The 4 Ways Any Beginner Entrepreneur Can Start A Business In 30 Days To A Year… even if You’ve Never Ran A Business Before!

Hey fam! What’s good??

In this blog post, I dive into the 4 main ways through which anyone can start a business in. Now, I am not telling you what business model to go into, although I feel you could try your hand at any of these and it could work for you!

For the longest time, I’ve been focused on how can I make more money? How can I get money?? How do I get to a bag!? At any given moment, this could be what I was thinking about, if I weren’t already thinking about my family, sports or girls.

In the last couple months though, I’ve been noticing a switch. Nothing crazy, but a gradual, steady shift of thoughts from how can I make more Money to How can I provide value to the marketplace. 

Am I saying one kind of thinking is better than the other?? Not really. I still think it’s important to think about money and how to make money. It definitely is a great starting point, that’s for sure!

However, from hanging out with entrepreneurs and wanna be entrepreneurs, from reading books and attending seminars. I’ve discovered one secret… shhh…

Money Chases After Value!

Like the market is begging for value…

There are buyers literally wallet in hand, looking for the next big idea or a product that can scratch an itch, take away their pain or bring them pleasure.

The challenge then, is figuring out what is valuable to the people you want money from!

I started this blog post talking about value, because each of the 4 ways I am about to reveal are all based on value! So think about this as 4 ways or business models that can be used to provide value to the market so you can get paid.

So…Here they are.

  1. Create and Deliver a quality product to someone. 
  2. Create and or Deliver a quality service to someone. 
  3. Make money for someone else at a discount. 
  4. Become a middle man between the provider of value and the recipient. 

The first two are pretty self explanatory. The last two are a little tricky so I will touch on them a little bit.

Make Money For Someone Else at a discount: 

This is the model that most consulting services and marketing agencies are based on and one model that I am becoming endeared too. Think of it like this, If I have a skill or technical know-how say to run facebook ads or generate sales but this other person or business doesn’t. If I am able to make $5k for that business because I applied my technical knowledge they would have no problem paying me for it.

Depending on how good a negotiator you are, you could probably get paid close to 50% of the money you make for that business.

For this model to work, you would have to learn a skill that is in needed by business but one that not everyone has.

Here are some examples, because I love you my readers so much.

Some of the most important skills for a business are in the areas of Marketing, Sales and Closing. These can further be broken down into lead generation, driving traffic, running ads, creating content, cold calling, door to door sales…

Learn any of these skills. Use it to Provide a business some monetary results. And charge a fee less than the amount you made for them and you’d get paid. Do this enough times and you’ll be making bank. Put some structure and continuity around it and you have a business!!

Become a middle man between the provider of value and the recipient:

Uber. Facebook. Amazon. AirBnB.

Very different industries, very different playing fields but two things they all have in common…

They are all GIANTS in their respective industries and they are all MIDDLEMEN.

Uber is the world’s largest taxi company yet they own no vehicles. Facebook is the world’s most popular media company yet they create no content. Amazon(whose owner is the richest man in the world by the way) is the biggest retailer but they own no inventory and AirBnB is the largest accommodation provider in the world but they own no real estate.

That is the magic of being a middleman. If you can link someone who needs something to someone else who has what they need and is willing to give it you can make money.

That space between the person who needs and the person who haves is where you come in. And that is also where you can get paid.

SO here’s my challenge to you all.

Instead of just thinking how can I make money, think, how can I provide value. In particular, how can I provide a quality product or service, make money for someone at a discount or be a middleman between what people want and the people who have it and I bet you, you’ll get closer to what you want 😉

P.S Life Update: I built another funnel for a client today. We’d already had a funnel built for them but it wasn’t generating enough leads and so Mason thought, in a last ditch effort that I built a new one. For this funnel I modeled one of the leading businesses in this client’s industry and I was amazed by how good it looked when I was done and the amount of time it took for me to build it. I used a technique called wire-framing! I can’t wait to see how this funnel performs.

Be Great!


4 Ways You Can Start Rapidly Implementing TODAY!! To Avoid being the 90% Who Do Not Take Action!

Hey all, Kelechi here and in my last blog post, which you can check out here, I revealed the ONE THING all successful students of online courses have in common. Because of how valuable that info is I figured, why not write a whole blog post about it.

