It’s Wednesday again and the woman crush is Mrs. Omowale Ogunride founder of FSD. Field of skills and dreams ( or foundation for skills development. )

What started out as just a church youth teacher’s effort to curb idleness among her teens has now turned into an institute for vocational training ! 

On the 1st of May 2003, she was at a restaurant where she found some of her youth “chilling” on a working day and within working hours. She couldn’t exactly blame them for not being at lessons or doing anything tangible because she knew their backgrounds. 

She decided that she must do something about it. She organized an activity for the youth in her church where she invited a potter and a bead maker to come work with her youth. In just hours later, the amazing things they were doing got her thinking. While they were having fun she saw a money making venture for them. 

As a result of the huge success they organized subsequent activities later in the year. The success stories began pouring in and that was when she realized that the vision was too small for just her local church. 

In August 2005 FSD was born. 

FSD is a not for profit organization that provides training in various vocations such as electrical installation and maintenance, fashion designing, catering, soft furnituring, entrepreneurship, carpentry and joinery to mention but a few. 

The institution is not only for people who do not have the opportunity to go to school, as the institution has trained teens , graduates, mothers and fathers alike. There’s no age limit and anyone is welcome. 

The office is at 9 Acme crescent adjacent to Dansol high school. The website is 

Thank you Mrs. Ogunride for your actions in empowering Nigerian youths! More grease to your elbow and God bless you !