With Ayo Busari there is certainly more than meets the eye. While he’s very popular for his thriving photography, and his experiments with filmography, this I tell you is just the tip of the iceberg of what he can do.

Like did you know, he designs graphics, writes poems, songs and articles from time to time! Me I’m one person that’s all about transcending society’s bounds and living above already established status quo (Check out Nnamdi,and  Meka also ), because of that, it shouldn’t be hard to see why I am in awe of this young man Busari. Doing well in a society that has made us to believe if you do more than one thing you can never do any well.

Fueled by his love for art and nature, and his dream to see people of color earn major recognition in the global art industry, he has chosen to study journalism and media. 
Ayo drives himself to do more, to be more by teaching himself most of what he knows. “It’s just practice and practice.”, He said. But not without adding  “and few sleepless nights.” His motto being if I try, I can it is not hard to see why he can do well in a bunch of things.

When asked what he’ll like the world to know, this is what he has to say, “I’m just a camera boy who loves art and nature, I am always trying to capture moments in words and images.” 

Well Ayo has captured my admiration, love and respect this night. If you asked me this feature was long overdue. But I’m glad I waited. So now anyone reading this would know Ayo Busari is more than just about photography. Ayo is trying to make an impact! One project at a time. 

In the mean time, his short film, Zanto the strange man drops anytime soon. You can be sure I’ll keep you posted. Do look forward to it.




So they say whatever you don’t do for long would leave you eh!? I really wish I could say I’m the special exception to this rule, but it does seem to me like it’s one of those universal principles that are just given you know?

This really worried me when I graduated from secondary school and realized I’d have to wait for virtually a year before I start my university education. 

I thought to myself, “a year without math and the regular calculations?? Would I still be up and doing by the time I start uni?.”

I tell you this was no small concern of mine. The thought actually terrified me. Not to toot my horn but I’ve always been a great student and want to keep it that way. 

My worries weren’t allayed until the day I thought to myself, “come oh, this guy self there’s really no cause for alarm na? Aren’t you the one who’s always reading books, newspaper articles, visiting this blog or the other to read the latest stories? And when I’m not reading I’m writing?, so all of these activities are brain exercises and you’ll be just fine.” 

So for the time being my worries we’re put in a box to the left, under lock and key, never to be opened again. Or so I thought. Because you see recently, after I fell into another unprecedented writing break without warning, it’s like someone’s found the key to the box, made like Pandora and let my demons out. 

This time around I’m prepared though. You see I’ve realized that brain exercise exists in more than one form. Whether it’s solving math, reading books, writing Java code, having intellectually/emotionally stimulating conversations with friends, or simply enjoying a cup of beverage while gazing at nature and thinking, “it’s a wonderful world”

There really is no end to what you can do to keep your self intellectually sharp, set and ready to go. 

This post serves to let you know that I’ve not given up on writing. No dear it’s not happening any time soon. I’ve just been occupied with a lot of equally important stuff as well. It’s hard to find the time but whenever I do make time to write, it’s comforting to know I’ve still got it. 

So let this be a lesson to you all. Don’t let the fact that you’ve left something for a long while discourage you. Like an unfinished book, you can just pick it up and continue from where you stopped! 

Have a great life! 

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Here’s a short poem sent to me by a friend. I’ll like to share it here. 

Being young yet old or is it being old yet young just like the youth of an Eagle renewed
Hold up! I’d take the former 

See I’ve learnt over the last years what true maturity is, 

It isn’t dependent on status or wealth, 

Whether mother nature came knocking early or not. 

True maturity is the ability to delay gratification.™

I’ll leave you to think it through. 

Feel free to comment your opinion on what maturity is and isn’t. 

Thank you and bye for now ! 


If you’ve ever walked the streets of Lagos in the morning, now I’m not talking about the streets of your posh estate, but the streets of connecting roads. Pen Cinema streets or Lagos underbridge even Lagos Island in the morning all have one thing in common. 

In my opinion, there’s this sense of urgency. If you’ve not tried using public transit to get to where you want to go to in the morning try it! You’ll know what I’m talking about. Sometimes dad and I ditch the vehicle and just decide to go public. Walking on these streets give me the NYC feeling. You know every body going about their business. 
It was on one of these trips to the office via public transit that I got the idea for this. 

In this world you either get by quickly or get left behind. Seriously, no one is waiting for anyone. It’s kind of like the sign: “no standing, no loitering, keep moving”! 

And that’s how it is in life. No one is waiting for you. Every one is getting ahead. Some legitimately and some otherwise. But they are moving forward. It becomes foolhardy for anyone in this generation to think they have all the time in the world. 

Now I’m not saying we shouldn’t have fun in this life. Neither am I saying we shouldn’t have time to enjoy the little things. I mean what would life be without an outing with friends once in a while or an occasional lazy day or two. I’m just saying at every stage in life what you’re meant to be doing, face it squarely. Wasted time can not be recovered. You do not want to pay for the same thing twice! Especially when you have every cause to get it right the first time. 

We are given the same 24 hours in a day. How you manage yours makes a difference. 

There is really no time to waste time.

Thanks for reading.

Be safe! 


More than ten years ago, my dad was in a position to help someone. The person offered to give incentive for my dad to help him. Dad refused, he said he was going to do everything legal in his power to help the man without the incentive. 

Dad was able to help him. Then, a longer than life friendship was born. 

Since then, he has been able to establish himself, he married and our families have been close till today. 

Just two days ago, we needed serious assistance in carrying out a project. We called this out friend. Immediately, without persuasion he agreed to help. Now we’re talking millions here. He agreed regardless. Mum was thanking him and trying to explain how we were in his debt and all but he just said, “hey, you’re my sister. we’re family. It’s nothing.” 

