I’m going to share something that I’ve noticed. so yeah, we have motivational speakers telling us about their stories and motivating us to become better than them. They tell us about great people and how they made it and how we can become better than them.

Then they give us action words, “you can be great if you decide to be, apart from hardwork, its very easy to be great”. But, they don’t tell us HOW to be great, they think they do but they really don’t. So after listening to a motivational speech, we kind of wonder; alright, what’s next ? So what is the how?

Truth is that everybody has that little greatness stored inside them, the inborn potential to be great. You just have to develop it. There’s obviously something you can do better than others or just something you like to do, you can write, you can sing, or maybe you can play ball. I’m telling you, I know it is difficult but still do it. Everyone has that great plan think of it, it’ll come to you. Here’s some advice, always focus on the future, don’t let the past or the present keep you fom getting there. when you’ve made it, every other thing becomes history.

But then, not everybody would be that great because a lot of people fail to act on their great plans. People die with their greatness still inside them, people live their lives recklessly with their potential for greatness untapped inside of them. Don’t be like them.

Why am I bothering you with all this? I have a great idea, I want to write a book on the HOW to become great, get it published and use the money to help the less privileged but guess what, I’m doing nothing about it because I’m not thinking about the end but the beginning and the now. And when one is stuck in that kind of thinking, its really tough to start. I’ve noticed that what inspires great people is where they’ll like to be in the future and not where they are at the moment.

So this is what I’m going to do for you, I’m letting my idea out in the hope that an inspiring writer would pick up my idea and work on it. I can’t waste precious time dilly-dallying and let that great idea fade away in my mind. I don’t really mind so long as you give me credit.

Pick a notepad and start writing, any ideas you get that might inspire others. Be sure to make it practical. You might get frustrated on the way, get tired, but remember that every great person has had such experience. You might think you don’t have the resources, but my dear, your talent alone is your one way ticket to greatsylvania.

You can even think bigger than me and improve upon this idea.

Just focus and remember what the future would offer you.


THOUGHTS ON BECOMING A POWEFUL/INFLUENTIAL PERSON. EP1. Walk in humility before the powers that be. 



Before we go any further, allow me to give honor to the most powerful being in the universe. God. God is the ultimate source of power. With his word, he created the universe and all in it. How powerful is that? Humble yourself before him and you’ll be exalted. 

That being said, there really is a need to humble yourself before the powers that be. You do not want them looking at you as a threat. If they do, bad things would happen that might in due time stop your rise. Is it any wonder that the first law of power in Robert Greene’s book is never outshine the master. No it isn’t. 

There are lessons that can be learned from Lucius Lyon’s behavior in the first episode of empire season 2. The Frank Gathers, the most feared being on the street, arrives at the same prison he’s being kept in. Prior to his arrival, there are rumors he would be coming and the prisoners are jittery. Lucius keeps his cool. Upon Frank’s arrival, the first thing he does is to go and greet him. 

Frank accepts the greeting and tells Lucius that them both, are inspirational figures. Lucius replies by saying that no, the only inspirational figure is Frank. Frank looked pleased by that statement. You see, there’s a lot of sense in what Lucius did. Assuming he accepted the compliment, Frank might feel threatened. Lucius didn’t which caused Frank to lower his guard and not suspect anything. 

In the end, Lucius had to go have a sit down with Frank. He stood up to Frank in order to defend his wife. Frank ordered for him to be killed. Unknown to Frank, all though Lucius came alone, all the guys present there were loyal to Lucius. Lucius tells Frank that he must be mistaken. Lucius then orders for Frank to be killed. The last lesson Frank Gathers learnt in this life was that it was Lucius Lyon who actually ran the streets. 

Assuming Lucius had accepted the compliment earlier, Frank might have been more careful knowing that Lucius was around and might have even killed him to eliminate the threat of his existence. Lucius walking humbly before Frank enabled him to become survive and depose him in the end. 

In what sphere do you want to be powerful ? Who are the powerful people already existing there ? Walk in humility before them. This way you won’t be considered a threat. 

