#CUISBEAUTIFUL: photos taken by Itseme Akede.

Itseme is a very dear friend who loves to write. Other times when she’s not writing or in school, she designs clothing and takes pictures. 

Her attraction to nature is probably what sets her apart as a photographer. She has an eye for beautiful landscapes. 

What I love most about these photos, is the clarity of the images and overall feeling they provoke.

I hope she is found by some NatGeo-resque magazine or at least wins the CUisbeautuful competition. 

Is it because I am biassed towards nature? Or because she my friend?  It’s more than that. 

I hope so because she is diligent, humble and deserving of every good that’ll come her way as a result of her craft! 




Did I move too quick?

Maybe I did .

It still doesn’t change the view.

It was me talking.

But it wasn’t me actin. 

My body wasn’t after sh*t.

But my head,


Got over the head.

Maybe I’d live to regret it.

But tell me you didn’t feel it too.

I’m sorry for too many quick actions,

But I’m not sorry for being with you. 

I look forward to seeing you again.

Just know it’s no tribute to Walker.

Yours truly,
The horrible poet.


It has come to my notice that we girls tend to dress indecently. 

Honestly, I have been culprit of indecent dressing once or twice, or maybe a couple of 100 times. lol. Seriously though, I want to know when the dressing can undoubtedly be termed “indecent”

We girls tend to dress according to trend. These days though, the trend is to show more skin, and wear bold attires that tend to captivate the attention of people when we step in a room, or walk on the road, you know what I mean. 

But I want to know, is it really worth it? As much as we like to be the centre of attention and attraction, what kind of attention are we attracting. 

Most times when my friends tell me some guy on the road harassed them or someone was following them with his car I first of all ask “What were you wearing? ” because it’s a known fact that men are attracted/turned on by what they see. 

So sister if you’ve ever been follwed by a car chances are the brother was attracted to you very sexy looking stomach in that crop top, or your thighs in the skirt or maybe the figure hugging dress you wore “just to go get something” ,or “just to go see him or her ”

In my opinion, it is very okay to be attractive and show off what you’ve got, but you should really take into consideration the type of attention you’d be attracting and maybe it will shape your choice of clothes . Unless you enjoy the attention, the lustful looks , and perversive comments . But be sure to know that rape is real

Also, the type of pictures we take and put up in social media can attract perverse attention. I for one hate nasty comments on my pictures. So I try to keep them decent even though some times I can’t help myself. I’d talk more on this in my next article. 

Let me know if you love it or not so, I’d know for sure if this is my calling or not . Do have a Blessed day💜💜

Oshime Gbafe.

Feature image source.


*feature image source.*

“Why in the world am I here”. 
Those were the words that kept ringing in my head as I made my way down the 4th isle in Oriental hotel, where some string instrumentalists or whatever they called themselves were having a mini concert. 

My friend Kaylah had insisted I tag along for extra support for her boyfriend who was part of the performers. I was as much of a lover of music as I am now then but I just didn’t get classical music. It was sleep music, useless and meaningless to me. 

I groaned and complained causing as much fuss as I could muster up but I knew I wasn’t going anywhere, Kaylah wouldn’t let me. With all the lack of enthusiasm in the world, I left my comfortable bed and tagged along to a torturous night ahead. 

I didn’t leave unprepared though, I carried with me a pair of extremely loud headphones and my iPod, ready to block out the unbearable sound of violins and basses as soon as they started. 

The program’s order of events were soon passed around and immediately Kayla’s boyfriend’s name was spotted as one of the last few people to perform out of like 60, I almost lost my mind. I started calculating the amount of battery life I would need, the amount of hours of my life I would waste. So many annoyed thoughts were scrambling through my head all at once that I didn’t even notice a man alight the stage, I didn’t notice him set his bow and I didn’t notice the lights dimming and the crowd quietening. 

I did, however notice the start of the music. It caught me by surprise, the notes, the delicacy with which he held the double bass, and the fluid movement of his hands. Life slowed down for me, I couldn’t see anyone else, it was just me and this talented young man. He played and played and I was mesmerized, watching, lost and deeply transfixed. 

I do not know how long that man had played for, but I know I had tears in my eyes at the end. I stood up and clapped my hands to numbness at the end of his performance. I sat down, ignoring the baffled look on Kayla’s face. I quickly took my headphones and iPod and set them away in my backpack because I was certain I wouldn’t be needing them anymore.

