Ok so I thought of something earlier today and I’ll like to share with you reading this. 

First of, I’m glad you’re reading this because it shows my effort isn’t in vain, and it just might help you out. 
It’s about getting out of emotionally down times.

Before I go further, a disclaimer; I’m no expert on this issue, as falling sick frequently doesn’t make one an expert physician. However, one who falls sick frequently, at some point, is able to know what drugs work and what doesn’t, which health practices help and what not. That is where i stand. 

Now, I realized today, that the first step in getting out of an “emotional slump” is to literally take that first step. Get out of there. 

Let me throw more light. 

Most of the time, when I’m in these my “dark times” as the weeknd calls them, I’m mostly on my bed or sitting still and thinking negative thoughts. Allowing bad vibes to envelop me. 

While one can’t help getting in these moods at times, we do have power over our response. 
I’ve noticed that whenever I’ve gotten back to the light, the first step I did was getting out of that “stance of defeat.”

If I’m in my room, I leave my room to go do a chore or just take a shower. If I’m lying down, I get up and get around to get busy with something positive. 

Very regularly, when I’m in my feelings, I feel like, “alright, let’s see what life wants to throw at me. Let me see what life is going to bring next.”

Only today, did I realize how fundamentally flawed this form of thinking is. 

I can’t sit and let life happen to me, when there’s a much better choice of going out there and happening to life! 

Who was it that said, the best cure for these negative feelings is to go and do something good for another person. 

Service, no matter how big or small is another method that helps me. When you’re serving another, you are able to take your mind of you and your problems. 

Doing so enables me to begin to feel better. 

One thing leads to another and I begin to feel better. 

So let me go over the major points. 

1. When you catch yourself slipping into negative feelings, get out of there! In the literal sense. Find some other place and something good to do. 

2. Don’t wait for what else life brings your way, go and happen to life! Take initiative and do new things! 

3. Serve others. Serving others would take your focus of you and your problems and leave you feeling better as an end result. 

Thank you for reading this far. 

My dear friend Debbie told me once that, she doesn’t like self help material. Her reason being that most of the time, the author just discusses a method that works for him/her. 

What proof is there that it’ll work for another? 

In all honesty, this is no exception as I’m discussing methods that work for me. 

But then again, how will you know if it’ll work for you or not. There’s only one way to find out.

Remain positive. 

With love, 

Kelechi Ochulo.

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