THOUGHTS ON BECOMING A POWEFUL/INFLUENTIAL PERSON. EP1. Walk in humility before the powers that be. 



Before we go any further, allow me to give honor to the most powerful being in the universe. God. God is the ultimate source of power. With his word, he created the universe and all in it. How powerful is that? Humble yourself before him and you’ll be exalted. 

That being said, there really is a need to humble yourself before the powers that be. You do not want them looking at you as a threat. If they do, bad things would happen that might in due time stop your rise. Is it any wonder that the first law of power in Robert Greene’s book is never outshine the master. No it isn’t. 

There are lessons that can be learned from Lucius Lyon’s behavior in the first episode of empire season 2. The Frank Gathers, the most feared being on the street, arrives at the same prison he’s being kept in. Prior to his arrival, there are rumors he would be coming and the prisoners are jittery. Lucius keeps his cool. Upon Frank’s arrival, the first thing he does is to go and greet him. 

Frank accepts the greeting and tells Lucius that them both, are inspirational figures. Lucius replies by saying that no, the only inspirational figure is Frank. Frank looked pleased by that statement. You see, there’s a lot of sense in what Lucius did. Assuming he accepted the compliment, Frank might feel threatened. Lucius didn’t which caused Frank to lower his guard and not suspect anything. 

In the end, Lucius had to go have a sit down with Frank. He stood up to Frank in order to defend his wife. Frank ordered for him to be killed. Unknown to Frank, all though Lucius came alone, all the guys present there were loyal to Lucius. Lucius tells Frank that he must be mistaken. Lucius then orders for Frank to be killed. The last lesson Frank Gathers learnt in this life was that it was Lucius Lyon who actually ran the streets. 

Assuming Lucius had accepted the compliment earlier, Frank might have been more careful knowing that Lucius was around and might have even killed him to eliminate the threat of his existence. Lucius walking humbly before Frank enabled him to become survive and depose him in the end. 

In what sphere do you want to be powerful ? Who are the powerful people already existing there ? Walk in humility before them. This way you won’t be considered a threat. 

Remember, you have to stoop in order to conquer.