What is it about driving in Lagos that would turn the most gentle individuals to savages? In all my musing, I am yet to find out. I can only hope, no decide, that whenever I drive, I would be different. 

I was listening to the radio some time last year, on the way to a function, when the radio presenter introduced a challenge. He announced a prize of Fifty thousand Naira for anyone who could drive from the main land to the island without abusing any other road user. 

“Pft, easy!”, was my response. But that was before he introduced the catch. The catch was that no one should abuse you too. And everyone in the studio began to laugh like it was something impossible. Maybe just maybe, because they’re right and it actually is? 

As much as like to defy norms and limitations given by society which most people gladly adopt, I having lived in Lagos for getting to four years now, cannot deny the fact that it is impossible do drive such a long distance, braving the traffic, without being abused or yelled at. When such things and people as reckless cyclists, dreaded drivers of the yellow bus, and seasoned captains of the beat up molués still exist. It is indeed a given. An event we have the least bit of control ever.

My style in situations and events I have no control over however, has always been the same. One in which prevents me from unnecessary stress and headache. And that is too leave that which I have no control over while focusing on the things which I can control. Most at times, my response and attitude to the things I can not control. 

When driving in Lagos, aye and in all other activities of life, we can not control how people treat us. We can however decide how we respond. On Lagos roads for example, We can decide if we’d chase them down and cuss them out or if we’d simply smile and go our way. We can decide if we’d pay attention to their curt remarks or if we’d ignore them and remain at a higher place. The latter one which avoids us stress and discomfort.

I understand that there are many hurtful things that other road users would do that can make you want to lash out. But with time keeping your cool gets easier and soon you’d be unfazed by their actions. 

Living a positive life is something which can be very challenging yet rewarding. One way I’ve been able to live one, is by making sure that all that comes out from my mouth are positive. No shaming, abusing, or bringing down with my mouth. After all, as the good Lord taught, it is that which comes out from a person, that defiles him/her. 

Enough with the taking from my end, what do you think? 

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I live in Iwoye a new and still developing community in Ota local government area on the thin line that separates Ogun and Lagos state.

We moved there to be far enough from the hustle and bustle of Lagos but still be close so when we needed to get to the office or any other place, we could do so with ease. 

Like I said, it’s a new community and just opening up. As a result, the major economic activity here is building and construction. Here the traders sale building materials, the aritisans craft building materials and furniture, there are labourers everywhere you turn. 

These labourers are in all sizes and ages. There are the kids and the aged. Whenever I go out and see labourers close to my age or younger than I am working, I begin to think of my life. 

I begin to wonder, am I hardworking enough? Can I do what they’re doing? Do I really appreciate what I have? If I were in their shoes would I survive? Seeing them is quite thought provoking. 

Just today, I saw one of them again and began to be in my feelings as usual. Then the thought came to me, that I’m not moving iron rods, or digging a foundation doesn’t necessarily mean I’m not hardworking. 

The stream of positive thoughts continued – in this life, we don’t seem to have a say in our nationality, color of our skins, family we’re born into, or circumstances of our birth and living. Those parts of life are beyond our power.

We do have power though, over what we do in these situations we find ourselves. We can choose to make good with what we have. 

It’s kind of like a card game. We don’t get to choose our cards. But how well we play the cards we’re dealt with determines how well we finish. 

I’m reminded of the parable of the talents. To one was given five, another two, and the last was given one. The one given five who doubled it to get 10 was considered a success but so was the one given two who doubled it to get four. 

The only person considered a failure was the one who decided well since he has only one talent he’d just bury it till his master comes. Maybe he was discouraged by what he saw others with. Maybe he was overwhelmed with life’s challenges and how little he felt he had. 

That regardless, because he cowered and decided to resign to his state, he isn’t remembered in a positive light. 

It’s like that in life. We’re given different cards. But success is making the best use of what we have. 

Now, I’ll no longer feel bad. I’ll just make conscious effort with what I’m blessed with and the education I’m privileged to have access to, to create something valuable in this life. 

I expect you to do same. 

Don’t worry about what you don’t have and what they have. Don’t worry about  where you’re staring from. Don’t worry about the challenges. Just make the best use of what you have and make it count! 

God bless your hustle. 


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As I write, I’m in a bus that’s headed to ikeja. I think I’ve been waiting for the past 10 minutes or so. Or maybe not. You know how waiting periods always feel longer than they are. 