And so, here we are. Today, I am giving out 4 hacks that I am currently using to rapidly implement the the things I am learning.

I first got curious about this when I found out that Rob Kiyosaki’s book is a bestseller which has sold over 32 million copies. 32 million! But then I thought, well, how come that since its publication, there haven’t been that many people who are quitting the rate race and becoming business/owners and investors like he preaches.

It was then, that I realized this truth. For every self help message, or book or course out there; Only a small percentage of people anywhere from (1-10), actually take action. Majority of people reading, go through the whole thing and then do nothing about it.

I promised myself there and then, that I would always take action. That simple decision, has changed the way I read these books, listen to presentations and even watch video tutorials. And I’m certain that as I keep taking action and rapidly implementing the things I learn, it would be the reason I am successful.

What about You??

Well, I already know that you are smarter than most people. Otherwise, why would you be reading this blog. That is also why I am willing to share these hacks. Because I’m sure you’ll make the best use of it!

So my 4 Hacks!

  • when reading books, only highlight the actionable points. Things that you can go out and start doing right away.
  • same thing about taking notes on presentations. don’t take notes about how you feel or how profound that statement was. take notes on how you can implement it in your life. and then do it!
  • When watching a video tutorial, pause the video and go do what was said then come back to the video. The same goes for If something was said that you don’t understand. Pause, go look it up, and then push play again. 
  • Have an accountability partner. whose job is simply to keep you accountable, and make sure you are doing those things you underlined and said you would do.

This is by no means an exhaustive list. These are simply some things I have started doing.

If you have any ideas also leave them in the comments section. I would love to read and implement.

And Lastly, if any of you reading, need an accountability partner, shoot me a message! It’s the least I can do since you have come to my little corner of the web.

So till next time, be great!

P.S I tried meditating when I woke up today. It was a simple exercise for 5 minutes where I focused on my breathing. Every now and then I found myself getting distracted by thoughts but, I decided I would not panic, I’d simply observe those thoughts go in an out of my head. Simply because I felt panicking would defeat the whole purpose of meditation don’t you think so!?

P.P.S Yesterday, I thought, what if I stopped using stock photography and started using my own pictures for this blog. wouldn’t that be something?

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Writing My Origin Story: Where I Am Now, Where I am Trying To Get To and What I Am Doing To Get There Pt. 2

Hey! Kelechi here. Hope thanksgiving was great for you. It was nice for me to unwind for a little bit and hang out with family. In today’s post, I’ll be completing the second half of my origin story and testing out a new format for my blog posts. Keep reading till the end and I’ll reveal the ONE THING all successful students of online courses have in common and the secret 33% formula which ALL successful people use to allocate their time. Deal? Let’s get straight to it.


The day I got accepted to college, I told my parents, My goal is to graduate with a business so I don’t have to work for anybody. Somehow, I lost sight of that goal and spent the last two years of college, struggling in engineering and learning to work for somebody else. Now I have three years to go, and i’m taking a leap of faith and spending the next three years of college, learning to start and grow my one-day million dollar business. The question is how will I as an international student navigate the dos and donts of my visa status and do it without venture capital funding, going into debt or going against the law. Completely from scratch. With no previous experience. This blog is here to give you the answer. Join me and follow along as I learn apply and share business and marketing strategies to start and grow my online business. My name is Kelechi Ochulo and welcome to my blog.

Origin Story Continued

So Mason and I found a time that worked for the both of us and we had lunch. Over lunched he introduced me to the idea of sales funnels, kinda like websites, but cleaner and more profitable. He shared with me a little bit about his background in e-commerce and how he currently specializes in building sales funnels for companies looking to 10X their sales.

He shared some audiobooks and presentations with me, which I consumed pretty quickly. The more I read, the more resources he gave me. Until the point where he invited me to intern with his Marketing Agency so I can get started and get some more in depth experience.

It’s crazy, that one class was an answer to prayer. The last couple months before that I’ve been wishing for a mentor and just by being in class and contributing I started a conversation with a classmate whom I am now learning a lot of skills from.

Now, here is the path that I have kind of mapped out for myself.

