you underlined and said you would do.

This is by no means an exhaustive list. These are simply some things I have started doing.

If you have any ideas also leave them in the comments section. I would love to read and implement.

And Lastly, if any of you reading, need an accountability partner, shoot me a message! It’s the least I can do since you have come to my little corner of the web.

So till next time, be great!

P.S I tried meditating when I woke up today. It was a simple exercise for 5 minutes where I focused on my breathing. Every now and then I found myself getting distracted by thoughts but, I decided I would not panic, I’d simply observe those thoughts go in an out of my head. Simply because I felt panicking would defeat the whole purpose of meditation don’t you think so!?

P.P.S Yesterday, I thought, what if I stopped using stock photography and started using my own pictures for this blog. wouldn’t that be something?

image credit.


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