Looking at my life, I’ve been privileged that most of my childhood has been on the move. I was born in Calabar after three years we moved to Abuja, after some time again we moved to Abia, and now we’re in Lagos. And who knows for how long? Soon I’ll be off to school.

As kids we’ve always been excited about change. Well, it was more like a bittersweet feeling for us. We’d feel about the friends and family we’ll leave behind. But also excitement about the new places and friends we might discover. Oh and the possibility of a new lifestyle. when things become predictable they can be a bore.

Speaking of which, whenever a move was imminent, my sisters and I would fantasize about what we’d do differently in the new house. For some reason, we had no plans on starting it till we’d moved to the new house.

Funny though, when we’d be settled in our new place, no one would remember what it is we agreed to do! When anyone of my sisters or I now bring it up it’d be met with laughs. And just like that it’d be dismissed.

Lately, I’ve been working out you know😌. Trying to up my chest game you know what I’m saying?! Anyways it’s just been basic sit-ups and push ups. Nothing too serious. I’m not allowed to practice my favorite form of exercise, football, because of the tough guys who speak another language around here.

So anyways, even though my parents have gym equipments, I’ve always been like alright let me go to university first and I’ll start intense gyming! Deep down, I’m laughing at myself and I have a feeling if I don’t start now with what I have, this my gym plan might just end up like my childhood fantasies. Abandoned.

So why am I sharing this?

Well this is the season people decide to make resolutions. Aren’t some of these familiar to you?

“New year, new me.”

“With the new year, I’ll cut off all the people who don’t add anything to my life.”

“From next year, I won’t care anymore.”

“Starting next year, I’ll work harder at my goals.”

These are all great ideas really great. But the truth is, if you don’t do it today, what makes you think you can do it tomorrow?

At least my childhood experiences should have proven that. If you keep saying when I get this thing or get to a certain place I would start doing this. If you don’t do it now, you might not be able to do it then.

Sure, there are certain things that would require you to be somewhere else for it to be better carried out. That’s true. But that notwithstanding, you have to do something now so when that time comes you just make use of the new location or things to improve on what you’ve already done.

So if you’re planning on making any big changes in the new year? The lesson is start now!!
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would be posting my answers shortly, meanwhile, what are yours??

As told by Amina

Hallo people !
I created a tag #20randomquestions . I made it to know a little bit more about you guys & also to connect bloggers together. And basically because I like tags ! They are fun !
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1.) Question you’ve always wanted to know the answer to ?
2.) Do you believe in God ?
3.) If no, why ?
4.) What do you do when you’re angry ?
5.) Favourite blogger(s) ?
6.) Why do you blog ?

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Be a Coca-Cola drink in year 2016



Yeah, my title…don’t think about it too much.

It is a unique type of beverage that needs no introduction..

I came across an article on the Coca-Cola beverage drink earlier today and was intrigued by the unbelievable and ridiculous theories as to why the Coca-Cola drink taste so different and at the end It stated that no one till today knows the secret ingredients in the product.

Personally I did my researches and found out that everyone had their own formula to the Coca-Cola drink…I even remember reading that only three people know the secret ingredient and they never use the same transportation neither are they ever in the same room together or even in the same country.

Of course no one knows the real truth about the secret ingredient but isn’t it just fascinating how everyone is trying to figure these thing out?

Isn’t it possible for us to…

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To be enlightened, according to my understanding, means that you have attained some height in spiritual or mundane knowledge. Most especially spiritual. 

In order to be “enlightened”, people have done many things some “failing” and others “succeeding”. There are those who have given their life to much studying in order to attain this enlightenment. One good example is the philosopher.

Others have taken a much different path fraught with seclusion, simplicity, withdrawal from all that is mundane, meditations and some others parts I don’t really understand and can’t go into. Such is the austere life of the monk. 

While I do not know of the authenticity of the two methods I’ve mentioned above, there is a method tested, tried and proven to be true. And that is by relying on the Holy Ghost. 

The Holy Ghost is a personage of spirit. The third member of the God-head. Our savior Jesus Christ before his ascension promised he would send a “comforter which is the Holy Ghost…he shall teach you all things and bring all things unto your remembrance whatsoever I’ve said unto you.”

Not only that, it’s been promised that as we, “enter by the way, and receive the Holy Ghost, it will show unto you all things what ye should do.” 

If all of this is not enough, shall I remind you of the promise that, “…by the power of the Holy Ghost, Ye may know the truth of all things.” 

So you see, as believers we’ve been gifted with all it takes to be truly enlightened. The gift of the Holy Ghost. 

Coming from the presence of our father in heaven, there’s some sort of moral compass embedded within us. The Holy Ghost works through our conscience, light of Christ or God within us and helps us to know right from wrong. As we begin to heed its promptings more often, its influence in us grows. 

At some point, we would have attend total discernment as to when the spirit is speaking to us and dependence on its promptings. At that point we are constantly guided by the spirit. 

Is it possible to get there? Yes. Through a method I refer to as tuning out in order to tune in. 

Because The Holy Ghost can not dwell in anything that is unclean, there is a need for us to pattern our lives in a way that we can continue to be worthy of its guidance. There is a need for us to tune out of all that is dirty, evil and of negative report and tune in to a lifestyle that is pleasing to the father. 

One must not suppose this means living a boring life? Jesus Christ wasn’t boring! As Amina, Kolade, Tooni, Samuel and a lot of other people show us, it’s very possible to leave an interesting and Godly life. It’s not easy though but as you practice it gets easier. 

