The 4 Ways Any Beginner Entrepreneur Can Start A Business In 30 Days To A Year… even if You’ve Never Ran A Business Before!

Hey fam! What’s good??

In this blog post, I dive into the 4 main ways through which anyone can start a business in. Now, I am not telling you what business model to go into, although I feel you could try your hand at any of these and it could work for you!

For the longest time, I’ve been focused on how can I make more money? How can I get money?? How do I get to a bag!? At any given moment, this could be what I was thinking about, if I weren’t already thinking about my family, sports or girls.

In the last couple months though, I’ve been noticing a switch. Nothing crazy, but a gradual, steady shift of thoughts from how can I make more Money to How can I provide value to the marketplace. 

Am I saying one kind of thinking is better than the other?? Not really. I still think it’s important to think about money and how to make money. It definitely is a great starting point, that’s for sure!

However, from hanging out with entrepreneurs and wanna be entrepreneurs, from reading books and attending seminars. I’ve discovered one secret… shhh…

Money Chases After Value!

Like the market is begging for value…

There are buyers literally wallet in hand, looking for the next big idea or a product that can scratch an itch, take away their pain or bring them pleasure.

The challenge then, is figuring out what is valuable to the people you want money from!

I started this blog post talking about value, because each of the 4 ways I am about to reveal are all based on value! So think about this as 4 ways or business models that can be used to provide value to the market so you can get paid.

So…Here they are.

  1. Create and Deliver a quality product to someone. 
  2. Create and or Deliver a quality service to someone. 
  3. Make money for someone else at a discount. 
  4. Become a middle man between the provider of value and the recipient. 

The first two are pretty self explanatory. The last two are a little tricky so I will touch on them a little bit.

Make Money For Someone Else at a discount: 

This is the model that most consulting services and marketing agencies are based on and one model that I am becoming endeared too. Think of it like this, If I have a skill or technical know-how say to run facebook ads or generate sales but this other person or business doesn’t. If I am able to make $5k for that business because I applied my technical knowledge they would have no problem paying me for it.

Depending on how good a negotiator you are, you could probably get paid close to 50% of the money you make for that business.

For this model to work, you would have to learn a skill that is in needed by business but one that not everyone has.

Here are some examples, because I love you my readers so much.

Some of the most important skills for a business are in the areas of Marketing, Sales and Closing. These can further be broken down into lead generation, driving traffic, running ads, creating content, cold calling, door to door sales…

Learn any of these skills. Use it to Provide a business some monetary results. And charge a fee less than the amount you made for them and you’d get paid. Do this enough times and you’ll be making bank. Put some structure and continuity around it and you have a business!!

Become a middle man between the provider of value and the recipient:

Uber. Facebook. Amazon. AirBnB.

Very different industries, very different playing fields but two things they all have in common…

They are all GIANTS in their respective industries and they are all MIDDLEMEN.

Uber is the world’s largest taxi company yet they own no vehicles. Facebook is the world’s most popular media company yet they create no content. Amazon(whose owner is the richest man in the world by the way) is the biggest retailer but they own no inventory and AirBnB is the largest accommodation provider in the world but they own no real estate.

That is the magic of being a middleman. If you can link someone who needs something to someone else who has what they need and is willing to give it you can make money.

That space between the person who needs and the person who haves is where you come in. And that is also where you can get paid.

SO here’s my challenge to you all.

Instead of just thinking how can I make money, think, how can I provide value. In particular, how can I provide a quality product or service, make money for someone at a discount or be a middleman between what people want and the people who have it and I bet you, you’ll get closer to what you want 😉

P.S Life Update: I built another funnel for a client today. We’d already had a funnel built for them but it wasn’t generating enough leads and so Mason thought, in a last ditch effort that I built a new one. For this funnel I modeled one of the leading businesses in this client’s industry and I was amazed by how good it looked when I was done and the amount of time it took for me to build it. I used a technique called wire-framing! I can’t wait to see how this funnel performs.

Be Great!


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