But before that, My Big Crazy Goal, so this way you have an idea where I am trying to get to. I am obsessed with freedom and living life on my own terms. I am trying to achieve Time Freedom, Money Freedom and Location Freedom by the time I am 25! That just means the freedom to do what I want with my time, and be where I want when I want, without money getting in the way.

At the time of writing, I am 19 so basically I have 5 years and 6 months to achieve this.

Why do I want to do this??

I spent the bulk of the last blog post describing the pain of being a broke college student. That is not something I want to keep experiencing. I also don’t want that for my sisters or cousins. It was also a goal I set to graduate college with a business.

Even more importantly, My parents sacrificed a lot for me to be in the position where I am right now. In college, getting an education and learning skills that could be used to generate income in the future. It’s only right that I make the most of the opportunities I have been given.

How Am I going to Do This??

So this is the idea right now. Finish college and get my degree, while doing that Get into e-commerce, launch a couple successful funnels and start an online store. In a year to two from now, I hope to use the skills I learn from running an online store and interning with Mason’s Agency to help businesses drive traffic, generate leads and sales, and charge a fee for that. Then, I will use the next two years to grow my platform and monetize my personal brand (speaking of which follow my instagram @kelechiochulo) so I can make money doing affiliate marketing and possibly coaching and after that real estate.

Okay So Why I am I writing this??

If you know me personally, you know I can be tightlipped at times. For the longest time, my motto was don’t talk about, be about it. And while there’s times and places for that, most successful entrepreneurs are pretty open with their goals, because that way it keeps them accountable. That plus it’s an assignment from my sales funnel course. It’s kinda like how the greats in sports, Babe Ruth and Michael Jordan usually called their shots before they made it.

So I hope you all can keep me accountable.

So there you have it. A brief, kind of all over the place run down of where I am now, where I am going and what I will do to get there.

If you want, comment your own big crazy goals and we can become accountability partners to make sure we’re consistently taking massive action to get us to where we need to be.

And NOW…

The Dope Bonuses I promised to Share.

Rapid Implementation. Yeah, RAPID IMPLEMENTATION. This is the one thing all successful students of online courses or mentorship programs have in common. That simply means quickly doing what was mentioned. So for example, you’re reading a book and or watching a video recording and your teacher says to do a particular thing. You pause it. Do that thing that was mentioned. And then play the video to continue.

Rapid Implementation makes sure you’re constantly taking actions. and prevents you from being like 90% who read the books or take the courses and think, “cool story” but never do anything about it.

Now The 33% formula…

It’s simply this. 33% (or a third) of your time should be spent with people who are where you are trying to go, or have what you want, or maybe just earn more money than you.

The next 33% of your time should be spent with people on the same level as you. But not just any people, people who are actively working to get to where you want to be.

The last 33% of your time should be spent with people you’re ahead of. Who are trying to get to your level. You become a mentor or coach to them.

This is how the most successful people spend their time and this is how I am actively trying to structure the time I spend with people. You should do the same.

Thanks For reading this far!

Let me know your thoughts and what you’re excited for in the coming week.

DISCLAIMER: If it feels like this post is all over the place or the writing sucks…that’s probably because it does. I am not an expert at writing but I hope to get better at it as I post more frequently!

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Writing My Origin Story: Where I Am Now, Where I am Trying To Get To and What I Am Doing To Get There Pt. 1

I am currently a broke (it’s okay cause broke is temporary 🙂 )college student trying to find any means legal to make some extra money. Simply because 20 hours a week (the legal limit for international students) on minimum wage results in living pay check to pay check.  I really wanted to make extra money so I wouldn’t have to keep struggling. But also because I would like to have nice things, travel and experience a good life.

I desire more than anything to live life on my own terms. Lifestyle design if you will. Not only that but I also want to be able to support myself and family, and position myself to give my kids something better than I was given, the same way my parents have given me something better than they were given. A virtuous cycle!

For the longest time I thought, if only I got a second job or maybe a higher paying job and then I would be fine. But see legally, I’m not even allowed to get that second job (20-hr limit) and while I’m actively searching for a higher paying job, I know from reading Rich Dad Poor Dad, that that would only be a short term fix. The best solution for me would be to become a business owner or investor. 

