Every now and then, whenever I’m out, I run into certain individuals who’d like to give their unsolicited opinions on my life. 
Don’t assume that I’m a person that hates advice though. Very wrong! For in the multitude of counsel, there is safety. But when I need advice, I know who to go to. 
I’m not open about my plans for school with everyone. If I let you in on what’s going on, I consider you a friend, family or a father or mother figure. 
Like people just come up to you and lecture on what you should do without knowing you or what you’re really doing, for example, I was at dad’s office and this guy, who I always greet well, maybe thinking that that made him and I paddies, came to me and was telling me about how I shouldn’t be wasting my time and wasn’t my UTME good? Why am I not in school and all that? Don’t waste your life and all that. 
But the guy doesn’t know that I’m at dad’s office because I take certification courses at Aptech which is also at Allen. He doesn’t know that I’m not wasting my time at home, as I’m learning, still studying, reading and writing everyday. He doesn’t know that I’m not in a hurry to go to school and at the moment I’ve had 2 offers of admission I’ve had to turn down and I’m just waiting till when I feel the best time for me to go would be. 

This morning again, one particular mum, at my sisters’ school whom I used to like, notice I said used to, came and started asking about UTME, at first I was thrown aback and was like wait what? Dad now began to answer her. She now started lecturing on how was it really necessary to go abroad and all that. I think she really wants me and her son to be on the same plane as if it’s competition? 
Every time what are you doing? Oh you’re learning this..well Ayo already knows how to do this, or ayo already learnt this? Or my ayo had started driving how far can you take the car out? 
As if all that was not enough, she was now asking about where I was going and whether I was traveling with dad, and for some reason I wasn’t in a hurry to let her know about my plans for this morning. So because they asked ogini? Which means what in Igbo and I didn’t want to let them in on my plans they decided I didn’t understand Igbo. 
I swear my dad legit fell my hand and I told him so. Immediately he now asked sarcastically like does the guy even understand Igbo? Like it’s not me and him that converse in our dialect. I knew this was going to lead to questions about my background that my family and I don’t like to bring up.
Immediately, ahh why doesn’t he understand the language? It’s not good na. Dad was now turning around and I didn’t even want to come to his aid cause he put himself there not me. 

Because of the nature of my dad’s job when we were much younger, we lived in government quarters and were required to keep a low profile as much as possible. So low to the point we weren’t supposed to speak our native tongue so our neighbors wouldn’t know where we were from.
But no they don’t know that. And they began to lecture on how, what if I wanted to go into politics… At this point i had to freaking tune her out because i had had it up to here with this her attitude. 
This is not the only time she’s given unsolicited advice, neither was it the last time today. Because after sometime they now turned to my friend Seyi and his mum, Seyi is my brother and his mum is my mum too. Let the boy drive na. It’s just here your going let the boy drive na. 
No they don’t know that in his house, his dad had already given a criteria to meet before he started. No they don’t know that. It was just he’s a big boy na let him drive,
And I swear I felt for Seyi and his mum and myself (because for reasons behind my control this morning I had to be there and wait and listen to all they we’re saying.) and they were waiting there for this woman and another mother to finish lecturing them. People that were in a hurry to go so Seyi could get in his journey to school. 
When they found that out, they started on which was the best route to take and in my mind I’m like fudge! Who do these people think they are? Do they know what’s best for you more than your parents and God? Does everything you do have to be like theirs?? For crying out loud, do they know that in our families no decision is made without prayerful consideration? 
If you’ve ever been a victim of this kind of people please don’t ever let them make you doubt what you and your parents have planned. People with helpful advice, you know there’s a way they go about it. They don’t impose it on you. 
Everyone doesn’t have to understand what you’re doing with your life, so long as you do. If you have a clear vision and you’re on track please don’t let their ramblings deter you. 
I remember a quote i saw once regarding this kind of people, and I’ll end it with that.
“Listen, smile, nod, then do whatever the f*** you were going to do anyway”
Forgive me. I’m pissed.
Have a good day.



First and foremost, I’ll like to say a big Thank you to all who’ve taken their time to visit my blog , read, like, comment on or share my posts.