We, dad and I, were attracted to this bus because it was quite clean and we are very picky about the vehicles we enter. Especially after we entered a cab and came out smelling like sushi. 

Anyways, as everything has an advantage and a disadvantage, the flip side was that we had to wait a while. We were the first passengers. 

I was ok with waiting because I’ve come to develop this attitude that, if I do my part, and still get delayed then it must be for a reason. A couple of times I’ve been driving with people, and I’ve encouraged them to turn back for something they forgot for the same reason. That maybe that’s just where I’m supposed to be at that time. 
To further buttress my point, I read about a couple of people who were delayed on their way to work at the World Trade Center on the morning of September 11, 2001. It was those “delays” that saved their lives. 

Following the Dana airline crash, there was also the account of a man in the newspaper who was delayed and missed that flight. 
So I’ve come to the realization that waiting is good. That’s just where I’m supposed to be at that time. 
It’s much easier for me to accept the concept of waiting when it has to do with going somewhere than when it has to do with getting what I want or planned for. 

But I bet, it is equally as good.

You know how sometimes you plan things and something comes along to mess it up. You know, those extraneous variables. Those factors beyond our control.

Well, I want to believe that the wait is good too. Perhaps, that is where you’re meant to be  at that time. Perhaps that might be what’ll even make the plan work. 
It takes real strength to wait for something you really want and not cut corners to get to it.

In such situations, the wait is good. 

In almost every aspect of our life, this waiting concept is a good idea. Even in transport for example. If bus drivers are willing to wait, there’ll be less traffic jams and a better flow for road users. 

So my dear, the next time you have to pend; maybe to get get something you want/need, or to get to someplace, whatever it may be, just remind your self that the wait I good. And that that’s where you’re supposed to be at the time.

In due time, you’ll find out that just like I felt in the experience above, what seems to be ages might in reality be much younger.
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This shameless man hit a girl, who was “jejely” crossing the street. Because to him, she was crossing too slowly.
Rewind a couple of moments. 
As I sat in the keke, sipping my cold sprite, I saw this dude with a Spectranet flyer and a CPU and I felt oh this must be a smart fellow. 
His actions, have proved otherwise. I’ve learnt looks can be deceiving and unless proven otherwise he does not deserve my respect.
When I was much younger, it was general knowledge to me and my friends as early as in elementary three that you do not hit a female. 
Whoever hit a female, was dubbed as a coward and ostracized by the guys for some time.
However, it seems things are changing these days. 
Even the generation ahead of us, who are supposed to be examples to us millennials are at the fore front of perpetuating this vice.
I’m writing because I’m annoyed. What if it were my sister crossing the road and I was no where near to teach the guy a lesson? it’s not the first time I’m witnessing this kind of thing and who knows some fool is possibly doing it again somewhere as I’m writing this. 
I’ve lived with women all my life. From siblings to Aunties to babysitters to school teachers and I took biology in school so I know there are many things both biological and otherwise which could warrant that young girl heavily laden with her school bag, probably thinking of home cooked food and a weekend of rest ahead of her, to not cross as quickly as they wanted. 
Mind you this wasn’t a high way oh and traffic wasn’t building so there’ wasn’t any need for speed. Talk less

 of the mortal combat the man who hit her exhibited. 
What if she had fainted on the spot? What if.. My brain can not even cook up gruesome enough scenarios to buttress my point. 
Away from hitting the girl self. 
What gives anyone other than the biological parents(though even this is questionable) the right to hit a child. Whether in the name of discipline or casting out demons?? 
My purpose of writing this would be in vain, of after reading this you still find reason to hit another person’s child. Or you see someone hitting someone else’s kid and not at least make an effort to do something about It.
Something had to be done to restore civility and ethics in our nation. Seriously 2016 is here for crying out loud. 
Thank you! 
Oh and by the way he hit her with his hand+flyer+abusive words. 
Am I over reacting?? 
I think not.


On more than one occasion, I’ve gotten lost while running through the 6ix. I’m so glad I haven’t gotten into any hold-ups with agberos. Nigerian roadmen. Oh I said 6ix? I mean streets.
On one occasion, the keke that I entered from toyin street to new garage (in the Ikeja axis of Lagos) took a different route. Consequently, he(the rider) ended up stopping at a spot I had never been to before. The man spoke Yoruba and so understanding ourselves was an issue. I tried to no avail, to explain to him I wanted to stop at the last bus stop and this wasn’t it.
Thank God there was another passenger who told me the rider had reached the end of his route. I think the keke man muttered omo igbo under his breath as I walked away. Or maybe I’m just imagining.
I wandered around for some time, all the while praying in my mind, till I noticed a police checkpoint. Somehow I had turned around before I saw the check point. I realized then, that for a long while I had been walking in the wrong direction.

