#MCM : the very first ! 


Today is Monday and our first man crush Monday is Mr. Francis Onyebueze Nmeribe .

This is a personal favorite, it’s only fitting that it is the first one. If you’d didn’t already know, he’s my dad.

Mr Francis among many other things is an amazing husband and biological father of three , an entrepreneur, a life coach , and the chief editor of KELECHI OCHULO. ( I am mentioning just a few .)

I remember when I was still quite small and going through the phase which every red blooded Nigerian boy goes through . The phase where we want to become footballers . I told him and he took little me quite seriously . He told me that all I needed to do was get a degree . He even told me about lots of athletes who had degrees in various things such as medicine , engineering etc .

Later on when I wanted to find the cure for AIDS , unlike the accountant at Living Word Academy , he didn’t tell me how some doctors had quit their jobs just to go and research to find the cure without any success . He didn’t mock me either. He told me if I really wanted to, I could do it.

Time and time again he’s supported me in my endeavors I mean it’s not every dad that walks up to a complete stranger at the embassy and starts a discussion just to teach his son how easy it is to talk to girls . I’ve told these story to my friends lots of times . ( besides the woman from the embassy is still our friend and it’s been 3 years since . )

You need to realize that he’s not just a dad to me but is a father figure to a whole bunch of young adults I know . I used to think I was His oldest kid but I’ve come to realize how wrong I was .

The coolest part is how he helps people lowkey . I mean I won’t even know this if not for times I’ve had to fix something in his phone , arrange his office desk and clean up his room.

He is awesome .

His wealth of knowledge and experience is incredible . I find his books , tapes , and motivational material very helpful . ( oh dad by the way I haven’t read all your books since you refused to give me for free , but I promise I’ll buy them as I live for school )

Every moment with him is a life changing one .

His attitude is on point .

His relationship advice is the best .

His desire to help young people succeed is genuine as such he charges little to nothing for his coaching.

His Facebook pages are Francis Nmeribe and Success Publishers . There you would see more information concerning him and his services.

I don’t know how else to some it up other than this : he is the real MVP .



I’m starting some new trends to keep things interesting here on the page and on the blog. It’s still in the works but I can let you know that every Monday well have a #MCM post . 
Basically, the post would feature on an a man who’s major work is dealing with teenagers and young adults and making us thrive. 
The focus would be mostly on Nigerian men but as we progress would also feature other Africans and would move up to the world scene much later .
Thank you for your support . 
PS : the equivalent for females #WCW would come up on Wednesday . 
PS2: I would be writing about the reader of the month later today since today is the last day of the month . 
PS3: it would a regular thing and there would be a prize that would get bigger with progress . 
PS4 : I’m forever open to your suggestions and comments it is an open floor after all . 
I would have made a PS5 but it’s not out yet 🚶 . 
Be good .



Thinking about my future plans at the moment have caused me to remember an encounter I had with a friend of mine. I want to use this opportunity to give credit to whom credit is due. 
It was one cold morning, I had just made the daily exodus from the hostel to the school and I had caught a cold. 

I got into class and lay on a makeshift bed made up of chairs. That was when she came to school. She had cold too, so I shared with her the allergy pills that David @mansouncanny had given me. That was kind of like the ice breaker. ( we used to talk yeh , but that was the ice breaker for that occasion ) 

Somehow we started taking about future plans. I always knew that just like me she wanted to be a chemical engineer, but I didn’t know in what field or why. So I asked her. I recall asking if she was just into it for the oil money. Her response shocked me. 

She went into detail as per why she chose chemical engineering and what she intended to do with it ! I won’t go sharing what she told me because it really is her story to tell. Plus, I don’t think y’all are ready for it. LOL . 
But really I felt so unserious at that moment. I used to think I had my life all figured out. That discussion made me realize that I had a long way to go . 

I recall thinking I needed to be specifically sure of what I wanted to do with my company. Thanks to her, now I’m more specific as per what and what my energy company would specialize in. I’m not 100% sure of every itty bit . There still remain some extraneous variables, but because of that encounter and the thinking I did , what I want to do is clearer now. 

I believe in positive peer pressure . 

Look out for positive peer pressure . 

Embrace it .

Hang on to it for dear life . 

