This is coming a bit late as this all happened close to three weeks ago, but a friend of mine asked today for what I thought of the whole story and I decided well, why not write about it!

So here I am. Writing.

I’m very happy for Olajumoke Orisagun. I’m very happy that she’s gotten a scholarship to complete her education, I’m very happy that her two children are being sponsored up till university, and I’m very happy that her life and that of her family has taken a positive turn.

But I’m even more happy that there are Nigerians like TY Bello who God used to butter Olajumoke’s bread(the pun is very much intended). I’m very happy that there are Nigerians who are touching the lives of their fellow Nigerians. I’m so grateful that TY Bello had the good sense to go ahead and take her picture after she walked into the set, to post it online, and to go as far as contacting modeling agencies to bring her to lime light.

Photo source.

To me, This woman’s grass to grace story goes a long way to give credence to my belief that if Nigeria and its citizens are going to move forward then it would be as a result of our collective actions as citizens and not because of the government. Where was the government when she was hawking bread please?

Photo source.

If we keep waiting for what the government would do for us, then we would be waiting for a long time. Isn’t it obvious that they are more interested in making sure that their own parties are in power? Nigerian politics to me is like a groups of elitists struggling to make sure that they and their friends are in control. But that is something I don’t want to go into right now as I’m in a good mood and don’t want to spoil it.

Anyways, fellow Nigerians, lets be on the look out for how we can help ourselves out. For what services we can render ourselves. And rather than only pray for an Olajumoke type of miracle, what if we prayed that we might be a TY Bello in someone’s life eh?

Feature image source.


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