How should society deal with rational discrimination?

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In Chapter 5 of Naked Economics(one of my texts for school this year), Economics of Information, Charles Wheelan examines the behaviors of individuals, firms and government without perfect information. In Econ 110, we assume that all parties have perfect information, i.e. everyone knows everything they could want to know. In reality, this is rarely the case and people have to rely on mental models, past experiences and statistics.

This leads to the idea of statistical discrimination, a rational form of discrimination in which an individual makes an inference that is correct based on broad statistical trends but; 1. is likely to be wrong in the specific case at hand and 2.) has a discriminatory effect on a group. Some examples of this in action would be an employer assuming that a female applicant is interested in starting a family and would lose money for the firm when she’d eventually require maternity leave or Police officers being especially cautious or brutal with an African-American male because he might be armed and dangerous or even airport security singling out a middle-eastern male and subjecting him to extra searches.

How should society go about reconciling the fact that in certain cases it is rational to discriminate? Is it fair to think of discrimination based on race/ethnicity and gender as necessary evils in the same vein as crime/pollution in the sense that a certain amount is optimal in order to maximize societal benefit? Leave a comment and let me know!

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My parents Francis and Ada are some of the greatest people I’ll ever meet in my whole existence, both this life and the lives to come. 

They’ve taught me that life is best lived according to the teachings of Jesus Christ. They haven’t done this by forcing me to accept the gospel. Neither have they done this by forcing me to see things as they do or appreciate everything they appreciate. 

They’ve done this simply by some means making me fall in love with the kind of life they’re living. Making me want to live just like them. 

And here’s the thing, In trying to be like them, I realize that I am being more like the savior and living the gospel of Jesus. 

This as far as I’m concerned is what it means to teach in the Savior’s way. This is why I say they’re the greatest teachers I could ever have and the best set of friends I could ever ask for. And this is the pattern I want to use with my kids and all who I might be privileged to influence. 

I hope to God, no I pray to God, that my children can say the same about me. I pray that yours too can say same about you. 

Dad and mum God bless you for me.




So they say whatever you don’t do for long would leave you eh!? I really wish I could say I’m the special exception to this rule, but it does seem to me like it’s one of those universal principles that are just given you know?

This really worried me when I graduated from secondary school and realized I’d have to wait for virtually a year before I start my university education. 

I thought to myself, “a year without math and the regular calculations?? Would I still be up and doing by the time I start uni?.”

I tell you this was no small concern of mine. The thought actually terrified me. Not to toot my horn but I’ve always been a great student and want to keep it that way. 

My worries weren’t allayed until the day I thought to myself, “come oh, this guy self there’s really no cause for alarm na? Aren’t you the one who’s always reading books, newspaper articles, visiting this blog or the other to read the latest stories? And when I’m not reading I’m writing?, so all of these activities are brain exercises and you’ll be just fine.” 

So for the time being my worries we’re put in a box to the left, under lock and key, never to be opened again. Or so I thought. Because you see recently, after I fell into another unprecedented writing break without warning, it’s like someone’s found the key to the box, made like Pandora and let my demons out. 

This time around I’m prepared though. You see I’ve realized that brain exercise exists in more than one form. Whether it’s solving math, reading books, writing Java code, having intellectually/emotionally stimulating conversations with friends, or simply enjoying a cup of beverage while gazing at nature and thinking, “it’s a wonderful world”

There really is no end to what you can do to keep your self intellectually sharp, set and ready to go. 

This post serves to let you know that I’ve not given up on writing. No dear it’s not happening any time soon. I’ve just been occupied with a lot of equally important stuff as well. It’s hard to find the time but whenever I do make time to write, it’s comforting to know I’ve still got it. 

So let this be a lesson to you all. Don’t let the fact that you’ve left something for a long while discourage you. Like an unfinished book, you can just pick it up and continue from where you stopped! 

Have a great life! 

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A few thoughts on succeeding against the odds. 

Written April 9, 2016.

I was thinking about life in Nigeria the other day. I realized it’s really hard to do things here (or maybe anywhere else even). Like someone that wants to fail or who isn’t ready to put in all the work has lots of excuses. 

For example, power supply is erratic, transportation to and fro is stressful, communication network/internet connectivity is poor, the infrastructure is lacking. All of which are needed to achieve what one wants. 