The need for a long-term fix was further solidified in my mind in my Intro to Entrepreneurship class where my professor illustrated the rat race and how even out of college, with a seemingly high paying job, working for some of the top companies, one could still be living from paycheck to paycheck.

Damn, I really need to start a business, I thought. 

So I started exploring, what were somethings I could do to start making money through passive income today. Paying special attentions to things with low barrier to entry because as mentioned earlier broke college student…

And That’s how I came across e-commerce. Specifically through shopify drop-shipping. It’s a lot like online retailing. I figured I just needed to save enough money for a course, no matter how long that took,  and then save some money somehow for ad-spend and then I’d get started. In the meantime I was watching videos on YouTube to learn about the business model. 

Back to my Entrepreneurship class..

Surprisingly, right after I’d come to this realization, one of the guest speakers in my entrepreneurship class was doing e-commerce. Only difference is he was actually selling his own products as opposed to sourcing products from a supplier. 

I can’t remember what I said, but I remember making a comment to the guy next to me and he’s like,  “yeah dude, that’s why you need a funnel” 

“a funnel whats that?”

“It’s kinda like a website, but cleaner and more profitable, if you want I can explain it to you over lunch”

Sure! I said.

And that’s where I’m going to stop today. Be sure to look out for the Pt. 2. because I will be finishing this story.

To Be Continued…

The One Secret To Make MORE Money Than You Are Making Right Now So You Can GET PAID What You Feel You Are Worth

Hey guys! What’s good? What’s really good?? Here’s something I’m excited about, my copy of Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson finally arrived in the mail! I spent close to an hour reading from it before writing this post and it was bliss.

Excuse the super-eye catchy headline btw…one of my mentors has me practicing how to come up with headlines. A useful skill in marketing, sales copy and ad copy.

All that aside. I do have an interesting secret I recently discovered, that I would be sharing in this blog post…

This secret, trick or hack, whatever you would like to call it, is something though simple, not very easy. And if followed to a T, would help you start getting paid more or at least what you feel you deserve.

Because, lets be frank…

How many of us feel like we are making enough money…I know I don’t.

How many of us feel like we are worth more money than we are currently getting paid…I know I feel that way every time I show up to work lol.

So yeah keep reading and I’ll explain this hack and I have an added bonus but only for those who keep reading till the end. Those who read the whole thing, would find a list I’ve curated of steps given by Rob Kiyosaki on how to make Money.

That being said, let’s get straight to it!

First, understand the economic principle of scarcity. The idea is that as scarcity increases, the value of that thing increases as well. The more available or less scarce something or entity is, the less its value.

This is not only true about products but its also true in relationships, people, anything you can think of but for the purposes of this blog post we’ll dwell on how it applies to one thing. Your skills!

So this is to say, the more scarce your skill set is, the higher the perceived value of that skill set is in society.

Why is that important?

That brings me to my second point, society expresses value, by attaching a price tag to a thing. While this does not apply to relationships it applies a lot to products and skill sets.

Think about it…

There’s a reason iPhones cost more than the regular phone. Or just branded products in particular. Because the supplier is the only person you can purchase that item from. If anyone and their dog could make an iPhone in the bedrooms, it wouldn’t cost as much. It’s about scarcity!

Or think about bitcoin. If you’re familiar with bitcoin, you probably heard about how a single bitcoin is worth around $6k. Wanna know why? There’s a finite amount of bitcoin available in the world. No new bitcoins are being made, in other words; fixed in supply, scarcity, up goes the value.

The same thing goes for how much you make right now. 

The amount of money you are getting paid, is directly correlated to how scarce your skill is in society.

Minimum wage is minimum wage because they’re literally a billion other people  (as long as they are willing to work) with the skills to be able to do the work! Literally no barrier to entry! Not scarce at all.

Doctors are paid as much as they are paid because you just don’t fine people around with the technical know how to be doctors. It’s a pretty scarce skill.

So is the answer become a doctor? Heck nah. Unless of course that’s your passion.

The secret to getting paid more than you are already being paid right now is to simply learn a more valuable skill!

But how do you know how valuable a skill is? How scarce is it?

There are many ways to learn a more valuable skill. From enrolling in bootcamps, to taking online courses, to watching tutorial videos on youtube, from going and getting a degree, to hanging out and working with the people who already have said skill.

