This last week ended nicely for me. I was productive most of the time, and I didn’t enter those gloomy moods that I didn’t even know te reason for. 

My favorite thing about this last week though, would be the encouragement I got from friends and family concerninging my writing. 

Besides my usual visitors who I love and appreciate, Semi, Feyisayo, Nifemi and her mum sent me encouraging texts concerning the relevance of what I was doing and the value I was providing.

Not only that, but my uncle Jackson called as well to let me know he’d been reading and telling me to keep on writing. He even proffered some advice on how I could up my game which was gladly taken! 

I remember how I felt when I got their messages. I was grateful, that they took the time to read through, excited, that people found my work relevant and gladdened that they or across to me to tell me so.

And I got the idea. 

Do you know someone who’s working at or for something? No matter how big or small I might be? Do you know someone sincerely putting effort into something? Academic, talent, skill or otherwise?

Why not send him/her a message. Let him/her know his work or her effort are noticed and being valued. 

Thanks to technology, you don’t have to be face to face to do this neither would it take much of your time and resources. 

Rather than use ask fm or subdeliveryman to deliver hateful messages, why not send something encouraging to that person. 

I know from experience, that that’s enough to turn someone’s day around for good. It’s such encouraging messages, that enable us close our eyes to the difficulties that come along and just do it! 

It’s been said, that a kind word can warm three winter months. What better time to send such messages than now as the harmattan starts? 



  1. Encouragement is rarely found among friends or social circles these days, one person strives to outshine the other and begins to hate on that person to put him/her down. Or even if they’re not trying to outshine the other person, they think hating is the fun thing to do now , but what they don’t realise is friends need each other to succeed, whether it be by encouragements and whatnot.

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    1. You’re right! We need the encouragement of others to be sure were doing the right thing most of the time.

      The one I hate the most is people putting others down to look cool, or follow the bandwagon. It’s just not right.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

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  2. Haha and sometimes when someone needs to be encouraged they start to assume the person is ‘looking for attention’. The society is flawed beyond repair, all we can do is cut off from bad friends.
    You’re welcome, always happy to!

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  3. You are right dear friend. This world would be lovely for all those who would put out that finger, hand, words and other forms of encouragement. I pray that those who read this would make the effort to see if they are not better themselves as they encourage others. I have tried it and it works. Cheers and keep the writing spirit on fire always.

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  4. I love this I always message family and friends just because to tell them I am thinking of them and how special they are . . . you never know what someone is going through and your words may make their day a little better


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