I ran to the checkpoint and made my way to familiar ground.

In that situation, the checkpoint was and is still, a much needed landmark.
On another occasion, this last Friday, I got out of the Aptech training center around 1.30pm, and entered a keke going to underbridge Ikeja. I had in mind that when I got there, I’ll board a keke going to abule egba, meet with mum at a friends house and take the car home.
Unknown to me though, kekes going to abule egba, don’t come out at underbridge till evening . I’m already used to coming out around 4.30pm and meeting them there. On getting there, I didn’t see the kekes parked in their regular spot.
I assumed, I had it wrong from the jump and went further ahead to the other park, hoping to find the keke I wanted. As I got there, I was surprised to find there were no kekes parked at all. I decided to ask one of the conductors there for where I could get a keke going to abule egba. He casually pointed to the direction I was coming from.

You can imagine how confused I was. I made sure not to tell him, that I was already coming from there so as not to incur the wrath of a bus conductor under the hot Lagos sun.

I crossed back to the other side of the road and politely asked a man If he could show me where I could board a keke going to abule egba. He directed on where to go. A route I had never ventured to pass through before. But eith his directions, I was able to find my way.
There are times in life, on the route to success and accomplishment, we might get lost. Other times, we might feel unsure of the way to go, what nect step to take,on rare occasions, we might feel unsure of everything. Its ok to be unsure. Getting lost as well is inevitable, if you ever take the road less travelled by which leads to success.

Like I did in the scenarios above, you can stop and ask questions.

I mean after all, we haven’t been through life before. Or have you?

I want to repeat for the sake of emphasis that it is ok to get lost and feel unsure about many things.

In this situations, we need to stop, calm down and look for landmarks. Landmarks would be anything that seem familiar in that circumstance. Land marks, can be terminal goals we’ve set for ourselves. A better way to put it would be check points!( this is certainly not because the landmark I used when I was lost in the scenario above was a police check point.)
In games, whenever youre interrupted by say power supply, you can always go back to checkpoints or saved games to get back on track.
Check points on the path to your goal and dream would be, where you said you wanted to be on the path to achieving your goal at a particular point in time. Get to the nearest checkpoint from where you are at the moment of feeling lost and begin to plan your way to the next.

Like I did, you need to ask people who know. Now no matter who it is you’re asking, you need to be extra sure their giving you the right direction. One way to do that, is to check the life of whoever is giving you instruction and see how theyre using the instructions they give in their own life and how far it has gotten them.
You need to be very careful, of someone who’s preaching what they don’t practice.

Also, only take advice from people, who are on the same path as you are, on a similar path or who have achieved feats you would love to achieve.
In case, to meet with who you want, you can still do this by reading their books. Many successful people have authored or had books authored about them and how they did it.

Now I realize that the above methods might not always work out when one is feeling lost or trapped in not being sure about anything.
In such situations, I suggest you hang on to friends and family and let them know how you feel and what you’re going through.
Most importantly, don’t panic and always have faith that there will be a way out. For there will be a way. 

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As I write this, I’m in a bus going home, I’m looking to recognize my characters to further prove my thesis right and I have just finished eating my favorite chin chin in the world. 

My favorite chin chin is the mini-mie chin chin. It was my friend Somto Maha that introduced me to it. Tbh, there are only a few great things in my life that have no connection to Somto. 

So back to my chin chin story. Eating my most preffered chin chin in the www is supposed to make me feel good yeh? Wrong. At least not today. I feel terrible. 

You see, this mini mie chin chin which used to be shaken together, pressed down and still running over was filled with air. I could count the cubes of delight that were inside they were just 17! 17 as opposed to what used to be 60 ish, can you imagine ? Is this supposed to be some dry joke about my years? 

And so you can imagine my displeasure. I feel as one would feel if they find out their best friend was a thot or maybe that their close friend was a fvckboy. I just never hesperrred it of them. 

