Believe In The Power Of Your Dream!

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What prevents you from being who you are ?
What stops you from attaining that dream ?
Whose got the right to stop you ? Nobody! , It’s your dream , live it !

Stop being insecure and find your purpose …
If you don’t know what it is , go find it .
You might not know it consciously  but subconsciously you do, you were born with it! It’s inside of you !.
How do birds know how to fly when they were not thought ? It’s because they had it within them .
Go , Search for it and you’d find it .

Fear is not real , the only place that fear can exist is in our thoughts of the future . It’s a product of our imagination……Don’t be afraid to fail , think outside the box!.
Fear is a choice.
It doesn’t matter what happens to…

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A few thoughts on succeeding against the odds. 

Written April 9, 2016.

I was thinking about life in Nigeria the other day. I realized it’s really hard to do things here (or maybe anywhere else even). Like someone that wants to fail or who isn’t ready to put in all the work has lots of excuses. 

For example, power supply is erratic, transportation to and fro is stressful, communication network/internet connectivity is poor, the infrastructure is lacking. All of which are needed to achieve what one wants. 

And it might not be just in Nigeria. Wherever you are, you would find the challenges peculiar to that place that make it difficult for you to do the things you want, to live your dreams or chase your passions. 

Then I thought to myself, what makes a person great is not succeeding without challenges, it’s succeeding in spite of these challenges! A success story is sweeter not when the odds were always in your favor, but when they weren’t in your favor. 

What I’m trying to drive at is this. 

We are great when we are able to succeed in spite of our challenges, be it emotional, physical, mental, social, national, whatever it might be. 

Like I said, that’s what makes the success story sweet. 
We have all it takes to be great. You have greatness within you, question is are you willing to let it out? 

I used willing for a reason. Cause where there’s a will fam, there’s always a way. 

Do have a great day. 


Hello dear friends, I hope you’re having a great Sunday so far. I know I am. 

One thing I did differently was that I decided not to play my regular music today, I played church hymns instead and I feel in many ways I’m reaping the rewards. 

One hymn in particular, “Master, the tempest is raging(105), spoke to me in a profound way today. The hymn is centered on the Saviour’s experience calming the storm which can be found in Mathew 8:23-27. 

The message I want to share is from the chorus of the hymn which goes thus, 


The winds and the waves shall obey thy will:

Peace, be still.

Whether the wrath of the storm-tossed sea

Or demons or men or whatever it be,

No waters can swallow the ship where lies

The Master of ocean and earth and skies.

They all shall sweetly obey thy will:

Peace, be still; peace, be still.

They all shall sweetly obey thy will:

Peace, peace, be still.

And the thought in my mind why the song was playing was this, “A ship is a vessel not so? It’s so. And from scriptures, I think in psalms and Isaiah 52, I know that we are the vessels of the Lord. So putting two and two together, I can substitute vessel in place of ship in the hymn. 

Then we’d have, 

No water can swallow the vessel where lies the master of ocean and earth and skies. 

And that was when it hit me. 
If I live in such a way that I can have Christ reside in me, then it is assurance that principalities, powers, demons, men, and women, difficult people, challenges, mood swings, disappointments(insert the one that relates to you) etc etc can not overcome me because no water can swallow the vessel where Christ is in. 

I really hope this speaks to you as it did to me. My prayer is that I, as flawed as I am, can live in such a way that I am worthy of Christ’s companionship. It’s my prayer for you to today, knowing fully well that with him we’d always overcome, in Jesus Christ’s name, Amen. 

Thank you for reading this far. 

Do have a lovely week. 

Kelechi Ochulo. 

Broken Pieces

This is beautiful.

Ire Toluhi

You stabbed me and then pretended you were the one bleeding.


But I don’t care about that because I’ve discovered you’re now the one who needs healing
The “‘tourette’s'” your twisted thoughts were inflicted with, forced your arms into self destruct mode.

But unknowingly, we were each other

I thought there was a way to bind up burns till I remembered

You made me fall, but both of us shattered.
Both of us shattered.

Then I alone found a way to turn my bitter self into a garden of roses.
Yes, roses. Thorns and all.

It took me time; you were nowhere to be found. But I was so ready to fix both of  us.
Then I finally saw you!
But when I looked at you, I saw that your gaze was fixed in another direction.
Instead of us.