For all of those are encouraging to me and push me to go even further!

Now, You already know it’s the beginning of the week and don’t need reminding. But here’s something, we might all need a reminder with.
Have you set your goals/targets for this week? 
I hope your answer is yes but if not, you’re in luck because you’ve just been reminded. 
Setting goals at the beginning of each week is a habit that would bring us closer to our dreams’ fruition. 

It’s also important because that’s how you know if you’ve been able to put your week to good use or if you  wasted 7 days. 

From Sean Covey’s 7 habits for highly effective teens, I learnt a  method of setting these beginning of the week goals which I find quite helpful. 

Which is, to consider all the areas of your life, and set goals that’ll help you better all those areas in that week.

For example,

As a student, a son, a daughter, a big sibling, an employee, a writer, an artist etc etc.

Think about all the roles you play as a person and set goals in all those areas for this week. 

From these goals you’ve set for the week, you can now break them down into daily goals and tasks.
This way you’d be making better use of your time!
Try this method of setting goals according to roles and let me know how it goes for you. 
Have a great week! 
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Thank you so much for sharing. I was not there but I have equally benefitted from the speaker. 

I’m so inspired as a result of reading this that I feel I should just add a few things to prove to your readers the truth of all you’ve spoken. 

1. Write down your dream. It is said that a goal not written down is merely a wish and a plan not written down is not a plan at all. 

Without writing your dreams down, that’s all they’ll be dreams! Stored in the folders of your imagination. 

Writing them down, is helping it to manifest in physical form and as such is very tantamount to your dream becoming a reality.

2. Speak your dream. It’s true that whatever we repeat over and over again we begin to believe. That is why someone who’s gotten deep in the habit of lying sometimes finds it hard to tell which is true and which is false. 

What we believe, eventually becomes what we are. 

3. Sow into the dreams of others. I believe so much in the principle that whatever you wish/pray another person, is granted unto you in that same moment. 

If you want something to happen to you, pray the same for another person in need of it. 

And that’s how I feel about dreams. For our own dreams to be fulfilled we have to sow into the dreams of others. One way to do it, as I’ve introduced already, is to pray that the righteous dreams of another be accomplished.

Pray that they find all they need to achieve their dreams. 

Prayer is not all it takes to sow though, you can do this in many forms. 

Infact, simply listening to the others talk about their dreams and being optimistic no matter how bizarre it might sound is sowing! 

4. Discover God’s purpose for your dream. God’s thoughts are not our thoughts. Neither are his ways our ways. Nevertheless, they are to bring us to a good and expected end! 

I’ve learnt from experience, especially through my university admission process, that while were planning for ourselves, God had even brighter and better plans for ourselves if only we’d get Him involved! 

Get God involved in your dreams and yield to his tweaks and adjustments to your plan and you’d arrive at a great end! 

5. Guard your heart. Ever wondered why whenever you decide to live a good life or do something good, the adversary sends something your way to thwart it?? 

Time without number I’ve experienced this but I won’t even go into detail for time’s sake. 

The minute you decide to pursue your dreams and be useful in life, the adversary would send something or someone your way in order to frustrate it. 

As such, you’ve got to keep your guard up. 

Brother or sister with a dream, you need to watch and pray. 

6. Keep the company of other dreamers. This way, you’ll be motivated and encouraged by those in your team to go after your dreams. 

Take for example Amina and I now. She’s a writer as well. See as she posted this and my fingers sprung to action? 

It’s kind of the same effect when you have fellow dreamers as friends.

7. Start moving in the direction of your dream now! Notice Amina used today, but I’m saying now?? Yes now! Now is the time. There has never been, neither would there ever be a better time than now to move yourself in the direction of your dreams! 

One needn’t think of ginormous steps when we say move yourself in the direction of your dreams.
Simple baby steps are all that matter. Baby step your way to your destination. 

A step in the direction of your dream today could be setting aside the time to clearly decide what it is you want to accomplish. 

The next thing would be to write it down. And place it where you can see it everyday! 

