You’ve Got To Read This Before You Make Your New Year Resolutions

It’s about that time of the year again. “New Year, New Me” posts and status updates begin to fill social media timelines…

And then there’s those, who maybe have been burned by their efforts in the pasts with New Year Resolutions trumpet, “New Year, Same Me”

I’m not here to say one is better than the other. People ought to do what they is best for their life and what’ll bring them the most fulfillment.

With this blog post though, I do want to share how I feel about resolutions and this new killer tactic for goal setting my mentor just shared with me.

Apparently it is the same tactic millionaires use to set and achieve their goals. But more on that later.

For Now…

How I Feel About New Year Resolutions.

First of all, I feel like people, myself included, set new year resolutions that they do not care deeply about. And I say this from experience.

We set resolutions we feel we should be setting or maybe even those we think we want to set.

Notice how I said “we think we want” I used that language pattern because when the going gets tough, we show what we really want and care about.

Using myself this past year as an example, One of my goals for the new year was to gain 20 pounds. I didn’t care if it was fat or muscle but I hoped it would be mostly muscle.

But being a student in school, there were many times when I had to pick school, and homework over being in the gym or even dedicating time to meal prepping.

So by way of review I ask myself, was gaining weight really that important to me? If I wasn’t willing to move mountains to do it?

The next thing is I feel like we feel the need to set year long goals all the time of the things we need to change or the person we need to become…

Did you know that by February 97% of people have abandoned their resolutions?

If you’ve been in that situation before it’s not your fault. it’s quite difficult to maintain the same fire you had while setting your goals in January through out the year.

Especially when they’re goals that you didn’t take the time to figure out why it’s important to you. and I’m not talking the surface level why I’m talking 7 levels deep why.

To combat against that trend I was only going to set two goals to begin 2019. Wake up consistently at 5:30am and read 4 new personal development/business books in January.

The idea was that if I consistently woke up at 5:30am in 30days it would be a habit. and then in February, I’d pick a different positive habit I wanted to master and then work on it as well as 4 more books.

do you see where I was going with this…

And I was going to be content with just that too. Until I voiced out my opinion that my mentor decided to share with me the tactic I was telling you about.

You see One of the reasons you haven’t been sticking with your new year resolutions is because there’s been no way to keep you accountable and keep you moving month to month.

But with this method you are accountable to yourself and it’s dynamic enough to keep you moving month to month.

Introducing The Be-Do-Have Method of Goal Setting Used by Millionaires and High Achievers

it’s goes like this..

Take a 10 year birds eye view of your life. Pick a date. Things have gone according to plan. you are satisfied with where you are. who have you become? What are you doing ? what do you now have?

it’s important to do this because your year goal has to tie to it. Also don’t feel the need to be conservative. Tony Robbins said people underestimate what they can do in 10 years and tend to overestimate what they can do in a year.

Now a year from today, or whenever you decide to set the goals.

1yr – Who have you become? What have you done? What do you have?

Write it all out and be specific with it don’t just say you a want certain amount in the bank, include the how. Because the next be do have tier of goal setting is going to be all about how you can get to that point

After that, you think to the next three months. Pick a date. Who do you need to become? What do you need to Do? and what do you now have? that will move you closer to your year goal.

And Finally, you set a 30 day goal. Who do you need to become in 30days? What are you going to do in 30 days? and what do you want to have in 30 days?

The point of the 30 day goal is to move you closer to your 3 month goal. Every 3 months you take stock of what you’ve been able to accomplish and set a new a 3 month goal to bring you closer to your year goals.

And just like that.

You thought it was over. ha! here comes the best part.

every night, right before bed. you review your 10 year goal, 1-year goal, 3 month goal and 30-day goal. and then with them in mind, you make a list of the most high achieving things you can accomplish the following day.

the key is to do this right before bed because it’ll register in your subconscious mind.

i’m sure you can see that if practiced religiously, no day is wasted and you’ll take each day at a time without losing sight of your bigger goals.

I hope this post meets you well. And more than anything I hope this year is your best one yet. Here’s wishing you love, good vibes, growth and unprecedented opportunities this year.

one love.

your friend,


p.s if you liked this check out my mentors podcast here where he teaches the same method and included some of his goals