Pressure your Friends positively . 

Thank you Salami Ayobami 😘😘 .


I’ve learnt from experience that when you start something and then leave it to go do something else, thinking to yourself all the while that you’d get back to it later, most of the time you never get back to it . 
Before you start something, ask yourself if you’d be able to see it through to the end.
Once you’ve started, remain strong and see it to its completion. You’ll be glad you did. 
Great men did not become great by starting their projects and leaving it halfway. 
Neither would you . 


I recently read an article on datapepple.com . The article was on dealing with what people say about you. I found it very useful. I will share what I learnt later in this post. 

Before, I used to be so bothered by what anyone was saying about me. I couldn’t stand a situation whereby I was talking with people and then they said something and didn’t include me. 
Lately however, I began to care less. I told myself that it was only the opinion of God and myself that really matters. 
A line from a song by Tuface also helped too! 
It was the chorus: if nobody talks about you, then you are nobody! 
Now I know that what other people think or say about me doesn’t matter as much as what I say and think about myself. It’s not easy, neither is it going to occur overnight, but I hope one day you’ll be able to know so too. 
So data’s advice was;  
Write down a list of all the people who’s opinion of you matters to you. 
Criteria for people on this list are as follows: 
How much do you trust him/her?
Can you go to great lengths to protect him/her? 
Does he/she truly love you?
May I add, do you consider him/her family? 
According to data, if you’ve answered no to two out of these questions, (in my opinion, any of these questions) he/she doesn’t deserve to be on that list. 
I hope you get the picture!  
So you see if I say I’m light skinned, it really doesn’t matter what you say or think. LOL. Just kidding. I’m not light. 
I hope you had a good read. 
Ps . Feel free to message me about any issues concerning fulfilling big dreams, the road to success and achieving your goals. I’d be glad to help by writing about it. 
Take care.


So I just read a CNN article about the Eko Atlantic City, Lagos, Nigeria.  
The writer a Nigerian based in London praised the idea and actually said it wasn’t radical enough. 

In some ways it might be a good idea. Bringing us at par with cities like Dubai, New York , Tokyo etc however there remain some disadvantages in my opinion. 

I for one, do not like the rate at which the island is being clustered. I don’t like the way all developmental projects are concentrated on the island. We mainlanders are Lagosians too. The original ones for crying out loud ! 

Then, the issue of reclaiming land from the Atlantic Ocean. How does the Atlantic feel about this? LOL. I bet, we’re not the first city to carry out this reclaiming of a thing. If they can adequately put structures in place to prevent a collapse sure ! 

I think, the people’s major problem and mine is this ; time without number, most of our leaders have proven that they’re there for only a few. Is this really the right time to carry out such a project, when the rest of the mainland still have a long way to go infrastructure wise? 

Don’t get me wrong, the idea isn’t a bad idea on its own but the timing .
If the kind of attention the government is giving to this project is given to the cause of the common man think our situation will get way better. 
How about the deplorable state of roads in various parts of the state ? The Pen Cinema/Railway Crossing, Abulegba T-Junction of Abeokuta Expressway and Old Abeokuta Road that badly need flyovers? The slums of Agege and Ajegunle? The down trodden standard of education? The wide spread environmental pollution? How about the grossly inadequate housing condition of Lagos? These are just a few areas that are badly in need of an extreme makeover! 

A lot is still lacking. Why not deal with the most pressing? 

In Economics, we are taught about a scale of preference. One organizes wants in order of preference, importance and urgency! This goes a long way to show the position of the hoi polloi in our governments scale of preference. 

PS . Hoi polloi simply means masses 😌 . Have a great day !

What do you want ? 

Good morning all ! For those of you who actually like my posts and look forward to it, I apologize for not posting these last three days . 