Remember, you have to stoop in order to conquer. 



I’m staring this new segment on my blog hoping it’ll be a book. What really inspired this is watching Lucius Lyon on FOX’s hit Tv show, EMPIRE. Also, lessons from Robert Greene’s book the 48 laws of power. 

It is my hope that as I wrote these things, I might be able to practice them more in my life. And Also that I might raise a crop of powerful/influential young individuals who will influence our country Nigeria for good. The ultimate for this segment of the blog, is for it to become a book one day. 

Have a happy reading ! 


Our world is one where what’s cool today isn’t cool tomorrow. What’s in one day,might be out the next. 

You know how it is when you stumble on pictures of your parents from back in the day? I can bet you the clothes,hairstyle and pose they put on was what was “happening”. I bet that was how they “slayed”. 

To further drive my point home, before common music took this format; Sing, sing, rap, sing, end. Then we had rap,sing,rap,sing end. Some now take the form of rap,rap,rap,rap end. I can only wonder what sort of music my kids would listen to. I wonder If in their time, Drake, Kendrick and J-Cole would be dubbed as old school. *shudders. 

Turn back the hands of time to three years ago. You’ll notice that the way people tweeted then was different from now. I mean different slangs, different formats, new memes etc. like three years ago, you had to tweet “up and thankful” when you woke up. People are still waking up now, people are still thankful, but it’s just no more the trend. 

It’s really sad that people live their lives according to what’s trending. But the thing is what is socially acceptable today, might not be acceptable tomorrow. For goodness sake, there was a time people couldn’t let others know they liked a guy because it’s wrong. Now it’s considered normal and fags are popping out from every corner. 

Living your life according to what’s trending would make you fickle. You’d be like a fiddler on the roof (Look it up, they’re very unstable) blown about by every wind of doctrine (in this case, fad.) that the society comes up with. 

There’s a need for one to be stable to achieve. To be successful, you have to keep at something long enough. If you’re constantly changing, people can’t be sure of you and won’t be comfortable working with you. 

In order to remain stable amid the society’s ever changing norms and standard, one needs to develop his/her personal philosophy. It’s like a guideline. A set of principles that you’ll live by. A code of conduct. It doesn’t have to be formed by anyone but you.

Your philosophy or belief system doesn’t have to be clear to anyone but you. 

The time really for anyone to start forming one is now. I started putting mine together when I went to the hostel this last year. Reason being that, it was the first time I was living away from home apart from with relatives or church camp where there was still parent-like guidance. I decided there my set of values and what I wanted to live by.

For some of us, myself included, after we’ve left for school, other than holidays and short visits, we might not live with our parents any more. We’ll be on our own. So really what better time is there to form one. 

I’ll be sharing a few of mine so you have an idea what it should be like. 
Mine is still in the works, but some of it include; 

Anyone who has decided to behave foolishly does not deserve my attention. 
Stealing in any form is stealing. I’m no thief. 
Threats do not move me.
Never make decisions out of desperation. 
I would always say the truth no matter what is at stake. 

The sum of these guiding principles become your philosophy. 

My hope is that you’ll give this serious thought. And that starting today, you’ll begin to form the guiding principles and philosophy that would govern your life. 

This way, you and not the society would call the shots when it comes to your life. 

Thank you for reading. 

Bye for now. 


“I’m never disarmed because my mind is a weapon.” – Buchi Eze’s Twitter bio. 

I don’t think that is exaggerating. Our mind really is that powerful. Ok what’s the greatest weapon you can think of ? Atomic bomb eh? Alright. Before it was created, it was conceived in someone’s mind. That someone shared it with a group of other great minds and they were able to create it. 

How about this , the pen is mightier than the sword. Whatever is penned down is a product of the mind. Really, anyone with a healthy mind is never disarmed. 

Problems that have been solved, innovations and enhanced way of doing things are all products of powerful minds.

From the time of our birth, the things we’ve been exposed to have either accentuated or deteriorated our mind power. 

An annoying part is that our educational system is one that focuses on book smartness rather than developing young minds. As the school isn’t doing this, we have to take it upon our selves to develop our minds. 