If you want to get paid more, you just need to get a better paying skill. It’s just that simple.

The key to getting good a skill, would be to immerse yourself in that skill or environment and not quitting until at least a year.

So thanks for reading thus far. I hope you find this post valuable and it gets your creative juices flowing, thinking about what skill you can learn, to get paid more than you already are.

P.S The bonus I promised. Robert Kiyosaki’s guide to making a lot of money. Which I found in a foreword he wrote for the book Expert Secrets!

  • Have a dream
  • Have a lot of determination
  • Be willing to learn quickly
  • Be able to use your God-given assets properly

P.P.S Here are some interesting things I learned today.

  • Most if not all successful entrepreneurs have a habit of meditating as they start their day. You already know your boy is going to learn to meditate. I’ll keep you posted.
  • I played around with Canva and photo editing today. I never thought I’d need to know that skill, but it’s something I will have to get good at, or at least learn fairly well, if I am to become a good funnel builder.
  • Learnt some really cool stuff about building a platform and a following which I want to apply.







Life Update + Why YOU should ALWAYS go with Your GUT

Here’s what happened today.

I woke up round 9:00am today (outrageous, I know but I am working on it). But anyways I dive into my kind of routine, that I’ve been trying to formulate for myself lately.

I read two books, One Rich Dad Poor Dad and the second Dot Com Secrets (Guys comment books you’ve read that you like cause I’m about done with those two). I watch course content for Russell Brunson’s one funnel away challenge and then listen to Russell’s Marketing Secrets podcast and JetSetFly’s drop out degree podcast on my way out to school and work for the day.

So today while I was watching the videos for today, I had the feeling to shoot Mason (a friend and mentor) a text.

And I did. “What’s your day like today”. I sent out to him and his response was instantaneous!

“I’m just gonna be grinding in a lab all day. We’ve got two new interns if you wanna come check us out for a little, maybe you’d be interested in working w us?”

Isn’t that crazy!?

So of course I said, yeah I’ll be there give me an hour and thirty to get to campus.

But guys, I got to pitch in while he and his business partner came up with an offer for one of their clients. Not only that but I sat it on the call where they pitched their idea to them. and edited their sales funnel. I got invited to come put in work for another clients tomorrow morning, and if I want I am welcome to become one of their partners.

So now I’ve been given an opportunity of a lifetime, to join them in creating funnels, running facebook ads, managing client requests and get deeper into this world of marketing and online businesses.

I feel like as long as I show up hungry and ready to put the work I would learn a lot of skills that can move me forward.

All because I went with my gut and reached out to him, asking him about his day.

I’m a firm believer in going with your gut. Whenever friends come to me for advice, I tell them what I think they should do and I always end with but hey, go with your gut!

I am yet to see one’s gut lead them astray and until proven otherwise I will keep going with my gut.

Next time you get a gut feel, do it!

I Learned a HARSH Truth About Product Validation.

After, my professor’s successful friend ignored me, I decided the show must move on. I had resolved to google search, “How to validate a Product” and study whatever “Wikihow” results showed up, when I realized I could talk to one of the student advisors at my school who’d also started a company.

This advisor, whose name is Morgen, great guy by the way, was once a part of a startup, that did pretty well, until he decided to leave to pursue things that were more interesting to him.

I figured that even though, Morgen’s product was in a completely different industry and with a completely different market, I could probably learn some general principles of product validation.

And that’s exactly what happened. As soon as I’d finished describing my question and case study, he started explaining the basics of validation with an excitement that confirmed to me that I had made the right choice in talking to him.

Here’s a summary of what I learnt.

In every validation effort, you want to find out three things. Can this product be made? Do people want this product? and Is it worth my time and effort? 

For me we already knew the product can be made. But how to figure out if people wanted this product even (are they willing to pay for it and how much) and if it was worth the time and effort (what do the profit margins look like).

Discussing with him I realized one of the reasons entrepreneurs are counseled not to fall in love with their product.

While I didn’t think I was overly attached to my idea, I guess somewhere along the lines I had convinced myself that it was going to be smooth sailing, I was going to validate it and it was going to be great and I’d do a product launch and move a lot of units and such.

See in my head, it was kind of achievement after achievement after achievement but my meeting with Morgen provided a much needed dose of reality. People could actually hate the product or not be willing to pay enough to make it worth my while.