I turned to my dad who’s commuting with me this evening. I told him about it and ask if pure mills flour or whatever their name is  would have gotten away with it in the states. Ofcourse I know it’s a big no no, but I wanted to know what he’d say about the matter. His inputs are always packed with knowledge and wisdom. 

This was what he had to say; “Ofcourse not son they know the owner/CEO/md could go to prison for that. If not, they’d have to pay a fine which could end up in the company closing” 

Look at that. For reducing the quality and quantity of their products/services without a proportionate reduction in price or a suitable explanation in the least, they could face dire consequences. 

Why is it that consumers are treated like trash in this side of the globe? Have they never heard of consumer sovereignty? 

How won’t they treat us like that when our consumer protection agencies are only interested in free samples and sitting around in the office. For goodness sakes, it’s to prevent things like this that we have the standard organization of Nigeria! 

Assuming it were just mini mie chin chin that were doing this I’ll probably just suck it up. But no! From catering companies to service providers, almost every service providing company is giving us substandard. They use us as a dumping ground for goods which would never have seen the rack of a local mall abroad and it’s just not right! 

We have to respond to this coup that had successfully disposed us of our sovereignirty as consumers! We have to take back what’s ours. They can’t treat us anyhow! We put the bread on their table damn it! 

I’ll let you figure out how you on your own can deal with this till our consumer protection agencies are back from vacation. As for me, I’m about to send the pure flour mills or pure mills flour company an email. Sure they might trash it, sure they might mark it as spam, but I’d have given them a piece of my mind! 


Good morning friends. 

Welcome to today as my dad would say. 

Now have you ever crossed the streets during rush hour with someone you love? Maybe a close friends or family member. You know how they cross on busy lagos streets when no car is stopping. You just enter any space between vehicles and run. 

I don’t know if this has happened to you before; you might have been holding hands, but when it gets to the point to cross, especially when the cars are not stopping, it’s every man for himself. Except the person you’re walking with is a little child of course.

I’ve tried crossing road with friends. It was Every man for himself. That thing almost caused fight when I was still new to this method of crossing road in Lagos and Richard just “fashied” me and crossed. On one occasion though, it was a girl and she was terrified. So I had to go back and cross over with her. 

Just like it’s Every man for himself when crossing the road. It should be like that too when taking decisions that relate to your life. Take for example the two instances I want to share with you. 

The place where I live now, before my parents bought the land, my mum shared the idea with two of her, how do I put this, let me just say friends. They discouraged her. One very vehemently. That what is she going to look for in that part of lagos. It’s far. Blah blah this and blah blah that. Thank God for the visionary mother I have, she went on with the decision and refused to be bothered by their discouragement. 

Now they have both come to see the place and liked it. The one who was very vehement I’m discouraging my mum later confessed that the reason she discouraged her was that she didn’t have the money to do her own. Needless to say, that one’s house in the estate is nearing completion. 

The second. We were at a family friend’s place, my parents were discussing higher education with them. My mum explained that she opted to go abroad and why, she mentioned the school she had in mind. They knew the school very well. But my mum’s friend (yes, real friend) said no oh. She can’t send her children there, kini kan, kini kan. Well, she straight up told her it was a bad idea. 
No problem, we went on with other things having a very good time and the rest. You see, being such tight family friends we know it’s normal to have areas where we won’t see eye to eye and we can do this without it affecting our friendship. 

Fast Forward to a few months from then. I was texting a close friend of mine and she was telling me about her room mate Vanessa. She described the girl, mentioned her last name and I’m like I know this girl na! Is it Oyinda your calling Vanessa ? She said yes and asked how I knew her. lo and behold, it was the girl that we visited her people.

So what if because of the discouragement, my mum said ok we’re no more buying land there or Kelechi you’re no more going to school there. Imagine how we’d feel now.

Yes. It’s great to share ideas with friends! But you need to have a mind of your own. Accept their advice and weigh it with the plans you already have for your life. if it fits, take it. If not, nah nah that’s a no. 

Have a great day today. 

Be safe. 

Ps. Names were changed to protect the innocent. 


The yellow buses of Lagos are more than just moving vehicles. They’re melting pots of different personalities, backgrounds, experiences and convictions. As a result, yellow buses have always and remain, one of the best sources for news as it’s breaking. The gist in these buses range from politics to sports to entertainment. It even covers the recent challenges of an area such as light and crime. 