Look at it this way, everything you have In this life can be taken from you. Even the physical body can be taken from you. Everything but your mind. It’s inbuilt to your soul. 

It’s never too late to enhance your mind’s capabilities. In fact everyday we have a chance to either improve or reduce our mind’s capabilities. 

When we allow ourselves to get involved in meaningless conversations, porn, excessive tv watching (although it depends on what you’re watching. Football has been proven to boost the mind’s processing speed. 👀👀), lazying about and doing nothing, we are doing harm to our minds. 

To improve our minds, here are a few suggestions gotten from Sean Covey’s book the “Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens”:

Read a book. 
Watch documentaries.
Write a blog post
Follow blogs on topics you’re curious about. 
Play challenging board games.
Attend lectures.
Observe wildlife.
Visit a library. 
Visit a museum.
Watch/listen to the news. 
Ask your friends questions. 
Meet new people.

One of my favorite things to do is to sit and think. Not worry, but think about issues. Divide it to the smallest part in my mind. Think with pen and paper. Ask yourself questions of the issue you are thinking about, writing the questions down. Write down the answers that pop into your mind and you are good to go to the action that would give you answers you are looking for. 

I’ll also rather have brain stimulating conversations with a few people than small talk with a bunch of people. 

These are just a few ways to enhance your mind’s capabilities. 
See, with a powerful mind you can never carry last. Here’s a secret; even if you haven’t read a topic, if your mind is sharp, you can always write something in an exam and it’ll make sense in the end. 

Don’t forget we can ask God for anything. Talk to God about the desire to enhance your mind power. Do your part too and you’ll see the results. 

Thank you and bye for now. 

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There is no success story I know, that is devoid of pains, struggles, frustration and some failure of a sort. 

It’s kind of like climbing a mountain. At most mountain climbing events, the number of people who start out is greater than those get to the peak. As the climb gets steeper, muscles begin to ache, shoes start to wear, arms and feet get blistered and people start to drop out. 

Job in the bible lost everything he had. But then he gained even more at the end of the day. He could have decided to bow out. To give up. To curse God and die like his friends suggested. He didn’t. He decided to hang on and that is why we are taking about him now. 

Jesus our lord and savior experienced great persecution. Especially from his towns people. He didn’t mean anyone harm but everyone else seemed to mean him harm. I don’t think we understand what happened in the garden of Gethsemane. My own idea of it goes thus; I’ve been frustrated before and I know what it’s like to feel like there’s no more hope. At sometime or the other you might have been frustrated, some even worse: depressed! Now imagine you are carrying your woes as well as the woes of your woes( this is just some wordplay. This last woes mean peers.) you know what it’ll feel like now ? Now Jesus had to carry the woes of the whole world. Those that have lived before then, those that were living then and those that were yet to live. Now the sorrow and depression is just one aspect of what he passed through in that garden. He was down, he wanted to bow out, but he submitted to the Father’s will. Now all power belongs to Him. 

Most of the time, when we’re down like that, it’s right before our big break comes. You know the saying that the darkest part of the night is the part just before dawn. (It’s true. I stayed up to confirm once 👀) 

Take for example, Ahmed Mohammed. He made a clock, took it to school to impress his teacher, teacher takes it as a bomb and calls the cops on him. I can only imagine what was going through his mind as he was driven to the station, struggling to explain to anyone who would listen that it was a simple clock he made. 

But that was the event that skyrocketed him to fame. He’s been invited to the White House, invited by Mark Zuckerberg to come to the Facebook Hq, invited to intern at Twitter, and has been invited to MIT as well. Just to mention a few. The dude might just end up going to MIT with scholarship. 
My fellow hikers on the mountain of success, be it academic success, business or otherwise. I would not lie to you. It’s not going to be smooth sailing all the way. Would there be times you would be frustrated? Yes! Would there be people who would discourage you? Yes! Would there be times you would be down ? Yes but not necessarily out. If you’d be out, it’s up to you. 
I trust you’d be strong enough to hang on. When you’re down remember why you started. Press on and you’ll get there. 