I had to deal with some technical issues AKA exhausted data. 
Anyways I’m back now . 
Today’s post is based on a story I read from the book I’m reading at the moment : the principles and power of Vision by Dr. Myles Munroe . 
It’s a good read . I recommend it to anyone who has big dreams and to those who don’t have yet . 
So I’ll get to it straight away . 
What do you want ? 
What do you want out of life ? 
What do you want at the moment that’ll help you be where you want to be ? 
Just imagine your dad is asking you this question and he’s ready to provide what you ask for ASAP . 
Someone who hasn’t given these questions much thought might stutter and end up asking for things that are not so relevant. Only for the moment to go and then the person now realizes what he/she should have asked for . 
For one to be able to maximize such an opportunity, one must have given these questions prior thought . 
Nehemiah in the bible gave so much thought to fixing the walls of Jerusalem to the extent that it was written on his face. 
The king he served as a cupbearer noticed and asked what it was that he wanted. Nehemiah was able to answer promptly and the king granted him resources necessary to do what he wanted . 
The story of Solomon is one I have always loved . I always asked myself that if it were me that God had asked what I wanted, would I have asked for something important like Solomon ? Would I have asked for riches or fame ? 
It is only now that I realize that for Solomon to have answered like that, he must have given it thought long before then. 
Which is what I’m asking you to do today. 
Give thought to these questions . 
Answer them in your minds so that should opportunity ever arise you’ll know what to say . 
So fellas what is it that you really want ?

A new day . A new dawn . 

Good morning all . 
We thank our God each day we wake up for allowing us to see a brand new day . 

If you don’t already do this or maybe it’s not a habit for you , you are wrong . Get right . 
But do we really understand the gift of a new day ? 
Maybe when we do , we can be sincerely grateful for seeing a new day . 
Certain times, moments, periods etc are auspicious. That is they carry the power that we need to make life changing decisions . 
You are already familiar with some of such moments. They include a new year, a new school term, a transfer, a break up , a birthday , surviving an accident/terminal illness etc . 
There are many of such moments . The most frequent of them all and equally as powerful is a new day . 
A new day comes with it the power and opportunity to start things afresh, to turn your life around for good, to start living as you should, to maybe start taking that diet more seriously or getting serious with your work out plan . 
What am I trying to say ? 
You might have messed up , you might have deviated from your life plan along the line , or maybe you’re just not satisfied with the way life is at the moment . 
It’s a good thing to be not satisfied with where you are at the moment . 
Truth be told , you deserve more . 
My point is today , this new day , not tomorrow , but today that you’re reading this comes with the power to make those changes . 
You can start the process to making life what you want it to be today . 
You can make the necessary changes you need to make today . 
There’s a saying that, “yesterday is history , tomorrow is mystery , but today is a gift.” 
I hope you understand that now ! 
Do have a wonderful day . 
Be safe ✌️👍 .

Look around you ! 

Look around you . 
You’ll find people creating niches .

(Look it up !)
You’ll find people using their gifts to make a fortune, blow, shine, whatever it is you’ll call it .
You need to realize that there’s something deposited in you. Something only you can offer . 
I read somewhere, that a lot of us have packages left unopened from the day of our birth . 
So now quit looking around . 
Look inside you .
What is it about you that the world is waiting for ? What is /are your talent(s) ? What is/are your gift(s) ? What is your purpose ? 
Whether it’s gotten rusty as a result of lack of use, or maybe it’s never been discovered , it’s there and is yours to use . 
Good news is it’s never too late to begin . You can make things happen , or watch other people do so . It’s your choice to make . 
Really it is .

Kindness all around . 

A while ago at school , a teacher did a nice thing for me . I really appreciated it and told him so . The response he gave me was thought provoking . 

He said that if I really wanted to thank him for what he did I should go do something nice for someone else. 

This is the whole point of today’s article . On some occasions someone has thanked me and I replied with that. That’s what I want all reading this article to do . If you do something nice for someone and the person thanks you , please urge him/her to pass it on. 

You’ll never know the far reaching effect of your little act of kindness. I’ve heard stories of people who were on the brink of taking their lives , who decided to try again because of a little act of kindness someone showed them . 

So let’s take the time of our busy lives and send someone a kind note , a good morning text , just hit someone up to know how they’re doing  . When they thank you , encourage them to do it to someone else. 

If the chain of kindness is kept up  , your one singular act of kindness could end up in Kenya, Mexico , Singapore , UAE etc. You never can tell! 

In conclusion , I’ll like to quote George Elliot : ” what do we live for , if not to make life less difficult for each other ?”

So make my day and do this alright ? 

Thank you ! 

P.S if you liked this post , how about you do someone else the Favour and pass it on eh ?