Then, you can now begin to apply all other steps mentioned in this two articles, in no particular order. 

And when you’re done, there’s always more advice where this is coming from and I’ll be more than excited to help at no charge at all. 

So thank you so much Amina, for what you’ve done! I’m grateful. 

In conclusion, I leave you with the words of John keating from  the 1989 movie dead poets society. 

“Carpe carpe carpe diem

Sieze the day boys and make your lives extraordinary.”

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this TIME

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crime-scene-clean-upHere I am LYING in the MIDDLE of the FLOOR. SOMETHING tells ME it WOULD be a GOOD idea for ME to LIE still until he LEAVES. EVERYTIME this HAPPENS he LEAVES for DAYS sometimes even WEEKS. I FEEL like I am LYING in a PUDDLE of WATER. My BODY feels so COLD and I FEEL so WEAK. With my EYES closed I HEAR the FRONT door SLAM but I will WAIT a COUPLE more MINUTES to MAKE sure it is SAFE for me to GET up. I would HATE to GET up THINKING he WAS gone and BECAUSE he FORGOT something he CAME back. That would ONLY make things WORSE and only GOD knows what COULD happen.

As I LIE still with my eyes CLOSED I think of how THINGS “used” to BE. . .

I remember when we FIRST met, EVERYTHING was PERFECT. I LOVED him and he LOVED…

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In my opinion, Director X, Clarence Peters and Demola Falomo have one major thing in common!

If you didn’t already know, it’s the fact that they’re all directors and have a deep love for what they do. 

For this post however, I would be focussing on my favorite of the three. Demola Falomo, or as we love to call him, demolathedirector.

Demola Falomo, is a young college student, an alumni of dansol high school and a budding director/cinematographer. 

According to him, it started close to 2 years ago, as a result of his love for audio and pictures. And even learnt and practiced both at a time. 

His urge to provide meaningful content and to pass helpful messages through his work pushed him even further. And that’s how he ended up in cinematography. Where he is blending his expertise in audio and pictures for our viewing pleasure.

His motivation include his knowledge of him being special and having something unique to offer, and his desire to be a positive influence to all around him. 

A major challenge he’s faced though, is shooting and editing in a short time frame because he loves perfection. In his words, “I like my things perfect. And trying to achieve perfection + time tight space = challenge” 

His advice to other young directors and cinematographers is to be patient. Both with yourself and your actors. Your actors especially. Because they won’t always get that scene or story exactly how you want it! But with patience and tolerance. 
Below, are the link to some of my favorite works of his. 

This one right here, is the first one I watched.

Here’s the latest, Afope a story of lost opportunity.

This here, is the link to his first short story. A scary morning. 


At the moment, he’s working on a new one, And I know it’ll be nothing short of good. 

Demola, I hope you never lose your zeal. I hope you pursue your dreams but not just for yourself this time, but also for those who’ll be expecting you to do great and those who your work you’ll influence. 

We believe in you. 

I want to end with the words of a popular young photographer, “get to know him now, or famz later”. 

It’s your choice. 

*yells cut! 


I just read an article in the punch of Wednesday, November 25, 2015, on the Abia state government’s decision to stamp out street trading in the state. 
The governor stated that street trading had become a menace which was no longer tolerated in the world. Adding that it posed problems to traffic flow, environmental decency and safety of these traders as well. 
While this is a good idea, something that is applicable in first world countries, I do not agree with the timing. 
I’ve noticed that most of our leaders focus on trivial matters as opposed to more pressing issues. In the case of Abia state would be, good roads, better transport network, town planning, stable power supply, employment, payment of workers, and revamping of the education system to mention just a few of her woes.
Most of which have a more direct effect on traffic, decency and safety in the state than these citizens who hawk things to put bread on their table! 
The fact that for some of these hawkers, this is their only means of survival, should not be overlooked. 
As the government plans on getting them of the road, I suggest that it provide suitable alternatives so these ones can continue to survive without falling into crime out of desperation. 
A Suitable alternative would include providing subsidized mini-marts in filling stations/car parks so they can sell their wares. That way, they would still have something doing, and the road users can easily find them when their wares are needed. 
Again, the government can sanitize the market places and bring in order and organization into the system. I believe strongly, that if things are put in order in these disorderly market, there would be space for “someone to put leg.” Which would be solving more than one problem.
In order words, there would be more stalls; which the displaced hawkers can rent, parking spaces to make shopping easier, a place where the hawkers can sell their wares as well and the environmental decency the governor is talking about. 
It should be known that Abia is not the only state with this motion and so this suggestions go to other state governments as well. 
I long for the day, leaders would talk less and work more. I long for the day leaders would deal with most pressing issues before dealing with such trivialities. 
Until then, let’s all be safe.