“Modern man is full of platitudes about living life to its fullest, with catchy keychain phrases and little plaques for kitchen walls. But if you’ve never retreated to the solitude of a dark room and listened to Beethoven’s Ninth from start to finish, you know nothing. For music is a transcendental exploration of human emotion and experience, the very fabric of life in its purest form. And the Ninth our greatest musical achievement.” – Tiffany Madison.


You are right. Communication is a two way thing but talking back is certainly not part of the communication process. When an older person speaks to you harshly probably in chiding you to make corrections, if you respond back in anger then you are actually talking back which might amount to disrespect. But if you take your time and go back to the person and state objectively that you really understand his or her point but u dislike the approach in which that was done then it becomes a communication. If the person is sane he/she will know that you are not talking back but only expressing your feelings which has been hurt and should be respected.


Elderlies can be so annoying😕

I support your view

Children aren’t allowed to express what they feel or their opinions..they grow up with bottled up feelings which they now pour out to beating their wives and children too ‘i didn’t talk back to my parents’ justifies their actions

Respect should be a two way stuff..not necessarily greeting but allowing others to contradict or disagree with you..especially elders and parents to children


What If we were living a dream? All the encounters, experiences and emotions we thought we felt were just a night’s episode.

Honestly, I would see this as horrible when all things are good and nothing but success. But when the tables turn, you know? From success to failure, hearing this news would be like being saved by the bell in a Mike Tyson fight. 

And isn’t that how we human beings are? Content when things are going well for us and therefore not giving a shit about others?  

Most people would agree that we are all selfish in one way or the other. This does not necessarily mean that humans are wicked creatures but just to show that kindness can and needs be improved. 

You must not only share when you have excess. To sacrifice, is a very difficult thing to do but has many great rewards. Both physical rewards and spiritual. 

It’s 2016! Let’s try to be a bit more selfless because it makes a difference. 

Come out of your zone, help and get helped! 

-Hinckley Aliche. 

WHO IS OUT TO GET YOU? – Aduni Ade. 

People feel someone is out to get them. In church they pray fire to fire, every witch and wizard must die. Are they really the ones against you? Or you just want to blame them cause of their objectives?

Sometimes, we don’t know we are the ones against ourselves. I’m not trying to say they don’t exist, they, witches and wizards, do, they are everywhere, but we keep blaming them for our misfortunes, our downfall, even when we are at fault. 

We always feel someone is out to get us, someone is against us, someone is trying to kill us. Okay why do we think so? why do we feel so? What wrong did we commit making them after us?

There’s this saying, “make peace with all men.” If we do, we have peace. Are you making peace with men? Are you at peace with all? If yes, why do you now think someone is out there.

PAUSE. Other reasons maybe, they, others that is, are jealous of our success or anythig concerning us, but why? Can’t we be successful? hmmmm, I keep thinking. 

OR don’t you think its how we treat them or what we say concerning our success that matters. If we brag they will surely want our downfall, if we don’t they still may. lol i said”they still may”.

In this life, people will wish to be you, will wish to live the life you are living, they would want to be better than you by all means and when you get even better they will still want to bring you down because they want to be better than you. still it’s how you treat them, how you make them feel..

I don’t think anyone is out to get us when we know we did no wrong, but then again PAUSE,

you never know who the wicked ones are.

-Adunni Ade (Twitter /ig @mhiz_great) 

Editors note: while it is true that there are people who are uncomfortable with your success, people who hate and want to see you do badly, I don’t believe they have any power over us.

Whether we fail or succeed shall be no man’s doing but ours.

Photo source.


“I love you” he said . Rolling my eyes in return , knowing that the feeling was temporary . 

Love to me still exists, though it is most times mistaken for lust or infatuation .

 I don’t believe in love except for the love of God . Appart from that , nothing else . 

Loves is generous 

Love is selfless

Love doesn’t hurt

Love doesn’t lie

Love is real 

Love is forever
It isn’t just a feeling

Its an action

Its a passion

It is beautiful 

It forgives

It never changes

It never decreases

It is everlasting 
    L. O. V. E.


I have no man

I have no help from without 

I am indeed an island

But I’ve got a plan

And I can see beyond 

I will never be wrong at the right place

A little bit of my blood

A little bit of my sweat

A lot more of my God

Then I become an island of faith

I become a man

To the man with no man

I become the help from without

As I begin to influence the within.

Through my faith

I always make the right decisions

Even in the wrong places.

Editors note: when asked about this poem, Ovie(@slow_zeus on Twitter.) said, “You’ve got work and work, even when nobody gives you an opportunity, to the point people start asking you for an opportunity.” 

I couldn’t agree more.

Published with permission from the author.