I would never know though until I validated.

In fact it seemed the best validation, happened when entrepreneurs went out actively looking for why their product would fail. It was kind of a hard pill to swallow.

I don’t consider myself to have gone very far in my journey at all, but so far, I have had to meander through road block after road block. An indication I think of what lies ahead.

I remember leaving the meeting thinking, so you’re saying this might just straight up suck! Yes, yes it could.

Needless to say, I was moody as a result.

It’s okay though, I am pretty sure I will get over it.


So This Guy Aired Me.

I stared at my laptop screen for the umpteenth time still not believing my misfortune.

There is no way John, who’s generated more than a million dollars in revenue could have ignored me, a college sophomore emailing him on recommendation from one of my professors.( sarcasm btw)

I went over my email a couple times, I cross checked to make sure I was using proper grammar, I made sure I sounded respectful but not too groveling, I did everything right just like my professor directed.

It’d been a week so I sent out another email, even offering that the 20 minute in person interview I initially requested be replaced by a phone call interview if it would fit his schedule better.

After a couple days, still no response.

That’s when it dawned on me, John is most likely simply too busy working on his next big idea, to answer respond to my email, let alone meet.

A little backstory.

I requested a meeting with my intro to Entrepreneurship professor at the beginning of this fall semester. In that meeting, I told him my background, where I was from, and that I was interested in getting into real estate.

I told him that over the summer I had watched a lot of videos about how to get into real estate with no money or credit and I wanted to get involved. I went to him because of his experience in entrepreneurship and also because the vast majority of his wealth had been gotten from real estate.

He told me that he didn’t know of any ways to do real estate without any money. Since I do not have any cash stockpiled, he suggested I start a product company and even suggested a business model that he was confident would work. My assignment was to do some product research and come up with very good ideas.

Now, do I believe there are no ways to do real estate without any money, No.

But to me, having a mentor, who would guide me as I get started in wealth creation, is way more important than getting started in real estate right now, so I decided I would pivot, do things his way and develop this mentor/mentee relationship.

And so I did. I pivoted, changed focus and dove into product research.

A couple weeks ago, I met with my professor again. I presented my findings, told him I had done what he said, and I was ready for the next step. He was very impressed and asked that I emailed John since he’d worked on a similar product and could coach me through the process.

So I emailed John. But he didn’t respond.

And why should he?

To me this is a lesson in what the entrepreneurial life is like. All I can do is shoot my shot and try to get connected with the guys who’ve gone before me. Hoping to learn what they did and how to model what worked  But they do not owe me any favors, neither do they owe me their time.

I must learn to find my own answers and when I do, I must learn to be confident in those answers. That is what makes entrepreneurship so exciting yet so scary.


Rob Kiyosaki Called This The MOST IMPORTANT Rule of Money

First off, it is probably not what you are thinking.

It is not live within your means, although that is very key.

It is not accumulate assets instead of liabilities though that might be the second most important rule.

It is however, “Give, and you shall receive.” How simple is that?

As simple as it is, according to Rob that is one major secret that differentiated his rich dad from his poor dad.

While his poor dad, did give a lot through teaching, he never did give of his money simply because he felt he did not make enough just yet.

His rich dad however, even when he was broke, gave money to his church, to various charities, and to his own foundation.

Altruism aside, that simple rule is probable the reason you should be wary of anyone who tells you about a get rich quick scheme, or a no money down method to getting rich. It is also why it takes money to make money.

Listening to different business people who make close to 100k a week on a consistent basis, one thing is common no matter the industry. They spend anywhere from 10-50k on ads a week.

Here’s another example, a common marketing technique, is to engage in give aways, buy one get one free, and other promos like free plus shipping. The key word there is free but the underlying theme is that they are giving. They give in other to receive customers.

Think about your favorite online guru or the last person you purchased a course from online, I’m willing to bet that he/she gives a ton of value for free on his/her platform.

In conclusion, understand that you would have to give in other to receive. Robert did call this the most important rule of money but as I’ve tried to illustrate in this blog post it can be applied in any other sphere.

Here’s a challenge: Think about someone you want something from, now think about what you can give or offer to them, give first then try to get and let me know how that goes.