My Running Style and What it Teaches me About Myself.

I’m pretty fast…If i do say so myself, haha. At my high school, being fast was pretty much the norm so I didn’t really notice it all the time. Now however, when I play soccer for example, like when I really play and decide not to hold back…people always say,  “man, you’re quick” and I’m like I know. 

Looking back to the first time I realized how fast I was I am reminded of one particular memory. I think it was when i was about 5 years old. It was a Monday morning In my Nigerian household. We were done with family devotion and dad was out to work already and my siblings and I were sitting around the dining table with our lunch boxes out while our mum prepared our school lunch for that day.

Our home was filled with the aroma of fried plantains. My favorite snack at the time and to date. For my western friends reading if you haven’t had friend planarians then you have not lived! 

My mom needed some spices from the pantry and wanted me to go get them. So, she asked me to go get them and I took off…I raced to the pantry and back and she was so impressed with my quickness that she gave me some out of the ones she’d made already.

My five year old self was overjoyed. Funny now I think about it, I was convinced it was the shoes.

Why this story about running and speed??

Probably because for the first time I noticed similarities between my attitude towards running and other areas of my life.

I say that cause I know myself…I know I’m much more suited for short distances than long distances. I love the quick burst of acceleration and the energy and then coming to the finish line quickly.

When I play soccer if care is not taken I tend to do too much in the beginning and burn out towards the end of the match. I have seen the same thing in religion and sometimes in my school work.

When it comes to the front end grunt work I try to be the hardest worker and push myself so hard. Usually right after mid-semester I’m getting tired and could care less the outcome. Maybe you’ve experienced this yeah?

That’s why one of my biggest fears learning about marketing, entrepreneurship and personal branding is, “what If I carry this pattern and bring it into this space?” What if I burn out and don’t reach my goals? Like how scary would that be?

I’m starting to notice how subconsciously I have been trying to make safe guards against that by keeping my dad (who’s also a coach and friend) updated with the things i’m doing and my plans so he can keep me accountable and also by writing these blog posts.

More than that though, I need to be reminded constantly that entrepreneurship, the path to achieving anything and just life in general is a marathon and not a sprint.

And I doubt I am to only one who deals with this. If you’ve ever felt burnout after working on something you want to achieve for a while great, this post is for you.

We must do what we can to preserve momentum and stay the course. Some people do it through established morning and evening routines, others through scheduled rest and relaxation and one thing I’ve found that is helping me right now is to pause, take a step back and revisit the things that inspired me to get started on this journey.

Because not only is it a marathon and not a sprint. But how you finish is just as important if not more important than how you start.

That is all I have for now.

Best believe that as I learn more about this I would share. In the meantime, if you’ve found any fixes to deal with burnout just from work and school share, I would love to hear.

P.S I mentioned in a previous blog post that I wanted to start meditating. Well, I’ve been meditating in the morning when I wake up lol. Sometimes I feel great and other times I’m like, “hmm I don’t know how to feel”… but you know its alright I’ll just keep pushing.

If you have any experience with meditating..let me know and share any techniques you think would work for a beginner.


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