And it might not be just in Nigeria. Wherever you are, you would find the challenges peculiar to that place that make it difficult for you to do the things you want, to live your dreams or chase your passions. 

Then I thought to myself, what makes a person great is not succeeding without challenges, it’s succeeding in spite of these challenges! A success story is sweeter not when the odds were always in your favor, but when they weren’t in your favor. 

What I’m trying to drive at is this. 

We are great when we are able to succeed in spite of our challenges, be it emotional, physical, mental, social, national, whatever it might be. 

Like I said, that’s what makes the success story sweet. 
We have all it takes to be great. You have greatness within you, question is are you willing to let it out? 

I used willing for a reason. Cause where there’s a will fam, there’s always a way. 

Do have a great day. 


Hello dear friends, I hope you’re having a great Sunday so far. I know I am. 

One thing I did differently was that I decided not to play my regular music today, I played church hymns instead and I feel in many ways I’m reaping the rewards. 

One hymn in particular, “Master, the tempest is raging(105), spoke to me in a profound way today. The hymn is centered on the Saviour’s experience calming the storm which can be found in Mathew 8:23-27. 

The message I want to share is from the chorus of the hymn which goes thus, 


The winds and the waves shall obey thy will:

Peace, be still.

Whether the wrath of the storm-tossed sea

Or demons or men or whatever it be,

No waters can swallow the ship where lies

The Master of ocean and earth and skies.

They all shall sweetly obey thy will:

Peace, be still; peace, be still.

They all shall sweetly obey thy will:

Peace, peace, be still.

And the thought in my mind why the song was playing was this, “A ship is a vessel not so? It’s so. And from scriptures, I think in psalms and Isaiah 52, I know that we are the vessels of the Lord. So putting two and two together, I can substitute vessel in place of ship in the hymn. 

Then we’d have, 

No water can swallow the vessel where lies the master of ocean and earth and skies. 

And that was when it hit me. 
If I live in such a way that I can have Christ reside in me, then it is assurance that principalities, powers, demons, men, and women, difficult people, challenges, mood swings, disappointments(insert the one that relates to you) etc etc can not overcome me because no water can swallow the vessel where Christ is in. 

I really hope this speaks to you as it did to me. My prayer is that I, as flawed as I am, can live in such a way that I am worthy of Christ’s companionship. It’s my prayer for you to today, knowing fully well that with him we’d always overcome, in Jesus Christ’s name, Amen. 

Thank you for reading this far. 

Do have a lovely week. 

Kelechi Ochulo. 



“Is it cool to get back together with your ex if you guys still love yourselves.”

This was a question for the tl, someone asked via the sub-delivery man and an illustration of one of my many problems with society.

Seeking for validation from people or things other than your inner being. What makes society the judge of what’s right and wrong and what’s acceptable and isn’t?? 

If you ask me society has done a real terrible judge as custodian of the moral compass.

If you want to get back with your ex good and fine! If you dont want that either still good and fine. You are the one that knows what you want in a relationship. No one else is going to enjoy or endure a relationship with you! 

To me Another form of this, what will I call it now, is in the existence of a guy/girl code. I don’t even know what the guy code is and isn’t and you bet money that I can’t be bothered. 

Don’t make the mistake of thinking anyone’s living your life with you. You alone are responsible for your actions. You alone will reap the rewards or consequences of your actions. So you might as well start living for yourself. 


The other day, I had to wait for and and hour and thirty minutes at the gate before going inside. I just sat on the sloping concrete that was our drive way and stared and thought and stared. 

I don’t blame anyone though. It was just one of those things. No body expected me to be home by 3.35pm. So they were all out. The girls at school, mum on her way to pick them and dad about to board a plane. 

But then I was annoyed because I called mum while still on the bus ride home to let her know I’ll be back early. She didn’t pick. Assuming she’d picked, maybe I’d had known to stop by my sisters’ school and join them there. But I didn’t know that. 

I called her again as I walked into the estate. While waiting for her to pick, I started thinking, “what if you have to wait outside.” You know those kind of thoughts. So when she finally picked and said she wasn’t at home, I wasn’t surprised. In my mind’s eye, I’d seen it coming. 

The thing about my “estate” is that it’s in a community in Ota. And estate is what it’s expected to be in a few years. Right now, it’s just bushes, a few houses and properties under development. Needless to say, I don’t have any friends there. 