Thank you and have a great day ! 


What a time to be alive. And I’m not just talking about drake and future’s mixtape. Speaking of which you should check it out if you haven’t. It’s dope.

So as I was saying it really is a great time to be alive. We’ve got the Internet. Nothing is really impossible anymore. Empire season 2 is out. Challenges that were considered as mountains before are nothing but plains now. The world is a global village and I’m pen pals with someone in India.

More than this, it really is a great time to be Nigerian. We just had a long delicious s weekend thanks to the sallah festivities. We were declared polio free 2 days ago. In most areas now, we chill till our phones run down before we recharge unlike before when it’s like the charger and the phone were joined by inseparable forces of cohesion. In simpler terms we’re having light.

Nevertheless, we are Nigerians at a time when the affairs of a country are decided by a caucus in the privacy of one man’s bedroom rather than by the masses who the decisions really affect. We live in a time when the man by the refuse dump who helps me unload the trash from my car and takes it to the dump is paid nothing when juxtaposed with the food allowance of those who don’t really do much for me but siphon my dad’s tax.

We live in a time when we rejoice whenever there’s electricity for a day, and we’re thrilled when we drive a kilometer on good road without traffic. We live in a time when you can do whatever you like as long as you’re in the good books of the man but the minute you fall out of favor with the man you would now be tried for all your sins. Not like being tried is wrong but why punish someone just because he’s out of favor with the oga at the top?

I could go on and on with such. But I wouldn’t want to tell you something you already know. Besides, I’ve never been about negativity.

What you don’t know however is that it’s made even greater because we’re in it. Let me express my point. We believe in our Church that God saved some of his greatest spirit sons and daughters for this period. A period where it’s like the devil is fully unloading his Arsenal on earth in various forms. We believe therefore,that all of his children here on earth at this time are some of God’s most valiant children.

It’s just like in a relay team. You save the best guy for last so you can finish strong. In my opinion, it’s the same thing with Nigeria. It’s not by chance that we’re born at this time Nigeria is going through all these problems.

I have a lot of faith in this generation. You want to know why? Because unlike generations before us who accepted whatever was thrown at them, we’re different. We challenge the norm. We’re rebels. We don’t conform. Some people mistake it for entitlement and being spoilt but they can call it whatever they want. We know what we want and we don’t settle for less.

That’s what I’m believing In for this our generation. That with our level of exposure and enlightenment, we would make our voices be heard. We would not let our votes be bought for a mess of pottage or its condiments. We would be the change we desire because we know that all change has to begin with us.

I have such great faith in this generation.

What a time it is indeed to be Nigerian.

Thank you, God bless you and may HE always bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria🇳🇬.


Since I began blogging seriously, I’ve gotten a lot of suggestions from family and friends which I’m very grateful for. Grateful because, it shows that they mean well and have my interest at heart.

However, it is not every suggestion that I’ve implemented. Some, no matter how grateful I am I can’t go ahead with. I’ve had to reply some friends with, “that’s a nice idea but…” Or something like, “thank you for telling me this, it’s just that…”

Care to know what completes the above sentence. You do? Ok. Since you insist, I’ll tell you.

It is “…that wasn’t what I had in mine when I started this blog”

Some suggestions no matter how I love or respect that friend I just can’t go ahead with because it would be veering me off the path I had marked out for the blog.

You know it’s like that in life too.

Friends come with suggestions. In all sincerity they might mean well. What they’re suggesting might not be harmful to them or their plans. It might just be in line with where they want to go. But the question is, “is it in line with yours?”

It is a saying that when the purpose of something is not known, abuse of that thing is inevitable. I know the purpose of this blog. With that purpose in mind, I’m able to filter the suggestions that I receive.

You should do the same in your life. I should do the same too.

Let your life purpose be the screen test through which all suggestions and proposals that come your way have to pass through.

That way you won’t end up a waste.

