Our Man crush this Monday is Pastor Gbenga Ademujimi more popularly called by those who know him as Pastor G. He is the founder and chief coach of Kingshill Academy. In the academy, you are assisted in finding your purpose in life and guided in accomplishing it. 

Besides running the Kingshill Academy, he also runs a “Y.E.S” program in the church he pastors at 5 times a year.  Y.E.S stands for Youth Economic Empowerment School. There youth are equipped with skills that would empower them economically. Taught to budget, save and other financial management skills. Basically, every thing a youth needs to know that’ll equip them for the future. 

Regularly, he engages in humanitarian activities and is a benefactor to a lot of teenagers and young adults. He’s very passionate about helping young people find their purpose early in life. 

That’s why he’s our man crush this Monday. 

He likes to do all his good deeds lowkey and I’m not permitted to say them on here. He indeed is someone working to shape the lives of Nigerian youth positively. 

His website is and he has an app “life purpose discovery” app. You should check it (both website and app) out, I would! 

Thank you for reading and enjoy the rest of your day. 

Mr. Odudu-Abasi Essien. 

This week’s man crush is none other than Mr. Odudu Essien founder and CEO of the young ecclesia nation.

Mr. Essien is a teenage leader , motivational speaker, evangelist and entrepreneur whose area of specialization is discipline and connecting young adults who are in fire for Christ. The setup is kind of like network marketing only that it is not or profit. 

Network marketing in the sense that he disciplines people who in turn reach out to other tht would now reach out to even more people .

His classes are in this form . First there’s worship session ( in my opinion they can get out of hand ) then there’s a session or sharing the word which he handles most times . At times he let’s some of his trusted prodigees take that segment . Then there’s my personal favorite segment : the personal development / motivational segment  

Mr. Essien has a lot of material that reading such can change your life positively. I like the fact that all the students he had close contact with had their reading game boosted by far. His method of teaching personal development is one young people can relate too. Him being not so far from our age understands our situations, emphatizes in a way other teachers can’t and gives wonderful advice. I must say I have learnt a lot by coming in contact with him. 

I don’t agree with every single things he says. We differ slightly in some aspects of belief and worship but I must say he’s someone working to better he lives of young people very where . 

More grease to your elbow sir ! You are our man crush ! 

#MCM : the very first ! 


Today is Monday and our first man crush Monday is Mr. Francis Onyebueze Nmeribe .

This is a personal favorite, it’s only fitting that it is the first one. If you’d didn’t already know, he’s my dad.

Mr Francis among many other things is an amazing husband and biological father of three , an entrepreneur, a life coach , and the chief editor of KELECHI OCHULO. ( I am mentioning just a few .)

I remember when I was still quite small and going through the phase which every red blooded Nigerian boy goes through . The phase where we want to become footballers . I told him and he took little me quite seriously . He told me that all I needed to do was get a degree . He even told me about lots of athletes who had degrees in various things such as medicine , engineering etc .

Later on when I wanted to find the cure for AIDS , unlike the accountant at Living Word Academy , he didn’t tell me how some doctors had quit their jobs just to go and research to find the cure without any success . He didn’t mock me either. He told me if I really wanted to, I could do it.

Time and time again he’s supported me in my endeavors I mean it’s not every dad that walks up to a complete stranger at the embassy and starts a discussion just to teach his son how easy it is to talk to girls . I’ve told these story to my friends lots of times . ( besides the woman from the embassy is still our friend and it’s been 3 years since . )

You need to realize that he’s not just a dad to me but is a father figure to a whole bunch of young adults I know . I used to think I was His oldest kid but I’ve come to realize how wrong I was .

The coolest part is how he helps people lowkey . I mean I won’t even know this if not for times I’ve had to fix something in his phone , arrange his office desk and clean up his room.

He is awesome .

His wealth of knowledge and experience is incredible . I find his books , tapes , and motivational material very helpful . ( oh dad by the way I haven’t read all your books since you refused to give me for free , but I promise I’ll buy them as I live for school )

Every moment with him is a life changing one .

His attitude is on point .

His relationship advice is the best .

His desire to help young people succeed is genuine as such he charges little to nothing for his coaching.

His Facebook pages are Francis Nmeribe and Success Publishers . There you would see more information concerning him and his services.

I don’t know how else to some it up other than this : he is the real MVP .