I knew you were going to build my shell

But as…

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You know the scripture that says a city set on a hill can not be hid, that no man would light a candle stick and put under a basket, but on a candle stick that it might give light to the whole house. Yeh? Matt 5:14-16. Great. 

Well last night, I read an explanation of that verse that I’ve never thought of before. Here’s the explanation and what I think about it.

Even a little candle when set on a hill can give a lot of light. 

It’s so awesome to me to think/know that even a little candle, The littlest item, in the littlest family of light producing objects when placed on a hill can give a lot of light. 

Supposing your natural ability to do something, perhaps excel at math, or recall what you read in CRS, or even apply physics theory in real life is the little candle. 

Or maybe the little candle is that talent of yours that you think is so small and insignificant. Maybe the fact that you’re a great listener, or that you have an eye for colors that look great side by side, or that you’re great at setting up awesome dates or organizing parties. 

Whatever it is you love or can do, no matter how big or small you feel it is, pretend it is the small candle.

So if you put this small candle of yours on a hill, it can give a lot of light, meaning it can make a big difference or it could be a big deal. 

The question then is, how do you put this candle(by now you should have identified what yours is) on a hill. 

To me you put your little candle on a hill by putting in your very best in that thing you’re doing. It doesn’t matter what they’ve said. Whether they believe you’re going to fail or not. All that matters is that you’ve done your best. All that matters is that you didn’t hold back. 

Put in your best. Do your little ordinary thing in an extraordinary manner and that would make all the difference. In so doing you are putting your candle on a hill. 

Before you know it, your talent, ability, passion or whatever it is, wouldn’t seem so little and ordinary anymore. 
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It is said that whoever has not failed before, has not done anything for the first time. Now while failure could be relative and its meaning varying with different individuals, one constant applying to everyone is that you would not always get it right the first time. 

You fall while learning to walk, while learning to ride a bike the odds are great that you would fall and perhaps sustain an injury, and it is said that while learning to drive if you have not had an accident(reversing into an electric pole or hitting the goal post in a football field perhaps, you guessed right, those were my accidents) you have not started.

Whether you agree with this or not, the fact still remains that you won’t always get it right the first time. 

Given this piece of somewhat discouraging information, what do you do? Do you because you fail at your first try you give up? And pick the path of less resistance or do you keep on?

Many times I start writing something, it’s not flowing as I want and I get discouraged and leave it entirely. But this is wrong and something I plan to stop. Which is mainly why I’m writing this, because you like me might have gotten discouraged when you didn’t get something right the first time. Stopping because of that would not make things better but only end your chances of ever getting it right in future. 

You just have keep moving. Just like you did with walking, talking and writing, you’ll get the hang of whatever it is eventually. And in due time, you’ll get to the point where getting it on the first try becomes second nature, and whenever you touch it it turns to gold. 

Do have a great week ahead! 


Kelechi Ochulo.

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In the spirit of Easter, a celebration of the death and resurrection of our lord and savior Jesus Christ, I’ve decided to share how I feel about the atonement.

It is true that in that excruciating moment at the garden of Gethsemane, Christ carried the sins of the whole world. But I feel it’s more than that.

I feel in that one moment, He was also carrying our frustrations with a hard life, our disappointments over a failed course/venture, our regrets, our heartbreaks, our worries. What else could so weigh him down To the point of sweating and crying blood?

And I know He did all this so that he can better know what it’s like to be us. So He can plead for mercy on our behalf.

Hebrews 4:15-16 is one of my favorite verses in the whole of Christendom. It says that He was tested and tried in all points just as we are, so that we can come to his throne of grace to obtain mercy and grace in time of need, so we can overcome death in all its many forms, just as He did.

I know He’s patiently waiting for me to let him help. He’s waiting for me to hand over the wheels to him totally. I hope one day I do. I hope you do too.

Happy Easter dear friend,
God bless you.

Ps. I’ll now like to use this juncture to thank all those who reached out to me last night and this morning. I feel you were the tools God used to get me back up. I do not know any job more rewarding than being a tool in the hands of the creator. And I know he’ll bless you all and recompense in a fitting manner.

Sincerely yours,
Kelechi Ochulo.


Don’t let past failures get in the way of your future success.