It is important to note, that sometimes the ideas friends bring might not be bad in a moral sense. The ideas might even seem helpful at first. You still have to check it out with your purpose and plans. What would be helpful to you depends a whole lot on where you’re going.
As our faces are different, so are the places we want to end up. When I say we want to end up in different places, you don’t need get a bad idea immediately. My dream is to study chemical engineering and use the knowledge to run a business and later businesses. I have friends who would like to be economists. What would be helpful to them such as attending say, an ICAN organized event won’t be that helpful to me especially when it means I might have to miss that day’s dose of chemistry and physics.

I hope you get my point.

Thank you for reading.

Do have a great day.


I had a discussion today with a family friend that put me in a good mood as well as formed the basis for this post. 

So this particular friend is a young man in his late twenties, newly married and is self-employed. 
He shared some of his plans with me and I was so impressed by his vision. 

Speaking of which, this is something you need if you are to move forward. how would you make progress in the right direction if you don’t know what progress to you should look like ? How would you be successful if you haven’t already defined what success to you means ?!

Anyways, I was really happy to fin out that he was thinking bigger and didn’t just decide to remain. In his present state just because things were going fine. 
This is a plague to most people. When things are going fine, they relax. If you indeed want to move forward and keep progressing, there’s no stopping till you reach the finish line. 

You alone should decide what the finish line should be. 

So may be you’ve set goals to get better at school work or to make better use of your talents. Maybe you’ve done this and it’s started working. Do you relax because things seem to be just fine at the moment or do you keep moving forward because you have the potential to be bigger and better ? 

Effective people choose the latter! I trust that you would. 
Remember, as you make plans, define the finish line and what success to you is, keep moving forward. Don’t stop till you get there. 

“No parking, no loitering, keep moving.” 

Thank you for reading. 

Be safe ! 


If you notice, I’m still messing around with this rhyming thing. LOL. 

On a more serious note, this is something that affects all people who have set goals, or made some sort of decision, or embarked on a project – male or female, young or old.

Take your mind back to the last resolution you made or the last goal you set. The first week following this decision you’re noticeably on fire 🔥🔥. You’re charged up! 

But with each passing day, the fire burns out, your zeal and enthusiasm diminish. Yes or yes? 

It happens to me after a conference at church. I feel so “gingered” to stop holding back and rise to my full potential in Christ. The following days however are a whole ‘nother story. 

But I’m not the only one who experiences this. 

It’s in people who decide to go on diets but just can’t follow through. How about the many times you’ve formed a workout routine and just couldn’t work it out. (This is me !).

How about students. You decide today to stick to your study schedule. Maybe you decide to study every night then later you relapse. 

If you don’t experiment this you can as well leave this and read something else. If you do, stick around. I’ll be sharing some pointers on how to deal with this. 
My point is, it happens to everyone. Only a few have been able to remain steadfast to their cause. Which is why only a few people make it in this life. 
If you learn how to continue, you’ll be able to achieve more and even get recognition! 

How then can one keep the fire on? 

One method I’ve found helpful is to place reminders around me. In obvious places. Places I know I can’t miss. I place reminders of my goals and plans at the moment. 
Another, is to form an alliance. Get a team of supporting individuals. They could be friends or family, who’ll constantly remind you and encourage you to continue in what you’ve set out to do. 
Then, Just do it! Press on! Make conscious effort to continue. Avoid putting it off because later is never. Also when you put it off once, you’re making it easier to keep putting it off over and over until it becomes history. 
Finally, it’s not of him that willeth not of him that runneth alone but of God that showeth mercy. How about you ask for assistance eh? God in his infinite mercy would be more than willing to assist! 

The above, is the difference between musicians on top of their game and those who are not heard of again. The ability to remain even when it gets hard. 
A lot of times, we get great ideas on things that could better our lives. Some times we start, along the line it gets tough, or the fire burns out and we slack. 

I dare you to continue after you’ve started. Hang on and see it through, you’ll see what great things you’ll accomplish.

It’s wonderful to start but far more wonderful and profitable to last. 
I hope you find this helpful. 
Thanks for reading. Be good ! 
Ps. Feel free to comment suggestions!