5 ideas to INSTANTLY turn your life around and Achieve your goals BEFORE THE YEAR IS OVER.

Here are some ideas that I’ve been learning from mentors and applying the last couple weeks. I feel following these to the detail would bring me a lot closer to my end of the year goals than anything else.

Don’t try to reinvent the wheel. You would either lose a ton of money or time in the process, and there is the risk of having nothing to show for it. You need to find somebody who is operating in your field and winning and model, not copy but model, what they do! This is advice that works in anything from writing papers(lol trust me I would know), to starting a business.

Proximity is key. They say your income is the average of your 5 closest friends, and I firmly believe they. If you want something or want to become a certain somebody go to places where people who a) already have that thing, and b) people who want to have that thing congregate. The advantages of being in that atmosphere of people gunning for similar goals cannot be overstated. Just by being there your eyes are opened to possibilities you never thought possible and networking.

This next one, goes hand in hand with the previous tip and has a lot to do with what you feed your mind. One thing I have convinced myself is that the difference between me and the people who have what I want or the people I want to be like can be boiled down to three things. One, what they feed their mind mind with; Two, how they spend their 24 hours, and Three, the people they associate with. I then decided that one way to achieve my goals is to immerse myself in the same content as my mentors. Not to hate on rap but music has been reduced to just when I’m in the gym and occasionally I would listen to an audio book  in the gym instead, that’s how deeply I am trying to immerse myself.

Careful who you take advice from. If they don’t have what you want you don’t have any business taking their advice. For example, a broke individual doesn’t have shit to tell me about where to put my money and investing, and a dude who’s never had girlfriend can’t teach me how to get a girl . Once you get started on this journey you would have a bunch of naysayers and negative people who try to tell you it won’t work out or that the people you are following are scammers. If such a person doesn’t have what you want don’t listen to them.

Lastly, never eat lunch alone. I have a mentor who said in the last 15 years he’s never eaten lunch alone its always with a client or prospective business partner. Thats a whole lot of lunches which translates to a whole lot of deals which means a whole lot of money. So I put my own spin on it, I will not eat lunch alone, it will always be with people who I can learn something from or people with whom I am interested in furthering a relationship with.

I would love to know which of these ideas you thought was really cool or which of these ideas you’re already working on.

Remember execution is key.


How should society deal with rational discrimination?

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In Chapter 5 of Naked Economics(one of my texts for school this year), Economics of Information, Charles Wheelan examines the behaviors of individuals, firms and government without perfect information. In Econ 110, we assume that all parties have perfect information, i.e. everyone knows everything they could want to know. In reality, this is rarely the case and people have to rely on mental models, past experiences and statistics.

This leads to the idea of statistical discrimination, a rational form of discrimination in which an individual makes an inference that is correct based on broad statistical trends but; 1. is likely to be wrong in the specific case at hand and 2.) has a discriminatory effect on a group. Some examples of this in action would be an employer assuming that a female applicant is interested in starting a family and would lose money for the firm when she’d eventually require maternity leave or Police officers being especially cautious or brutal with an African-American male because he might be armed and dangerous or even airport security singling out a middle-eastern male and subjecting him to extra searches.

How should society go about reconciling the fact that in certain cases it is rational to discriminate? Is it fair to think of discrimination based on race/ethnicity and gender as necessary evils in the same vein as crime/pollution in the sense that a certain amount is optimal in order to maximize societal benefit? Leave a comment and let me know!

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