Seating outside, I consoled my self saying, “everything happens for a reason” and “maybe the universe is trying to teach me a lesson.” So I busied myself with just being and observing and being and observing. 

With that attitude, the first hour and fifteen minutes went by and I wasn’t very much fazed. The final fifteen minutes seemed to be longer than all the time I’d spent outside waiting.

I began to wonder, where were they really, how long does it take to get back from school. It wasn’t a question of distance as the school’s not so far, neither could one say the traffic might have kept them because that’s not an issue in this area.

What made matters worse was that I didn’t have data on my phone, the wifi was inside my phone has battery problems so I didn’t bother playing music, my laptop’s battery was critically low so watching a movie was out of the question and I was freaking thirsty under the hot weather. 

So I was sort of handicapped, just waiting and waiting. 

When finally they came, I made sure not to smile at anyone. I walked to the car to get the keys and open the gate cause the dogs were out and my sisters can’t stand them. I opened the side gate, put the dogs in and was about to open the main gate when I thought, “why not let them wait for a while outside so they know how it feels.”

I considered this thought for a while. But I asked myself, how can I do this to them, what sort of a person would that make me, and so I just opened the main gate for them. 

They drove in mid thanks and apologies. I tried to crack a smile as my sister began to tell me about her day. 


So I’m here, wanting more. But more seems to be out there. 

And I’ve tried, I’ve really tried to be content with where I am now. 

But trying to be content gets old eventually.

As it has now. 

And so I’m back to where I started at the beginning. 

Wanting more. 

Get out of your comfort zone, do something new they say. 

But as with many, too many things in life, it’s easier said than done.

Don’t get me wrong 

I’m not scared of out there, no I’m intrigued. 

I want to do things.

I want know things.

I want to see things. 

But certain people, who have a misconstrued idea about who own my life won’t let me

And so I’m under perpetual house arrest. 

Help me ask, what crime I did commit?

I’ve read that the fears you don’t face become your limits, 

The fears of my parents have become my limits.

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Don’t let past failures get in the way of your future success.

Yes. This is very true. That you’ve tried and failed doesn’t mean you should just stop there, though I tell you sometimes it can feel like there’s no hope anymore, but still you have to keep pushing. 

If it were like that, I mean if all the greats an inventors gave up after their first few failed attempts we might not have the light bulb, airplanes, cars, electricity, iPhones to mention but a few products where the inventors had to fail and start again. 

Yeh yeh, you might be thinking someone else might have taken their place and invented it but you get what I’m trying to say. 

But more than that, it’s even more important that you don’t let previous success get in the way of future success. 

With the right mindset, one successful event, task or goal can be a stepping stone to more greater things or shall I say more wins! 

But the minute you decide to dwell on past successes instead of going to work, allowing your head to “swell”, thinking all there is to be gotten has been gotten, chai. I won’t say more than that. 

Previous successes are a good thing. Let them encourage you to do more. And that’s the key, do more. 

See ehn, If there’s anything you shouldn’t be contented with in this life, it’s how much you’ve achieved. *drops mic. 

*picks up mic again*

Please have a good day everybody and a wonderful week ahead. 

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I know a guy. He wants to be a DJ. He’s serious about it and I’m proud of him. 

He took to his Twitter the other day, to inform friends and haters of his new love. I sent him a Dm, I wanted to know just how serious he was. And he really meant it. 
I hope he knows that when I said I was in support I really meant it too. 

In a time when everyone wants to take photos, start a cloth line or model it’s very refreshing for me to see someone doing something outside the established clichés. 
I think the reason for that, why people are crowding those three I mentioned earlier is because they’ve adopted this chase money mentality. And they feel like oh people have made it through this fields so I must too, forgetting that they are breaking and entering Into an already crowded market and are making matters worse for themselves. 

See money is like someone out of your league. Why you spend time and energy chasing after money, money is chasing after the person in its league. That person is called value. 

So what if you stepped up? What if you provided something people value? Things that are in demand? If the demand is not existing already, then create it. Help people see why they need what you’re offering. 

The result would be that this time, money would be the one chasing you. 

I hope in your life, you get to the point where money chases after and overtakes you. 

It’s my wish and prayer for you this day and also that you have a wonderful week. In Jesus Christ’s name amen! 

Happy mothers’ day all!