Assuming my dad wasn’t interested in helping and used the opportunity to extort money from the man, we wouldn’t be friends today and he wouldn’t be helping us now. 

I’m not saying that you should do good to others because of what you might get in return. No.
I’m saying that you should form the habit of doing good to others and treating them just as you’ll love yourself to be treated. 
You never know who you’ll be doing good too. You never know what might come as a result. 

The good you do for someone today, might just be your meal ticket Tomorrow. 

Thank you and have a great day ! 


You have excuses, so called problems, that are keeping you from where you want to be. When you look at problems for what they are i.e as problems, they’ll remain like that forever. 
Meanwhile, there are people who are in similar circumstances but have managed to thrive and achieve. 
No. They didn’t have it any easier. They just saw differently. 
You see, while average people look at problems as limitations or setbacks, successful people look at problems as prospects. i.e. in their eyes the problems are just a mere challenge to overcome. An ordinary mole hill. Some have even looked at this problems and turned them into money making ventures. 
It depends on what you see. 
Remember the saying that, the same hot water that softens the potato hardens the egg. It’s not the circumstances it’s what you’re made off. Let me add, it’s what you choose to see. 
You get money from solving problems, from filling a need. So the same thing you think is holding you back, another person is using to launch to greatness. 
It really depends on you and what you see. 
Remember, what you see is what you get ! 
Thanks and have a great day ! 


Benjamin Franklin said,”wasted time can not be recycled.” Young people on their path to success and greatness know this as well and do not like to waste their time. 

I’ve found a method that works when it comes to making my day productive. I suggested the method to my dad and a few of my class mates. It works for them and myself too. Whenever I use the method, I always seem to get more done. 
So straight to the point. 

At the beginning of the day, take note of all the important things you want to achieve in the day.

Carry the note about with you during the day, pull it out and look at it from time to time. That way you’d have a sense of purpose. 

Start with the toughest to handle or the most urgent. The toughest because the easy ones might not take so much time and energy. That way you’ll use your energy effectively. 

Tick as you go.

By the end of the day, identify your successes, also take note of any time wasters or energy drainers you might want to avoid next time. 

I hope you try it. I hope it works for you. I hope you have many productive days as a result. 

Be good. 


In the olden days, when a field was to be cultivated or ploughed they used oxen. You already know this. But you probably didn’t know that they set a mark (possibly some piece of cloth at the end of the field) to guide them. Looking at the mark, they move, with their oxen, toward the end of the field. In order remain in a straight line, they never take their eyes of the mark. Hence the saying, keep your eyes on the mark! 
Jesus knew this too. That was why he said that whoever would put his hand on the plough and look back is not fit for the kingdom. He was trying to emphasize the need to be focused and dedicated to the cause. 
Just as a split second of looking a way from the mark would result in a haphazard line (failure) for the farmers so would looking away from your dreams and visions for a split second land you somewhere you don’t want to be. 
Like Sean Covey put it in his book, if you were flying from the U.S. to the UK and made as little as a one degree shift you’d end up in Tel Aviv. 
Once you’ve caught your vision, once you’ve decide what it is you want to accomplish, don’t take your eyes of it. Don’t entertain any distractions or side attractions. You might just get side tracked and spend the rest of your life trying to get back on track. Trust me that is not cool. 
So set your eyes on the mark and just press on. 
Sometimes it’s not all the time were distracted by bad company or the usual things that come to your mind when you hear the word “distraction”.  Sometimes what could be distracting is when we take our eyes off the mark to check on the competition. 
My answer to that? 
I heard something about horse races from a movie once. The horses have things placed on their eyes so all they see is the path that lies ahead. They don’t see their opponents. They just run their race. 
That’s my answer. Just run your race! 
Keep your eyes on the mark. Don’t bother about the competition. Just run your race. 
Have a great day and be safe ✌🏾️. 


The international break is over! And MUFC faces Liverpool tomorrow! 

The tension that arises among fans whenever Manchester United and Liverpool meet is one that can not be overlooked. Something interesting or controversial almost always happens. The tension and strife is not only among fans but also among the players. Man. United vs. Liverpool is what some people say is the English premier league’s answer to el Classico. 
Remember Rooney’s debut against Liverpool ? He scored the winner and the Liverpool fans were so pissed one even went as far as stoning him with a mobile phone. 
I mean remember the issue of Patrice Evra and Suarez, how Suarez racially abused him. The match after that Evra tries to shake hands with Suarez but Suarez refused. Evra went on to score a goal and celebrate directly in front of Suarez. 

Then there was Rafael wanted to fight a group of Liverpool players. Then the time Van Persie and Stevie G had a face off. 

Which football fan can  forget Steven Gerrard’s last match against Man. U and how in just 38 seconds of game play he was sent off ? 

One can only imagine what Tommorow’s game has in store. Already, the fans of both teams have started going head to head. 
Why am I sharing all this ? 

The thing is, Man U has a really big match ahead of them tommorow and all week the official MUFC Twitter and Instagram accounts have been posting trivia about all the times Man. U has beaten Liverpool. As if to motivate both players and fans for a big win tommorow ! 

And that’s when I got the idea. 
Whatever major step you want to take, any important decision to make, its normal to be nervous. It’s normal to feel fear. Only don’t let your fear decide whether or not you’ll take the step. 

It is important that we motivate ourselves. Especially with our previous successes. No matter how big or small you think they are, they count ! 

I’m just remembering now that even David in the bible, before he took on Goliath recounted the time he had killed the lion and the bear. That sort of gave home added confidence to face Goliath. 
So whether it’s a test you have to take, or maybe you need to collect someone’s digits, or your wondering whether your business proposal would be accepted ? Remember your past successes! Motivate yourself ! Put your best foot forward and don’t bother about the rest! 

Thank you and have a wonderful day. 

Be safe !