From the way passengers participate in such discussions or not participate at all, one can tell about their personality. I’ve noticed some recurring characters though in these buses. Allow me to go into them. 

The driver.

The driver is whoever is at the steering at any given time. This is because, they do not own the buses all the time and sometimes within the course of the journey there’s an exchange. I’ve noticed there are two categories most drivers fall into. The chill driver and fast and furious driver. The chill driver is more gentle, dresses nicely and plays some nice Yoruba jams for the passengers to groove to. On a good day, a chill driver would wait patiently for passengers to “woole” or “Boole. That is to enter or get down. 

The fast and furious guy has no chill. His mind is simply on getting to his destination quickly. His finesse can be likened to them fast and furious actors, Hence the name.

The drivers friend. 
These guys mostly ride shotgun and gist with the driver throughout. Sometimes for free. It is not rare for them hang on the body of the vehicle. You can tell he isn’t the conductor because of his lackadaisical attitude in attracting fares. 

The big daddy. 

The big daddies are those who are on the old side. They look like fathers and are treated as such. They mostly remain quiet and don’t speak unless necessary. Most times, they have the last word on issues.

The big uncle.

The big uncle dresses quite nicely, is young, and looks like he’s coming back from work. The big uncle just positions himself in one corner, either next to a window or by the exit and doesn’t give two about what’s going on in the bus. They can be spotted reading a book, newspaper or on their phone. Junior big uncles are the chill dudes. 

The tush babe.

You can tell a tush babe right from where she boards before you even start considering her dressing or her hairdo self. Tush girls normally board around residential areas after they’ve just visited a friend, are about to visit a friend, or coming back from an outing. They can also be picked around places to catch fun. They don’t dress badly and are mostly on their phone through out. 

The sharp guy. 

There are two situations where a sharp guy manifests. When there’s a problem with change and when the car breaks down. The typical sharp guy doesn’t want to be cheated on and reacts vehemently at the slightest hint of the conductor trying to cheat him. Especially when it comes to change. The other period of manifestation is if the vehicle should break down. The sharp guy is at the forefront of asking for refunds and can turn it into fights. When the sharp guy is not arguing for his right, he’s mostly lowkey or answering a phone call. He’s the kind of guy that would tell you he’s at a venue when he just entered a bus. 

The Good Samaritan. 

More often than not, the Good Samaritan is seated next to the sharp guy or the Jagaban (I would get into that next). Two of who are the most troublesome. The Good Samaritans are characterised by the fact that they always have change and tend to help a passenger who’s got trouble finding change. The Good Samaritan also separates fights while it is still an exchange of words. 

The Jagaban. Aka street warrior. 

It’s a pity, if you’re in a bus with two Jagabans as personalities/egos would surely clash. The Jagabans are the street warriors. The local champions of their vicinities and are always down for a fight. Their utterances are something like this, “cuss, swear, go to *insert name of street here* and ask about *insert gangsta name* and you’d know. “Or, “let’s get down first and if I don’t break your head, let me know why.”

The conductor. 

The conductor at times is a low key Jagaban. This is the individual who at a given period is designated to attract fares and collect their payments. Some drivers have taken it upon their self to be driver and conductor. They drive up to a point, stop come down and collect very one money. Maybe in a bid to avoid sharing profits. I think so. The conductor has driving skill and takes over the steering should anything happen that takes the driver away.

The mummies that know themselves.

The mummies that know themselves board the bus in twos and threes. Most of the time they board around a market or a hospital. They gist through out the bus ride and side themselves should any argument arise. It is not rare for them to be seen carrying babies. If they are with a baby, they would take every rough maneuver very personal. Very personal. 

Which brings me to my next, 

The enforcers of justice. 

They are the passengers who scold the driver whenever he drives very roughly to the point where it inconveniences them(because most time they don’t talk if it only helps them get further.). Should the driver start moving before a passenger gets down completely or get seated, the driver would face the sharp tongue of these law enforcement agents. Almost every passenger apart from the big uncle, the driver’s friend, the conductor and the foreigner acts as a law enforcer. 

The foreigner. 

The foreigner can either be an interstate immigrant (from a non-Yoruba speaking state I.e, those from Yoruba speaking states see to fit right in) or an IJGB. I.e I Just Got Back. Back from abroad I.e. you can tell if one is a foreigner by the dressing. Also, they tend to look closely and pay particular attention to gesticulations and facial expressions of anyone speaking Yoruba to them. These foreigners are not always present. But there is at least one present in every bus I board. I’ll let you figure it out. 