So this to me, is true enlightenment. There is a creator of heaven and earth, and worldwide without number. What other way can one truly know of all that is and be enlightened than by relying on his Spirit? 

Ps. I do not apologize for my beliefs which I hold dear. 
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Merry Christmas Eve my wonderful readers! I hope we never lose focus on the reason for the season! 

That being said, let’s move on the the topic in question, or maybe in this case, emboldened capitals! 

‘Tis the season to be jolly! And there are messages by different skilled authors on Christmas an te subject of giving. 

Data for example started talking about secret Santa since August if I’m not mistaken.

 Amina has shared the story of a young woman who’s giving in a very special way this season and on Amina’s comments, I learnt that we can’t just give out leftovers as they might never be enough. 

So right now, I’m about to hop on the wagon and join the band, but not without standing out at some point.  

You see I’m a bonafide Daniel, having graduated from dansol high school. 

So I’m going to write from another angle tonight. 

Question! What is the motive behind your giving? 

Are you giving because you’re trying to make yourself feel good? 

Are you giving simply because you have no use for a thing anymore and it’s covering your space? 

Are you giving to be noticed? 

Are you giving because every other person is giving?

Are you giving because you want to appear buoyant? 

Or are you giving because you know what you’re about to give would fill a need? 

I would love for us all to carefully consider the reasons behind our giving. 

Because, I feel if we’re giving for reasons other than love, and what good it might do to the reciever then there’s a hamartia.

Look it up dear and do have a merry Christmas! 

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Idealism is the way forward.

Read more. You will amass a plethora of ideas that way. This very act is important because idealism you see is the way forward.

Reality/what we consider to be reality, as far as I’m concerned is not the real thing. 

Imagine coming up with an idea and someone telling you to be “realistic”? From now on, let such people take a seat. 

For what most believe to be reality, is but the physical manifestation of another’s ideas.

And who says it can’t be your ideas taking center stage? 

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I’ve been beating myself up in my mind for not putting any words on paper these last few days. 

Well up untill earlier today, that I had a paradigm shift. A change of perspective if you will. 

What happened is, I was recently joined in some sort of matrimony with some news books, till finishing do us part. 

No matter how much I love and hate the book(because I actually do hate the book somehow,) I can’t bring myself to drop it. 

I finished it and immediately started reading it’s sequel. 

The thought of loosing two more days of creative work frighten me and so I’ve put the book down. Let me atleast get some work done not so? 

So it was just till earlier today that I realized it not exactly a waste of time you know.

 Like I deal with words right? If I want to get better I just have to read. Different novels different authors with different writing styles.

It is by communing with these writing gurus through their work that I can improve in mine!

You get the picture? 

Abraham Lincoln said, if he had 8 hours to cut down a tree he’d spend the first 4 hours sharpening the saw. 

In other words he was emphasizing preparation. 

You have to know your craft in order to excel at it. 

So if it’s writing you’re into, read a lot. If it’s photography? Study about it. Modelling? Same thing goes. 

You just have to know your craft. 

A word of caution to this tale though. If you decide to spend all your time studying and planning but no time executing, it’ll be as good as not studying at all. 

So nothing over much. In all things, moderation.

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Hey guys. 

This wasn’t planned but I came across somethings while reading minutes ago that made me decide to write this. 

It’s simply this, “there is GOD.”

Amid the noise of conflicting beliefs, discouraging voices, difficult to grasp tenets we can be confused at times and begin to doubt. 

But I promise you, there is GOD. 

In the world today, it’s believed to be a sign of intellectual advancement and sophistication to not believe in GOD. 

But I tell you this, there is GOD. 

In my opinion, the true intellectuals, no matter how humble educational attainment is, are those who recognize and worship the living GOD.

It’s true that I can not impose my beliefs on anyone. But I’m not talking beliefs now.

I’m talking general truth. 

The sun rises in the east and sets in the west truth. 

Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet and there is GOD too. 

But there are those who’ll like to shut this knowledge out. 

And they’ll choke it up with their promotion of disbelief.

But whether or not you agree with me or not.

I’ll leave you with this. 

We are not here by accident in the cosmos. 

Neither are we just evolving molecules.

It’s more than that you see. 

We are here for a purpose. 

We were created by GOD.

Indeed, whether or not they agree, there is GOD.

I just thought I should let you know!

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As I lie on my bed thinking, somehow my thoughts have drifted towards space and how far we’ve progressed as a race. 

I begin to imagine, 

What was it like living in this world at a time they were still figuring things out. 

I mean, imagine a world without the organizational, technological, artistic, medical advancements that we enjoy today. 

A world without the ease of transport we enjoy today. 

Without the wifi and internet connection some of us are hooked on nowadays. 

What would it have been like having to find out all these things for the next generation. 

It’s quite tough. 

The people who were before us have done a great job in setting things up you know. 

Just try and imagine what it might have been like to come up with algebra, chemistry etc etc. 

I can only imagine. 

I doubt if we can ever be so sure how it felt to live in those days. At least not in this life.

But I’m sure of this, 

It is some time to be alive! 

I’m also sure, that all that needs to be invented/created and all that can be invented/created hasn’t been created yet.

So there’s a lot you can do. 

So in the spirit of gratitude to those who were here before us. 

Those who did all the foundational work on which we can build now, let’s go forward and do something with what we’ve got. 

It’s only right. 

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