Yes. This is very true. That you’ve tried and failed doesn’t mean you should just stop there, though I tell you sometimes it can feel like there’s no hope anymore, but still you have to keep pushing. 

If it were like that, I mean if all the greats an inventors gave up after their first few failed attempts we might not have the light bulb, airplanes, cars, electricity, iPhones to mention but a few products where the inventors had to fail and start again. 

Yeh yeh, you might be thinking someone else might have taken their place and invented it but you get what I’m trying to say. 

But more than that, it’s even more important that you don’t let previous success get in the way of future success. 

With the right mindset, one successful event, task or goal can be a stepping stone to more greater things or shall I say more wins! 

But the minute you decide to dwell on past successes instead of going to work, allowing your head to “swell”, thinking all there is to be gotten has been gotten, chai. I won’t say more than that. 

Previous successes are a good thing. Let them encourage you to do more. And that’s the key, do more. 

See ehn, If there’s anything you shouldn’t be contented with in this life, it’s how much you’ve achieved. *drops mic. 

*picks up mic again*

Please have a good day everybody and a wonderful week ahead. 

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I know a guy. He wants to be a DJ. He’s serious about it and I’m proud of him. 

He took to his Twitter the other day, to inform friends and haters of his new love. I sent him a Dm, I wanted to know just how serious he was. And he really meant it. 
I hope he knows that when I said I was in support I really meant it too. 

In a time when everyone wants to take photos, start a cloth line or model it’s very refreshing for me to see someone doing something outside the established clichés. 
I think the reason for that, why people are crowding those three I mentioned earlier is because they’ve adopted this chase money mentality. And they feel like oh people have made it through this fields so I must too, forgetting that they are breaking and entering Into an already crowded market and are making matters worse for themselves. 

See money is like someone out of your league. Why you spend time and energy chasing after money, money is chasing after the person in its league. That person is called value. 

So what if you stepped up? What if you provided something people value? Things that are in demand? If the demand is not existing already, then create it. Help people see why they need what you’re offering. 

The result would be that this time, money would be the one chasing you. 

I hope in your life, you get to the point where money chases after and overtakes you. 

It’s my wish and prayer for you this day and also that you have a wonderful week. In Jesus Christ’s name amen! 

Happy mothers’ day all!


What is it about driving in Lagos that would turn the most gentle individuals to savages? In all my musing, I am yet to find out. I can only hope, no decide, that whenever I drive, I would be different. 

I was listening to the radio some time last year, on the way to a function, when the radio presenter introduced a challenge. He announced a prize of Fifty thousand Naira for anyone who could drive from the main land to the island without abusing any other road user. 

“Pft, easy!”, was my response. But that was before he introduced the catch. The catch was that no one should abuse you too. And everyone in the studio began to laugh like it was something impossible. Maybe just maybe, because they’re right and it actually is? 

As much as like to defy norms and limitations given by society which most people gladly adopt, I having lived in Lagos for getting to four years now, cannot deny the fact that it is impossible do drive such a long distance, braving the traffic, without being abused or yelled at. When such things and people as reckless cyclists, dreaded drivers of the yellow bus, and seasoned captains of the beat up molués still exist. It is indeed a given. An event we have the least bit of control ever.

My style in situations and events I have no control over however, has always been the same. One in which prevents me from unnecessary stress and headache. And that is too leave that which I have no control over while focusing on the things which I can control. Most at times, my response and attitude to the things I can not control. 

When driving in Lagos, aye and in all other activities of life, we can not control how people treat us. We can however decide how we respond. On Lagos roads for example, We can decide if we’d chase them down and cuss them out or if we’d simply smile and go our way. We can decide if we’d pay attention to their curt remarks or if we’d ignore them and remain at a higher place. The latter one which avoids us stress and discomfort.

I understand that there are many hurtful things that other road users would do that can make you want to lash out. But with time keeping your cool gets easier and soon you’d be unfazed by their actions. 

Living a positive life is something which can be very challenging yet rewarding. One way I’ve been able to live one, is by making sure that all that comes out from my mouth are positive. No shaming, abusing, or bringing down with my mouth. After all, as the good Lord taught, it is that which comes out from a person, that defiles him/her. 

Enough with the taking from my end, what do you think? 

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