4 Hacks To INSTANTLY Feel Motivated On The Days You Don’t Feel Like It!

So guys, I woke up today in a negative headspace if you will. I wasn’t feeling super motivated, I felt lethargic and in a rut.

I’m writing about this because I make sense of the thoughts in my head when I write about them, but more than anything because this is what documenting the journey really is…

In the entrepreneurship space everyone is quick to post their wins and the good days, few ever post the days when they don’t feel like it or begin to wonder what the point is.

With this blog post, I want to turn something negative into a positive. I will go through the things weighing me down and what I can learn to move forward and perhaps you can probably learn a couple things yourself.

Write Goals Down And Get An Accountability Partner If You Want Things To Get Done.

One of the first things that started to get me down is the fact that I haven’t been posting as often as I should because of writers block and writing final exams.

Those are excuses, so as you know I’m trying to find the real root cause and to take action to combat it…

One thing I noticed is that the weeks that I posted about three times; I set a goal to post that many times, I wrote it down, and I had an accountability partner to check on me to make sure I was posting.

So if I am to post more often I have to follow the system which I found that works for me.

**Also, I noticed I write and flow better when I write from my phone. So I just downloaded the WordPress app and I’m typing this up from my phone!

Never Wake Up Without A Purpose.

Another thing I’ve learned from this experience is to never wake up without a purpose. In fact some people say, if you wake up with no purpose for the day you should just go back to bed.

And there is some sense to this…

Here’s what I mean. Usually, before bed, I write out all the things I want to achieve the next day.

The effect is when I get up, I know what I need to do for the day to become a success. I get out of bed and jump right into executing!

Today that I woke up without doing this the night before, and the result = I feel kind of in a rut.

So that’s one thing I’m learning from this. That routine is not just a productivity hack but essential if I’m going to protect my motivation and stay positive!

Remind Yourself Why You Started In The First Place.

Next thing, as soon as I noticed I wasn’t feeling super motivated, I decided I had to take action right away to make sure I was feeling motivated again.

I do this because I know I have to be in it for the long haul if I’m going to see tangible results!

My favorite method for getting motivated is to watch the videos or read the articles that got me excited about entrepreneurship in the first place…

So far, this always works because it takes me back to the initial epiphany I had and reminds me what I am trying to do is possible.

Another thing is to take a look at the list of the pains I am running away from.

I don’t care who you are or where you’re from, I believe there’s only three reasons any human makes a choice…

To run away from pain, To run Towards Pleasure and/or To Increase perceived status.

For me, choosing to become an entrepreneur and start a business next year is to run away from pain. More on that in another blog.

So what I did is make a list of pains that I am running away from. Things I don’t want to keep experiencing the rest of my life, things I feel entrepreneurship would be a vehicle away from and I go back to this list every time I wonder is it even worth it to keep learning all this marketing and ads stuff.

And as you can guess, Every time I look at my list of pains, the answer in my head is a resounding, “Hell Yeah It Is!”

Because frankly, the pains or stress of learning to run a facebook ads and marketing agency pale in comparison to the pains I am running away from.

That is how I use my struggles to my advantage! and how you can too.

What about you? What are some pains that made you want to get into entrepreneurship in the first place? If you don’t have a list of these pains already…write it down!

Find Running Mates.

In a previous blog post which you can find here, I wrote about the 33% formula that successful people use to spend their time…

It comes down to this; the first 33% of their time is spent with people ahead of them. People they want to be like. Through in person meetups, attending masterminds, working for them or consuming their consent.

The other 33% of their time is spent is spent with people they’re helping to get on their level. I try to do this by posting on my blog and just one off coaching and mentorships I have going on with some of my peers.

The last 33% is spent with running mates. People who are where they are right now and also trying to get to where they need to be.

Cause here’s the thing, mentors and other people you look up to won’t be there at your beck and call. Matter of fact, you could go a couple weeks without hearing back from them due to the projects they’re working on.

That’s kinda where I’m at right now.

To combat this I decided to join facebook groups with other digital marketers and start engaging.

Not only that, but by fate one of my friends reached out to me, he’s also taken a digital marketing course and wants to collaborate and see what we can make happen.

In the future, I’ll even start a Facebook Group for young adults in entrepreneurship so we can all encourage each other.

So That’s It For this blog post…

I hope you take away something from this and turn things around the next time you don’t feel motivated.

More than anything remember this…

Those who become great did not become great by only working on days the felt like it.

So till next time fam…

be great 😉


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