The open eye aunty. 

The open eye aunty is kind of the female equivalent of the sharp guy. Though they don’t always argue about change, if you pinch them they would bite. And they would bite where it hurts. It is not rare for them to be in a fight with the driver, conductor or a male passenger. You don’t want to mess with open eye aunty. 

Finally, no bus would ever be complete without,

The Olympians. 

They don’t board the bus per se, but they are responsible for keeping everyone on the bus refreshed and so can not be ignored. I’m sure you have an idea who they are. They are the ones who run after buses hawking their wares. Have you seen their speed?? And their accuracy? The way they dodge moving cars? Men, Nigeria has got to tap into them. The Olympians come in various forms and types. Based on their wares of course. My favorite of these Olympians is the gala guy. Gala makes sense! 

In my opinion no bus ride is complete when any of these characters is absent. And together, they make the bus ride a great though rowdy but great experience.

Let me know the character that resembles you most. 

Let me know if there’s any character I missed out. 

Thanks for reading! 


What i’m about to share now, I haven’t read or seen anywhere else. Though considering the fact that our minds are all connected to some sort of “universal internet”, it is possible that the idea could have occurred in the mind of another person too. This is a thought that occurred to me this morning while plying public means to the office with my dad.

So we had come out from a bank, where we had withdrawn some money. Dad turned over the money to me and told me that I would be the one in charge of managing the money and paying all whom we patronize through out the day.

Now allow me to add here(though not exactly related) that there are three things that can make one high. Drugs, holding a loaded gun, and holding a good sum of money. Don’t worry, the last one is the only one I’m familiar with.

Needless to say, I was money high.

In a bid to be cautious, I began to think about where to keep the money. I considered keeping it in my pocket, but i considered the fact that by some means, it could fall off. Maybe while bringing my hand out of my pocket or something. Then, I considered keeping it in my bag. But i thought what if some riff-raff snatched my bag? I was on the verge of putting it in my pocket, when the thought came to me. Are you ready to lose your stuff today? In my bag I had 2 great books, a notepad with important documents, a cellphone, an original cellphone charger, an iPad and an original iPad charger. All of which are very important to any teen on his/her path.

My response was no! Not today. With confidence I put the money in my bag, knowing fully well that no riff-raff was going to come snatch it from me. I’m just not ready to lose my stuff. Not today. Maybe some other day, but not today.

Now, there are two lessons that can be drawn from my experience. The one, being that some things in this life that are thought to be out of our control, you can actually decide for yourself. Just the same way some people, who have risen to great heights in their spirituality, can decide if its their time to leave planet earth or not. I have no intention of stressing this point though. Not today.

The other being that when you expected something and couldn’t get exactly that, you refuse to let it get to you. You tell yourself, “I wont let this thing get to me. Not today.”

That when people are being mean to you for no reason, you refuse to be bothered by them and retaliate with meanness. You tell yourself, “I wont be bothered by these ones. Not today.”

That when people around you come with suggestions that can derail you or endanger you future, you tell them, “I won’t do this. Not today.”

That when you’ve reached the ‘go-slows’ and the ‘potholes’ on your road to achievement and success and your colleagues are turning back, your crew is deserting you, the “LASTMA”, who are supposed to make this road easier to pass through have abandoned their duty post, you tell yourself, “I wont turn back. Not today!” That when you feel like giving up and people begin to suggest it to you, you reply with, “Not today!”

That when everything around you is crashing, there seems to be no hope and you’re thinking of pulling the plug on your very existence on earth, maybe somehow you’ll remember this. you’d say not today with conviction! and you’ll run away from the spot where you wanted to do “it” because you see, you might be down but not necessarily out. You’re  not out till you agree you are. Life doesn’t dictate your actions to you. You’ll  run away because, you know that they who fight and run away, live to fight another day. And that’s what you want to do. You want to live. To live and see all your plans come to fulfillment. To live and reap the fruit of all your labor. And so you’ll tell yourself not today ! Today is for living. 

So when negative suggestions start coming from people, you feel like giving up, like turning back, like ending your life, or maybe you feel like someone is going to do something bad to you? You send that negative thought back to where its coming from. Tell it no. uhn uhn. Kosi! mbanu! Not today!

*drops mic.

PS. if you’re thinking of sharing it with a friend, yes do it today!