You think that no one loves you, that no one cares

You think you’ll live alone in your world of tears and fears. 

Hey there, let me tell you something.

You are beautiful and mean everything.

To people around you and out there

Who like you lives in a world of tears and fears.

But is willing to put everything aside just to be with you, ported to and who no matter what would always be there for you. 

I want to ask and also to know, if you would say no to people who would give the world

Just to make sure you feel loved

By taking your life

Leaving them in agony, heartbreak and strife.

Hey you, yes you reading this

I just want you to know 

That no matter what happens 

Everything will be alrigh 

Focus on the light ahead 

All of this drama is just to sharpen you almost to perfection 

and to strengthen you

For the trials of life that lie before you. 
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I’ve lost all respect 
Saying all that shit don’t make you feel like you’re the best 

So don’t come at another hidda that’s just trynna get the best 

Because you’ve looked at all the corners but you still don’t know your quest

Because they all laugh with you 

Doesn’t mean they’ll be with you 

So don’t take the revelation anger on someone who didn’t diss you 

You was saying it was a joke 

But that joke will stay with you 

Till you remember the dog days when it was still an issue.

And I don’t mean it like you’ll never be the same again

But just see it as you’ll never see that me you know again 

Because if I had to take all the restraints off with chainsaws with more spikes 100 sharper than real thorns,

You’ll see the difference between a man and a man so they can point out the spots and show us the inevitable plan.



As I write, I’m in a bus that’s headed to ikeja. I think I’ve been waiting for the past 10 minutes or so. Or maybe not. You know how waiting periods always feel longer than they are. 

We, dad and I, were attracted to this bus because it was quite clean and we are very picky about the vehicles we enter. Especially after we entered a cab and came out smelling like sushi. 

Anyways, as everything has an advantage and a disadvantage, the flip side was that we had to wait a while. We were the first passengers. 

I was ok with waiting because I’ve come to develop this attitude that, if I do my part, and still get delayed then it must be for a reason. A couple of times I’ve been driving with people, and I’ve encouraged them to turn back for something they forgot for the same reason. That maybe that’s just where I’m supposed to be at that time. 
To further buttress my point, I read about a couple of people who were delayed on their way to work at the World Trade Center on the morning of September 11, 2001. It was those “delays” that saved their lives. 

Following the Dana airline crash, there was also the account of a man in the newspaper who was delayed and missed that flight. 
So I’ve come to the realization that waiting is good. That’s just where I’m supposed to be at that time. 
It’s much easier for me to accept the concept of waiting when it has to do with going somewhere than when it has to do with getting what I want or planned for. 

But I bet, it is equally as good.

You know how sometimes you plan things and something comes along to mess it up. You know, those extraneous variables. Those factors beyond our control.

Well, I want to believe that the wait is good too. Perhaps, that is where you’re meant to be  at that time. Perhaps that might be what’ll even make the plan work. 
It takes real strength to wait for something you really want and not cut corners to get to it.

In such situations, the wait is good. 

In almost every aspect of our life, this waiting concept is a good idea. Even in transport for example. If bus drivers are willing to wait, there’ll be less traffic jams and a better flow for road users. 

So my dear, the next time you have to pend; maybe to get get something you want/need, or to get to someplace, whatever it may be, just remind your self that the wait I good. And that that’s where you’re supposed to be at the time.

In due time, you’ll find out that just like I felt in the experience above, what seems to be ages might in reality be much younger.
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