I’m surrounded by so much positive energy and people right now. You know the kind that fuels you for the future? That pushes you to be all you can be? It’s such a joy! 

Like things are happening man. 

There seems to be some simultaneous awakening to a sense of purpose, responsibility and duty that’s just in the air. I really wish you could get on it/experience it. It’s one of the best things that have happened to me.

As you get on it though, I must warn you. You would have to sacrifice a lot of people, places and things, a lot of people would misunderstand you and label you, but that’s okay. Because what really matters is not what you’re saying no to right now. But what you’re saying yes to. The bright future that’s ahead of you.

You might not be able to relate to this. But then again, you might. And you might feel alone in this new awakening, for a long time I have. 

But I promise you, there’s like a bunch of us youth like you who are experiencing similar things, youth who are consumed with vision, and who are working to create the future they desire for themselves. 

I promise you to not give up because you’re alone or misunderstood, very soon you’ll find you’re not alone.

And Somehow we’ll all channel our individual energies and shake the world. Starting with our country Nigeria. See ehn, this world is going to know I was in it. What about you? 

May 7, 2016.

Kelechi Ochulo.

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Happy new month dear friends! I’m really excited this first day of May. This month May is very significant to me. Lol you’re probably thinking “Ahhh because it’s your birthday Abi? ” but I promise you it’s deeper than that. 

It’s because just like my coach debbie remarked yesterday it’s almost like I’m a whole new happier person. It’s true I feel that way. 

It’s like I’ve come a long way from the traumatized boy from January. Slowly sinking into all things dirty. In a bid to find escape from my mind. 

I don’t mean to rub my happiness in anyone’s face right now. I’m actually doing this in a bid to share what worked for me. Just incase you’re currently in or if you ever find yourself in similar situations. 
I began noticing major changes, sustained happiness for no reason the day I was said to myself fxxk this, I’m moving to Jesus. (You can Like to worry yourself for my expression or you can take what I’m telling you lol But me I try to be honest and that’s just how it was in my mind.) 

And since that day I decided to focus on Jesus. 

See as far as I’m concerned ehn, it’s one thing to go to church and it’s another to focus on Jesus. It’s one thing to be religious and it’s another thing to focus on Jesus.

In fact, I feel in many ways some people let religion and outward performances get in the way of a relationship with Jesus. I won’t say more than that. I’ll let you think on that. 

Like, I urge you to try it. Just ignore the many complexities of religion for a while, ignore the conflicting doctrines among the sects, ignore the things you don’t understand, ignore the doubts as to the validity of it all in your mind, ignore whatever thing might hold you back and just focus on Jesus. 

It can be very simple in a way. 

Read scriptures, pray everyday, ask yourself wwjd very often, radiate positivity, show love to everyone and everything you meet. Even up to the little insects you’d just kill anyhow.(except mosquitoes of course duhh)

My point is give life rather than take life. Add to others rather than subtract. Smile more often. Laugh at everything that happens, crack stupid jokes, be childish. All these little things go a long way. At least they did for me. 

I’m sorry this post is getting way longer than intended, so I’ll begin to round up here. 

This post wouldn’t be complete without thanking all who’ve held me down in one form or the other I love you all.

Happy new month to the best set of friends and family ever. God bless you all.